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Big Numbers

Cali really wanted others to know what was doing - 1075 descriptions altogether.
 [11:34] * Cali slaps Blade around a bit with a large trout
The evil guard of #NOX was Cali who got this reputation after kicking out 47 people.
 [08:04] <Faith> :)
[11:26] * Faith was kicked by Cali (no idleing in my channel!)

Also Adrianna tried to look cool by kicking out 11 people.

Tilton53 knew those right words and said "Flood" for 570 times.
buruguduy had many things uncertain - 23% of lines contained a question.

...and silver medal goes to Terran|occ - with question ratio of 21%.

Cali spoke most monologues - wrote over 5 lines in a row for 186 times...

Runner-up auto-chatter: Diavolos - spoke 153 times with himself.

#NOX wrote longest lines - average of 102 letters per line.

Average line length on #NOX was 29 letters.

#NOX's nick flooders: (Still haven't found the best one, Cali...)
Cali26 Nicks Cali(99%), Cali|cookingNeating(0.3%), Calidan(0.1%), Cali|AFK(0.1%), Cali-sleeping(0.1%), Cali|store(0.0%), Cali612(0.0%), Cali-freelancer(0.0%), Cali|showering(0.0%), Cali|wrighting(0.0%), Cali|ZzZ(0.0%), Cali|AFK-lunch(0.0%), Cali|zZzZ(0.0%), Cali-Watchingmovies(0.0%), Cali|resting(0.0%), Cali|nightlydling(0.0%), Ca(0.0%), Cali|down(0.0%), Calisleeping(0.0%), Cali|away(0.0%), Cali-is-snoring(0.0%), Cali-Class...
Adrianna16 Nicks Adrianna(99%), Adriaway(0.4%), Adri-afk(0.1%), AdriannaAfk(0.1%), Ad(0.1%), Adri-chorse(0.0%), Adri-shower(0.0%), Adri-sleeps(0.0%), Adri-cooking(0.0%), Adri-asleep(0.0%), Adri-dinner(0.0%), Adri-sickand(0.0%), Adri-away(0.0%), Adri-sickandasleep(0.0%), Adri(0.0%), AdriAFK(0.0%)
Diavolos13 Nicks Diavolos(99%), Diavolos[nohere](0.1%), Diavolos[dabombYadig](0.0%), Di4v070s(0.0%), Diav[soulcalibur2](0.0%), Diav[nohere](0.0%), Diav[buggaoff](0.0%), Diav[work](0.0%), Diavolos[oblivion](0.0%), Diavolos[da(0.0%), Diav(0.0%), Diavolos[poop](0.0%), DIav[nothereobviously](0.0%)
Jackal9 Nicks Jackal(99%), Jgaming-dnd(0.5%), J-fk(0.2%), J-fk1hr(0.0%), J-sleepage(0.0%), J-meetingDND(0.0%), J-gaming(0.0%), J-gameng(0.0%), J-game-ing(0.0%)
Celador9 Nicks Celador(61%), Cel(30%), Celador|away(6.5%), Celador_ok_cele(1.3%), Celador|afk(0.2%), Cel_du_ljuger_cele(0.0%), Cel|food(0.0%), Cel|away(0.0%), Cel|afk(0.0%)

Activity distribution

5/2003 - 12/2003

Lines per day Number of days
1 (0.5%)
1 (0.5%)
1 (0.5%)
1 (0.5%)
12 (6.0%)
31 (15%)
137 (68%)
17 (8.5%)

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