What is NOX?

In all my time runing NOX and recruting for the Guild, I always run acrost this Question. The answer is not as simple as it would seem, NOX is many things.

  • A Group of Friends playing a game they all like as a group.
  • A pack of Merchents bent on more stable trade.
  • A group of Orginised Raiders to help defend and get revenge.
  • 5 years of guild background and histery.
NOX in your eyes probubly don't seem big, but we are for we are not just bound to this game, and once you are NOX you are NOX for life unless baneshed by the Master of NOX. If you leave toadwater to play another game and would like to be in that NOX group it's a simple mater of telling the OverLord of both games. If you are moving into a game that NOX is not in and you want NOX to be there you talk with the Master of NOX and you might just find yourself OverLord of that brach of NOX.

To put it simply NOX is not just one thing, we are a colection of aspects and people whos sum is grater then the individuls that are members.

are you thinking about joining JUST for protection in Numbers? Don't, If you can't take orders, or are going to ignore orders that are given to you, then don't join.

members are sometimes called upon by the Master of NOX to help out the younger members, or to seek revenge for a raided member of NOX. members are sometimes asked to use land they control to havest guild trees that are used to incress the NOX treshery. members are sometimes asked to share a base with a lower end member till enough land has opened up for that lower end member to establesh his own base. members are sometimes asked to mentor new members that are coming over from another brach of NOX and are interested in this game.

above all NOX members are asked to always be loyal to NOX, to NEVER do anything that would harm or hurt NOX! You ARE NOX, anything you do or say is a reflection of the guild as a whole. Remember that! If in dought about your actions contact a Powered Ranking member!

What can NOX do for me?


If you are in this for personal gain, then make your own guild and or clan. If you want to help out others of the same clan, join NOX. Yes there are perks for being a member but only if you are willing to contribute to NOX will them Perk be made avalible to you. YOU have to make a efert to get to know the NOX members, YOU have to exsurt yourself and ask for help when you need it. YOU have to render help when it is asked of you.

NOX Ranks

Ranks very from brach to brach, these are the toadwater NOX ranks Bold ranks are power ranks that are the leadership.

  • Master of NOX - There is only one master, the founder and owner of the Clan/Guild. This ranks' athority overrides all lower ranks. The Master is the only one who can perminitly banesh you from the clan.
  • Lady of NOX - acts as the Masters adviser, has the same power as him, but ONLY when he is not around or offline.
  • OverLord of NOX - branch leader, 2nd in comand of the NOX guild as a whole prime comand over THIS brach, most orders come from the OverLord, as he runs this brach of NOX. (kind of like a CEO of a busness, they don't own but they do run.
  • Lords of NOX - a group of the OverLords most trusted people, they all share the same rank and power level. If you are not a power ranked member then these are your leaders as well.
  • Merchent of NOX - a member that HAS a base
  • Minion of NOX - a wanderer, sometimes called Raider, a member that dose NOT have a base.