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NOX :: Guild :: Title :: Shade
I am a Shade, a agent of NOX. My loyalty is to the Master of NOX Cali of Rath and no other. Though I may be guilded to another or serve in a town don't let that fool you. I am a Shade, the eyes and ears of the Master of NOX. I am nasty and ruthless, and worst yet you never know who I am. I could be your best friend, your closes aley but when ordered I will turn and be your worst foe. I am a Shade a shadow of the great order of NOX. I am invisable in the frunt lines in the war of control. It is my purpose to oversee and make sure information gets back to Cali of Rath to insure that NOX is the one in control.

Ranks of the Shades:

  • Shade initiate :: You have just joined the Shades and Cali dose not even know your name, you report to the Council of Shadows.
  • Shade aprintise :: You are learning your way threw the ranks Cali sees you as a worm something lower then slime you must earn his trust! You report to the Council of Shadows.
  • Shade Journeymen :: You know your way around your art of espionase and are sending all you can to NOX be it a peace of information or goods that you have... libirated from those that are unworthy of them. Cali sees some potental for you but there is still no trust, you report to the Council of Shadows.
  • Shade master :: You are working for the main goal of NOX, to control all trade. You do anything that you can to achieve this goal even to go as fare as to sabitose your compitition (if your a fighter then you outright raid them) of corse you never get caught and even if you do you are a indipendint "Shade who? Isent that a form of undead?" *wink* Of cores Cali sees you, your making him money of corse he trusts you after all you get results! You report to the Master of NOX first and the Council of Shadows second.
  • Shade Lord Initiate :: You are becoming more influencial and have entered the inner circle of the Shade, the Lords. But you are young to them and they don't trust you as your seen as a threat to 'their' power. Of corse there right but they don't need to know that! You have the Master's ear all you need to is whisper into it the secrets of the enemy to achieve more power. Your own goal is your retirement. You have been on the front for so long that you have a bitter tast in your mouth you seek a spot on the Council of Shadows and the only path to it is to climb over everyone elts trying for the position! You report to the Master of NOX fist the Council of Shadows second.
  • Shade Lord aprintise :: You are becomeing feared inside and outside the ranks of NOX. Fear is a good thing if you are trying to control something, But it is also a bad thing if your looking for trust. Cali is starting to watch you more closely have you stabbed anyone in the back lately? Best watch your step or the Master might have the younger Shade members remove you from play. your goal remains the same a peaceful life as a Counciler to give orders to the young and get fat and rich. You report to the Master of NOX first sometimes you report to the Council best to remain obedint to them for now.
  • Shade Lord Journeymen :: "Why should I tell you?! you'll just use it aginst me!" obiviously you have trust issuse but that is only natural with as much back stabbing that is going on at this level. with everyone after that 'one' counciler spot that opens up once a year everyone is trying to out do everyone elts or discreadit them in some ways to the Master. Worry not YOU WILL HAVE THAT SPOT! even if you have to backstabe everyone to get it! (best not to betray Cali after all he has finale say in who gets the spot!) You report to the Master of NOX himself and the Master Only! (everyone else is out to get you, or so you think.)
  • Shade Lord Master :: Life is so much easier when your the one telling people what to do... (The only shades that can be found on the NOX guild stone when there is one, this Shade member carrys the title Counciler of Shadows and gets one vote on in the Council of Shaodows that governs the Shades.) Only one counciler is apointed a year (real life time) in the begining of NOX 3 councilors are apointed by Cali of Rath. There is NO set limit to the number of councilors but there can never be less then three if there are less then three then Cali of Rath, Jaime of Rath, and Jessy Fast (Jessy Fast has NO RP tags) act as councilors but do NOT carry the title.
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