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10/20/02 05:20 PM




Welcome to superdude113's new and improved ULTIMATE ANSWER POST!!!

This post is best viewed in threaded mode. As you can see I have each of the threads named by what they have to offer you.

Please do not reply to any of these posts, but instead PM me.

Thank you and enjoy.

Proud Member of Game Avengers
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Let me help.

Edited by Hungry Donner (03/24/03 06:29 PM)

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10/20/02 04:44 PM

Daedric Armor and Weapons [re: superdude113]




R & L Gauntlets
Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart - Kogoruhn is almost directly northeast of Maar Gan. The gauntlets are on the lowest level, sitting on a rock close to Dagoth Elam. Go through the Hall of Phisto, Hall of Maki, Nabith Waterway, Charma's Breath, and into the Bleeding Heart section.
Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa - On a shelf next to Orvas Dren
Galom Daeus, Entry - The boots are located in the same room as the vampire merchant Arenara. They are sitting on a shelf on the right-hand wall. Galom Daeus is the headquarters of the Berne vampire clan, and is located slightly southwest of Uvirith's Grave.
Cuirass and Greaves
If you have reached rank four (Mouth) in House Telvanni, you can get a quest from Therana in Tel Branora's Upper Tower. Talk to her, then go to the Tower of Dawn in Ghostgate. Ralyn Othravel is on the second floor. It is possible to pickpocket the bow from him, otherwise you'll have to fight him. Take the bow back to Therena and select the option to receive payment. She'll then give you a Daedric cuirass and greaves that have constant effect, 50 point feather spells on them.
Cuirass and Pauldrons
Tel Fyr - Divayth Fyr.
Shield and Tower Shield
Golden Saints- most common around the Vos and Tel Vos area.
Marvani Ancestral Tomb, Tukushapal, Sepulcher - At the Lizard's Head in the Telvanni Waistworks section of Vivec, talk to Ennbjof with a bottle of Matze in your inventory, and he'll give you the key to the tomb. It's located on a small island south of the daedric shrine Zaintiraris, which is just south of Molag Mar. The entrance to the tomb is on the southern end of the island. Proceed down the tomb, into Tukushapal, and then into Sepulcher. Once you enter Sepulcher, levitate up and to the right, following the hum of the crystals.
Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk - Enar Dralor, on the lower level.
Omaren Ancestral Tomb, Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard - The Omaren Ancestral Tomb is located on a small island just east of Sadrith Mora. It's next to a sealed daedric ruin. Proceed down the tomb into the undergound section. Next to a Storm Atronach there is a chest that has the key to the Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard. The helm is on a high platform in the northern part of the forge. This platform is directly above another platform that has a Dwemer Jinksword on it. You can also find the unique hammer Skull Crusher in an elevated chest in the middle of the forge.
Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk - Galdal Omayn, on the second floor.
Ibar-Dad - A cave that's located west of the Urshilaku Ashlander camp, and just southwest of the daedric shrine Assurnabitashpi. The Urshilaku Ashlander camp is located along the coastline northeast of Khuul. Proceed into the cave and through the locked gate. Swim through the tunnel on the left to find the key that opens the shrine, which is located through the tunnel on the right. You can also find the unique shield Eleidon's Ward mounted on the wall in the shrine.
Mammea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams - This cave, a Sixth House base, is located southeast of Gnisis, east of the stronghold Berandas, and just west of the daedric shrine Dushariran. Go through the Sanctom of Awakening, Sanctom of Black Hope, and into the Shrine of Pitted Dreams. The helm is in a trough at the back of that section. You can also find the unique dagger Fang of Haynekhtnamet here, and there is an ash vampire in the Sanctom of Black Hope.


