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Deadend Wears

Location Aproval

*Deadend Wears*

NOX :: Vending :: Deadend Wears
Deadend Wears is located near the Chaos Shrine.

Stocking Times
(times are in Central Standered Time CST and are the Aporoximit times I will be online)
Sunday :: All Day
Monday :: any time after 11:30 pm
Tuesday :: any time after 11:30 pm
Wednesday :: any time after 11:30 pm
Thursday :: any time after 11:30 pm
Friday :: any time after 11:30 pm
Saturday :: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Lamar :: Shields :: Normaly only heaters others must be custom Ordered
Haidee :: Armor :: All armor sold is GM marked by the Chaos Smith, Calidan Rath, Female or Male chest plate sold sepret depending on the Ingot tipe.
Kenan :: Fleching :: At the moment Naptha Bows and Elven Bows can be found here.
Erika :: Alchemy :: Potions in bulk can be found here.
Roberto :: Other :: None marked armor, weapons. Things for sell that are not on the other vendors. Sometimes magic weapons/armor.

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