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NOX :: Guild :: Title :: Blade
I am a Blade. A mercenary of NOX. My loyalty is to the Master of NOX and my contract. If ever the Orders should overlap I side with the Master of NOX. I am a Blade, a sword, a skilled warror for higher. Those that can affored my going rate can bind me by contract that I must obay. I am a Blade I safe guard the merchents of NOX and keep a eye on the Council of Shadows I guard all lands that NOX holds. Above all as a Blade I will kill any who Crosses the Master of NOX. Ranks of the Blades:

  • Blade initiate :: You have just joined the Blades and Cali dose not even know who you are. You report to the Quarter Master.
  • Aprintise Guard :: You are learning your way threw the ranks and are asigned easy tasks. You report to the Quarter Master.
  • Guard :: You are a Guard, highers Contracted rank within the NOX Blades. You are highered out to merchents of towns in need of quick solders you tith 10% of what you make on the contract to NOX. You report to your signed Blade Lord.
  • Quarter Master :: You are in charge of all the initiates and Aprintise Guards, you over see there training and asign there taskes and deside weather it is time they move up in the ranks or not. You report to 'The Blade of NOX'.

  • Blade Lord :: You are one of the council of Blade Lords and the Privet guard of Cali of Rath. You are both honered and feared each Blade Lord has command over 8 Guards that he asigns to contracts that need to be filled (if there is not a Blade Lord with a open spot for a guard NO Aprintise Guards will be promoted to Guard. There HAS to be a Blade Lord ready to take on a guard when promotion comes. Normaly the Quarter Master will keep in contact with the Blade Lords but it is not uncommen for the Blade Lord to seek out the Quarder Master and demand he be given a guard at that point the Quarter Master must promote a aprintise to meat the demand if there are none then the Blade Lord is SOL) You report to 'The Blade of NOX'.
  • The Blade of NOX :: You are 'the' wo/man incharge of the Full army of NOX. You report only to the Master of NOX.
(to contract a Merk/Blade to work for you for a limited amount of time or for one task Pigion Cali of Rath)
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