"The Time for Change"
Author: Forloyn Winter
Rating: R


My name is Calidan Fast. Or at least it was, that was the name I chose when I decided to part with my past and a father I thought mad. Now I am not sure what my name is, what was the name I was born with you ask? Calidan Rath. You see there in lies my dilemma. One that I am desperately trying to get past...


You see I loved my father. But when I found out the secret he was hiding from me... I called him mad and ran. I was ten, scared; I had only herd bad things about them. Them who? Vampires...  You know the stories you learn when you are young. I won't lie to you and tell you they are not true, because most of them are but not all. Vampires are not evil though they can be, just like men can be. Vampires are not beasts though they like you to think they are. Yes Vampires feed off blood they need it to live like men need water.


I guess I should tell you when I first started to see the changes when I first started to see when my father was not evil. And that I should have never ran from my past. I was no longer ten. I was the Order Lord of my guild The Order. The Order is my privet guard to this day they still reside within the Grate Lakes realm, and to this day they still call me Order Lord and they still obey my orders. I had just received a pigeon from one of my scouts telling me that my adopted son was spotted with Lydia Brightblade a known vampire. My son has something of an odd nature he is addicted to power and anything that could bring him more of it. So when I learned he was with Lydia I knew it was only a matter of time before he too became one.


Needless to say I was unable to prevent my son from becoming my father however I was stronger now a man with an army a knight who was battle hardened. I was ready to face this so I did not turn my back on my son however I keep a close eye on  him ready to kill him should the need arise. However very little about his personality changed sure he craved blood but I was able to even cure that in time and before I was able to cure it he never took more then he needed to live.


About this time I began to wonder if I was wrong about my father, that is till my father showed up to try and steal my son from me. After a few close battles with the old vampire I forged my son a ring that would safe guard him if the old vampire should attack again why I was not watching. And he did the battle ended in my sons favor the ring trapping my father's immortal body soul and mind inside the ring. My son to this day still wears that ring.


Life had gone on since then and I had learned to accept my son the vampire as well as I could my son the human. I also leaned a few lessons about good and evil and what is in-between I stopped fighting wars that had no meaning to me just because I was told to fight them. I stopped waging wars against Chaos just because I wore the Order banner. I fought now for what mattered to me, my family and may the god's help anyone who might stand between the Order Lord and his family.


*** In Anfangum ***


I walked into the tent that I had set up for my merchant Dede. I could see my son sitting in a chair reviewing his spell book quietly ignoring me, probably still angry with me for not letting him to cross over to Terranok.


"Jessy, I am closing up shop here. You will be staying at the inn till I can arrange for your passport." His head shot right up to look at me a bright grin on his face.


"Really? I don't have to stay here anymore?!"


"Don't look to happy it will be a lot of hard work." I say sternly to the over excited young man.


Me and Jessy packed the tent up and headed into town where I paid the inn keeper for Jessy to stay there when I helped Jessy settle into his room he asked the question I had been waiting for.


"Why now? Why are you letting me go to Terranok now?"

"Why dose it matter?" I asked looking into his eyes trying to see if I could find the answer to my next question within there depths.


"It just dose... you want something I can tell." He stated slowly watching me closely.


"I need your help yes..." always eager to help me when I asked for it he perked up.




"The change..." his eye darkened.


"Is this some kind of joke? You don't even like vampires! I know I have to live with the knowledge that my own father dislikes me because I am a damn vampire!" He raged getting up off the chair he had sat on when we finished unpacking his things into the room.


"A lot of things have changed and I never disliked you maybe I did not trust you as much Jess but I always and I do mean always loved you, you are my son after all."


"Why now? Why do you want to go threw the change now?" I could see him striving to try and understand me. His eyes begging me to tell him what the meaning of life is.


"To strengthen are bond and to confront past deamons." I say as my eyes drift to the ring on his left hand his eyes following mine.


A moment of understanding was shared between us.


"What do I need to do?"


"Just give me the ring." I motion to the ring.


Jessy slowly takes the ring off why muttering the counter curse to the protection curses that liter the ring. Passing it into my hands he whispers under his breath. "I give this ring of my own free will."


"Rest Jessy, for soon you will be at my side." With that I leave him in the inn and head back to the Empire in Terranok.


*** Cali's House in the Empire, Terranok ***


 Jaime is out, I sent her out when I got home. I needed to be alone for this. And so it was I stood alone in my bedroom whispering spells I thought I had once forgotten over the ancient ring that was in my hand. Unlocking its secrets the more wards and runes that fell off the ring, the closer my goal came. I could not believe how excited I was becoming as I got closer.


Then I heard a voice in my mind.


'Immortality is only an illusion of the powerful

With the passing of time will you learn this

With every beat your hart takes you will earn this

With every movement you take you shell feel this.'


And then the pain came.


The Pain and the words echoing threw my mind and body the words harsh and rasp I knew it was a message from my father whom I trapped in the ring. But I smiled threw the pain for I had finished the spell the pain was the vampirism from my father being leached into my body. I had won.


And so it was back to Rath, Cali of Rath.


~ fin 2003