a. Daedric Arrows
Type: Marksman
Weight: 0.30
Durability: 1
Value: 20
Speed: n/a
Reach: n/a
Best Damage: 10-15
Enchantment: n/a
-Maelkashishi, Shrine, Forgotten Galleries
-Berandas, Keep, Top Level

b. Daedric Battle Axe
Type: Axe - 2 handed
Weight: 90.00
Durability: 4,800
Value: 50,000
Speed: 1.00
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 1-80
Enchantment: 16
-Random weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

c. Daedric Claymore
Type: Longblade - 2 handed
Weight: 81.00
Durability: 5,600
Value: 80,000
Speed: 1.25
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 1-60
Enchantment: 21
-Vivec, Telvanni Plaza, Telvanni Tower, Telvanni Vault
-Mausur Caverns
-on Gathal Llethri (3)
-on Ulms Drathen (4)
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

d. Daedric Club
Type: Blunt - 1 handed
Weight: 36.00
Durability: 1,600
Value: 10,000
Speed: 1.50
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 10-12
Enchantment: 12
-Dagoth Ur, Inner Tower
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

e. Daedric Crescent
Type: Longblade - 2 handed
Weight: 35.00
Durability: 5,400
Value: 180,000
Speed: 1.25
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 20-50
Enchantment: Cast When strikes: Disintegrate Armor 5-30; Paralyze for 10 secs
-Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr, small Chest on a shelf near Divayth, get Sanctuary Amulet, put it on, click yes, kill the Lord.

f. Daedric Dagger
Type: Shortblade - 1 handed
Weight: 9.00
Durability: 700
Value: 10,000
Speed: 2.50
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 8-12
Enchantment: 6
-on Divayth Fyr (5)
-on Mistress Therana (6)
-on Archmagister Gothren (7)
-on Darvasa Vedas (8)
-on Ronerelie Philulanie (9)
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)
-Random Weapon on Golden Saints (10)
-Vivec, Redoran Underworks
-Dagon Fel, Sorkvild's Tower
-Berandas, Underground

g. Daedric Dai Katana
Type: Longblade - 2 handed
Weight: 60.00
Durability: 7,200
Value: 120,000
Speed: 1.35
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 1-60
Enchantment: 21
-on Bolvyn Venim (11)
-on Llaro Llethri (12)
-on Corpse of dead hero (13)
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

h. Daedric Darts
Type: Marksman
Weight: 0.40
Durability: 90
Value: 4,000
Speed: n/a
Reach: n/a
Best Damage: 2-12
Enchantment: 4
-on Severa Magia (14)
-Urshilaku Burial Caverns, Kefka Burial
-Ashalmawia, Shrine, Sunken Vaults

i. Daedric Katana
Type: Longblade - 1 handed
Weight: 54.00
Durability: 4,800
Value: 50,000
Speed: 1.50
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 3-44
Enchantment: 18
-on Galos Farethi (15)
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)
-Random Weapon on Golden Saints (10)

j. Daedric Long Bow
Type: Bow
Weight: 24.00
Durability: 1,000
Value: 50,000
Speed: 1.00
Reach: n/a
Best Damage: 2-50
Enchantment: 10 (does NOT effect Arrow's damage)
-Maelkashishi, Shrine, Forgotten Galleries

k. Daedric Longsword
Type: Longblade - 1 handed
Weight: 60.00
Durability: 3,200
Value: 40,000
Speed: 1.35
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 1-44 / 4-40
Enchantment: 18
-on Relas Arothan (16)
-on Arver Rethul (17)
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

l. Daedric Mace
Type: Blunt - 1 handed
Weight: 45
Durability: 4,800
Value: 24,000
Speed: 1.30
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 3-30
Enchantment: 15
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

m. Daedric Shortsword
Type: Shortblade - 1 handed
Weight: 24.00
Durability: 1,500
Value: 20,000
Speed: 2.00
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 10-26 / 12-24
Enchantment: 12
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)
-Ashalmawia, Shrine, Sunken Vaults

n. Daedric Spear
Type: Spear - 2 handed
Weight: 42.00
Durability: 1,000
Value: 20,000
Speed: 1.00
Reach: 1.80
Best Damage: 6-40
Enchantment: 15
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)
-Berandas, Underground

