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What is -NOX-?

NOX was founded on Arcodia on 06/19/2003 to serve four tasks. NOX is also the new 'father' guild to the 'Order' guildstone that is on the OSI shard Great Lakes. The 'Order' guild is Ran by 'Pnut' First Knight to Calidan Rath. The 'Order' Guild is the father of the 'Sons of Serena' Guildstone that is also on the OSI shard Great Lakes that stone is ran by 'Serena'. Both Serena and Pnut and members of the House of Fast.

(1) To Guard and Control all trade on Arcodia threw force if needed The Blades

(2) To make and maintain the BEST and BIGEST Vending house The Merchents

(3) To keep Calidan Rath (the Master of NOX) informed on the going ons in Arcodia so that he is not stabed in the back by someone once thought of as friend. To assassinate enimys. The Shades

(4) To house the member of the House of Fast and the House of Rath, A Place for friends to keep safe in numbers. For the Rath Vampire Clan (bloodline, Brood) The Independant

What is The House of Fast?

The house of Fast was started when Calidan Rath left his Father Vladimier Rath to start his own in life. Cali droped the last name Rath for many reasons the bigest one would be Vladimier's past and his vampire blood.

The house of Fast are the relations to Calidan Rath after his split from his Father and before his retacking of the family name Rath. Members of this House are also relations to Jessy Fast, Calidan Rath's Adopted son.

What is The House of Rath?

The House of Rath was started when Tye PenDragon was baneshed from the PenDragon Empire Tye's name was stripped from him and he was cast into the realm of Sea'ren where Dragonus PenDragon his father figered he could do no harm. Try PenDragon took upon the last name Rath then sired his first son Vladimier Rath.

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