o. Daedric Staff
Type: Blunt - 2 handed
Weight: 24.00
Durability: 1,200
Value: 14,000
Speed: 1.75
Reach: 1.80
Best Damage: 3-16
Enchantment: 21
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

p. Daedric Tanto
Type: Shortblade - 1 handed
Weight: 12.00
Durability: 1,100
Value: 14,000
Speed: 2.25
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 9-20
Enchantment: 7
-on Severa Magia (14)
-Ald Sotha, Lower Level
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

q. Daedric Wakizashi
Type: Shortblade - 1 handed
Weight: 30.00
Durability: 1,100
Value: 48,000
Speed: 2.25
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 10-30
-Corpse of wizard hero (18)
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)
-Prelude Shipwreck, Lower Level, in a Wooden Chest (*NOTE: This Wakizashi is quest related, and its damage is different from the one stated above - lower)

r. Daedric War Axe
Type: Axe - 1 handed
Weight: 72.00
Durability: 3,200
Value: 30,000
Speed: 1.25
Reach: 1.00
Best Damage: 1-44
Enchantment: 15
-on Gordol (19)
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

s. Daedric Warhammer
Type: Blunt - 2 handed
Weight: 96.00
Durability: 8,000
Value: 30,000
Speed: 1.00
Reach: 1.50
Best Damage: 1-70
Enchantment: 17
-Tukushapal, Sepulcher
-Random Weapon on Dremoras (1)
-Random Weapon on Dremora Lords (2)

NPC / Creature List
1) Dremoras are leveled creatures, which means you will find them randomly when you're their level or exceed their level. Dremoras are level 9. But, there are certain places where you'll find them regardless of your level:
-Berandas, Keep, Top Level
-Berandas, Keep, Bottom Level
2) Dremora Lords are leveled creatures, which means you will find them randomly when you're their level or exceed their level. Dremora Lords are level 12. But, there are certain places where you'll find them regardless of your level:
-Vemynal, Hall of Torque
-Rotheran, Arena
-Endusal, Kagrenac's Study
3) Gathal Llethri can be found at Dren Plantation, Guardhouse
4) Ulms Drathen can be found at Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold
5) Divayth Fyr can be found in Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr - beware, he's essential for main quest.
6) Mistress Therana can be found at Tel Branora, Upper Tower, Therana's Chambers
7) Archmagister Gothren can be found at Tel Aruhn, Upper Tower
8) Darvasa Vedas can be found at Tel Branora, Tower Guardpost
9) Ronerelie Philulanie can be found at Tel Vos, Central Tower
10) Golden Saints are leveled creatures, which means you will find them randomly when you're their level or exceed their level. Golden Saints are level 20. But, there are certain places where you'll find them regardless of your level:
-Odrosal, Dwemer Training Academy
-Bal Ur, Underground
-Ald Daedroth, Inner Shrine
-Ald Daedroth, Antechamber
11) Bolvyn Venim can be found at Ald-Ruhn, Manor District, Venim Manor, Private Quarters
12) Llaro Llethri can be found at Dren Plantation, Tower Shack
13) Corpse of dead hero can be found at Maesa-Shammus Egg Mine
14) Severa Magia can be found at Ald Sotha, Lower Level
15) Galos Farethi can be found at Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa
16) Relas Arothan can be found at Assernerairan, Shrine
17) Arver Rethul can be found at Dren Plantation
18) Corpse of wizard hero can be found at Endusal, Kagrenac's Study
19) Gordol can be found at Ashalmawia, Shrine, Sunken Vaults

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10/20/02 04:48 PM

Dwemer Puzzlebox [re: superdude113]




Dwemer Puzzlebox
You cross the bridge at Balmora... Go to Moonmoth Legion Fort... Pass Fort toward North.. See giant bridge ahead... Go past until you can climb up to the right side of the bridge...Cross bridge and meet Snowy Granius and his skeleton... Whack them ... His stuff is junk.. Get few coins in boxes and Good Emerald...continue on across and turn right... find a big pipe with Dwarven Crank... This opens door on Arkngrhand, Hall of Centrifuge... Go in and open door... Follow right wall down the rocks all the way to the metal plate on floor... Look West and see door and big metal beam across... Top of beam is another floor level.. Look at left end of big beam at pile of rocks... A little further down, you'll meet two guys with daggers. Climb the rocks and climb over the railing.. Go to left and see another door... Go in door and kill Boss Crito here... Against the wall is a metal three-shelf rack... On bottom shelf on left is a little rusty cube thats hard to see... If you got the quest assigned, you'll be able to pick it up... If not, you won't be able to pick it up....Gud luck...

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10/20/02 04:58 PM

Sanguine Item Locations [re: superdude113]





1. Amulet of Sanguine Free Enterprise - Eno Hlaalu already has it.

2. Amulet of Sanguine Glib Speech - Shotherra, Thongar's Tradehouse, Khuul. Unlike most sanguine holders, she is peaceful. Taunt her and kill her.

3,4,5. Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor, Ring of Sanguine Fluid Evasion, Glove of Sanguine Swiftblade - Severa Magia, Ald Sotha Shrine, NE of Vivec

6,7. Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor, Belt of Sanguine Deep Biting - relas Arothan, Assernerairen shrine, Underworks, Vivec St. Olms.

8. Belt of Sanguine Denial - Movis Darys, Ald'Ruhn Mages Guild. He is peaceful, and will hand the belt over if you persuade him to.

9. Belt of Sanguine Fleetness - Hrordis, upstairs, Halfway Tavern, Pelagiad.

10,11. Belt of Sanguine Hewing, Belt of Sanguine Sureflight - Durus Marius, Assernerairen shrine, underworks, Vivec St. Olms.

12. Belt of Sanguine Impaling Thrust - Gluronk gra-Shula, 2nd floor, Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora. Taunt and kill.

13. Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft - Carecalmo, Ashalmimikala shrine, west of Balmora, north of Hla Oad.

14. Belt of Sanguine Smiting - Domba, Ald Daedroth shrine, NW of Ahemmusa camp, SE of Dagoon Fel, large island to the east of the main one.

15. Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor - Mindeli Saren, Yasammidan shrine, NW of Gnisis

16. Glove of Sanguine Horny Fist - Guril Retheran, lower level, Flowers of Gold, Vivec, Redoran Canton. (Take care of 2 jobs- get the item by killing him- you will need to ice him for the Morag Tong if you didn't already.)

17. Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping - Inganar, Ularradallaku shrine, inside ghostfence, NE of Ald'Ruhn.

18. Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom - Talis Veran, Ebernanit shrine, northern central coast, position 4100, 143000

19. Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom - Gnaw Tooth, Ald Daedroth shrine.

20,21,22. Ring of Sanguine Red Wisdom, Ring of Sanguine Transcedance, Ring of Sanguine Transfiguring - Llandrale Varam, Ald Sotha Shrine.

23. Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom -Earmil, Assurnabitashpi, East of Khuul, just west of Urshilaku camp. (Two entrances and areas. If you miss him, try the other area.)

24. Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom - Anel Rethelas, Yasammidan shrine.

25. Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom - Erundil, Indoranyon, north of Tel Aruhn.

26. Shoes of Sanguine Leaping - Dro'Zaymar, Canal South-Three, Vivec St. Delyn. Taunt and kill.

27. Shoes of Sanguine Stalking- Thovasi Alen, Assarnatamat shrine, NE of Balmora, SE of Caldera.

You need to join the Morag Tong under Vivic Arena. Talk to Hlaalu (guy in the upmost part of the underground) and talk to him to join, then give him all the sanguine items to recieve Mephala's Skill It is the only way to recieve a spell that fortifies a skill a.e. Shortblade, this now allows you, when making a spell, to fortify ANY SKILL!

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10/20/02 05:13 PM

Secret Master Locations [re: superdude113]




* mean something's wrong Ill say at bottom

1) Acrobatics~Senyndie~Vivic Arena, Wasteworks, Fighters Quarters

2) Alchemy~Abelle Chriditte~Varenvaryon, Propylon Chamber

3) Alteration~Seryne Relas~Tel Branora

4)*Armorer*~Sirollus Saccus~Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison

5) Athletics~Adibael Hainnabibi~Kaushtababi camp, Adibael's Yurt

6) Axe~Alfhedil Elf-Hewer~Falensarano, upper level

7) Block~Shardie~Buckmoth Legion Fort, courtyard

8) *Blunt Weapon*~Faralenu Henim~Vivic St. Delyn, Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise

9) Conjuration~Methal Seran~Ald'ruhn Temple, lowest level

10) Destrustion~Leles Birian~East of Peligiad, on the road east of Piernette's farmhouse

11) Enchant~Qorwynn~lear the exit of Indoranyon

12) Hand-to-Hand~Taren Omothan~Holamayan Monastery
NOTE: The door is only visable after 6:00 PM

13) Heavy Armor~Seanwen~Vivic Arena, Wasteworks, Fighters Training

14) Illusion~Erer Darothril~Sadrith Mora, Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub

15) Light Armor~Aerin~Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse

16) Long Blade~Ulms Drathan~Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold

17) Marksman~Missun Akin~Missun Akin's Hut atop Falasmaryon

18) *Medium Armor*~Chinia Urtius~Tel Fyr docks

19) Merchantile~Ababael Timsar-Dadisun~Zainab Ashlander camp, in his Yurt

20) Mysticism~Ardarume~Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn, West Wing

21) Restoration~Yakin Bael~Vos, Temple

22) Security~Hecerinde~Balmora, in his House

23) Short Blade~Todwendy~Balmora, Lucky Lockup Cornerclub (room upstairs)

24) Sneak~Wadarkhu~Gnaar Mok, Dreugh-jigger's Rest

25) Spear~Mertis Falandas~Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk, Lower Level

26) Speechcraft~Skink-in-Tree's-Shade~Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall, Mages Guild

27) Unarmored~Khargol gro-Boguk~Vacant Tower once inside use the trapdoor (located next to Dagon Fel)

What's wrong

4) Although we all know Sirollus is the Master, apparently he doesn't. Sorry, no Armor Master.

8) The creator made a mistake saying he was the master, it's really the girl downstairs. Furthest door on the right. Her name... Ernse Llervu.

18) What can I say? SHE DOESN'T EXIST!

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10/20/02 05:20 PM

Index Locations [re: superdude113]




Go to Khuul and go southeast to the shrine Maelkashishi. Enter and make your way to the forgotten galleries. Levitate up to the very top ledge and there should be a corpse there. with him a scroll, daedric longbow, (4) daedric arrows, and the Index for Falensarano. Take them, I doubt he needs them anymore.
Go to Rotheran. Enter the Communal hut on the roof. The guy in there has it, umm Rols Ienith. Get it from him, the only way i see it try pick pocketing him. And if at first you don't succeed, give up and hack him to tiny pieces. Now take the Index for Rotheran from his lifeless corspe.
Got to Telasero. For this one you must actually enter the stronghold and go down to the lowest level. Once in the lowest level of the stronghold check the trough, is should eb in there.
Head over to Hlormaren. The dome has its own entrance, Levitate up to in if you can, if not you can fight your way up, ha ha. The Index for Andasreth is on a shelf on the left wall. Its really hard to see, if you have night eyes, itll make it stand out a little better.
Go to Gnisis. Now go to the housewith the rope fence i front of it. WARNING TO THOSE IN TELVANNI! Do not kill the man at the top of this house, or his little pets that are in the same room, he doesn't like that, and you need him to advance to mout, there is no other way. Well, in that room, look over at the book shelves, the Index for Berandas is on one of them. Thake a guess.
Go to the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Go inside the Wise Women's Yurt. The Index for Valenvaryon should be on the table to her right. Try to sneak to take it, don't get her mad and don't talk to her unless you have already done the portion of the Main Quest that involves her.
Go to Maar Gan. Go to the house with that rock shrine and the dremora. Inspect the offerings, the Index for Falasmaryon should be resting there. Try to sneak to take this one to.
Go to Caldera. Enter the Pawnbroker's shop/house. The Index for Hlormaren should be on that window ledge right next to him. This is a tricky one to get, I advise getting a chameleon spell to help you sneak this one out.
Go to Tel Fyr. The Index for Indoranyon should be right inside on the table next to Divayth Fyr.
Go to Vivec St. Olms Temple, lower level. Go through the hall it willbe in the last room on you right. In there will be some rats. Kill them if you like. Now this is a lot easier with night eyes. The Index for Marandus should be right infront of you amoung the crates..

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10/20/02 05:31 PM

Great House Info, and Obtaining Houses [re: superdude113]




Go to Sadrith Mora, if you take a boat you can see the Tevanni Council House go in there. once your in make a right and follow the passage. Go through the first door you see. now follow this passage and continue straight. Do you see that door behind that guy? Go in there, once inside here be sure you don't fall off. Follow the tiny path to the bottom and speak with Llunela Hleran. Talk about joining The Great House Telvanni and your in. You will also come back to see her to get your stronghold.
Go to Balmora and enter the Hlaalu Council Manor. Talk with the lady in front of the planter. Her name... Nileno Dorvayn. Talk about joining the Great House Hlaalu and you in.
Go to Ald'ruhn. Go into the Manor District. head straight to the opening with three doors, Redoran Council Entrance. Go around the planter and talk to Neminda. Talk to her about joining the Great House Redoran and your in.

I would advise joining Telvanni, then killing Orvas Dren at Dren’s Plantation (west of Peligiad) and talking to Duke Vedam Dren to join Hlaalu.
When you build one stronghold the other is built for you and it is still yours, the guy who would be their if you weren't in that house is gone. You have two strongholds. I would advise doing the Telvanni quests because as you advance in Telvanni, you just have to talk to the Duke and hell advance you that high in Hlaalu. (Even though he says you already Grandmaster, you aren't)

Hlaalu Vault Ledger
Quill Pen
Ruby (17)
Pearl (13)
Emerald (15)
Diamond (14)
Glass Armor set (no Bracers)
Orc Warhammer
Ebony Longsword (2)
Ebony War Axe
Ebony Spear (2)
Glass Firesword (2)
Glass Jinkblade
Glass Stormsword
Dire Shardblade
Dire Flameblade (2)
Dire Vipersword (3)
Dire Viperblade
Dire Sparkblade
Dwemer Jinksword
Daedric Dai-Katana
Chest of Fire
Shadowweave Ring
Ring of Aversion
Juicedaw Feather Ring
Hoptoad Ring
Wild Sty Ring
Shadow Mask Ring
Ring of Shadow Form
**5,386 GOLD**

Diamond (17)
Ruby (7)
Emerald (6)
Pearl (3)
Orc Warhammer
Glass Longsword
Glass Throwing Knife (3)
Glass Dagger
Glass War Axe
Glass Cuirass (2)
Glass Boots
Glass Lantern
Raw Glass
Ebony Longsword
Ebony Shortsword (2)
Ebony Dart (7)
Ebony Broadsword
Ebony Closed Helm
Ebony War Axe
Ebony Tower Shield
Ebony Cuirass
Ebony Greaves
Ebony Mace
Ebony Staff
Ebony Spear
Dwarven War Axe
Dwarven Shield
Daedric Mace
Silver War Axe
Silver Throwing Star
Silver Staff
Silver Spear
Silver Shortsword
Silver Longsword
Silver Dart
Silver Claymore
Silver Dagger
Heart Wall
Storm Helm
The Chiding Cuirass
Merisan Cuirass
Amulet of Almsivi Intervention
Exquisite Amulet
Exquisite Ring
Hoptoad Ring
Ring of the Black Hand
Herder's Belt
Cup (3)
Ornate Dwemer Bowl
Scamp Skin
Kwama Cuttle
Hound Meat (2)
Green Lichen
Small Kwama Egg
Stoneflower Pedals
**6,699 GOLD**

Telvanni Vault Ledger
Quill pen
Petty Soul Gem (3)
Lesser Soul Gem
Common Soul Gem (6)
Greater Soul Gem (4)
Grand Soul Gem
Diamond (8)
Emerald (7)
Ruby (8)
Pearl (6)
Raw Glass
Ebony Tower Shield
Ebony Closed Helm
Ebony Boots
Ebony Greaves
Ebony Cuirass
Ebony Longsword (2)
Ebony War Axe
Glass Netch Dagger (2)
Glass Longsword
Devil Tanto
Devil Spear
Devil Mole Crab Helm
Devil Cephalopod Helm (2)
Fiend Helm
Fiend Battle Axe
Karpal's Friend
Maryon's Staff
Saint's Black Sword
Dwemer Jinksword
Dwemer Greaves
Daedric Dai-Katana
Daedric Claymore
Iron Dagger
Extravagant Robe (2)
Extravagent Pants (2)
Extravagent Shirt (2)
Poisonmirror Robe
Poisoneater Robe (2)
Frostmirror Robe
Frosteater Robe
Second Barrier Ring
Heart Wall
Dwemer Mug
Ornate Dwemer Goblet
Ceramic Candlestick (2)
Complete Master Alchemist Set
**3,090 GOLD**

Please note that some items may vary to LEVEL



To obtain or get a stronghold/house, you can go about doing it one of three ways.

1) Kill the owner of an existing house, and take it over. (be careful who you kill)
2)join a great house, and advance enough untill you are able to build one. (info on this is down lower in the post)
3) get a plugin


once you have advanced enough in the house ranks, talk to these people about building your stronghold: (note: you will need to get other things, such as a land deed, and a construction contract)

Hlaalu: Dondos Driler (Balmora, Hlaalu Council House)
Redoran: Galsa Gindu (Ald Rhun, Redoran Council Hall)
Telavanni: Llunela Hleran (Sadrith Mora, televanni council house)


Hlaalu: odai plateau, south of balmora. (The "X" on the map)
Redoran: Bal Isra,North of Ald ruhn, south of maar gan. (The "X" on the map)
Televanni: Uvirith's Grave, Directly west of Tel Fyr. (The "X" on the map)


Some god houses to take over are Lenas Sarendas' house in Ald Ruhn, Almost any house in Khuul, Dura Gra Bol's house in Balmora, The Balmora Council club, or almost any other house in the game. But many people who live in houses are either quest related, or in a guild/faction/great house that you are in, so be careful.

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Daedric Quest Walkthroughs [re: superdude113]




Shrine of Azura

-SE coast of Vvardenfell, built into the cliff. NE of Tel Branora. Really big statue, can't miss. Advise levitating to get to it.

-Azura's Star

--Go to the Shrine of Azura and speak to it. Set a Mark spell there (just a bit of helpful advice.) Now you get to travel all the way up to Dagon Fell, no it's not there you still have more traveling to do. take the road west, over the rise and to the beach. Cross the river and take a left the first chance you get, continue west past Habinbaes. The road should turn south, don't turn with it! Instead go up the slope westyou should end up at the base of a mushroom tree eventually, when you do turn northyou should be on the beach and infront of you is the island go there and kill all the Dremoras and be sure to take the ring off the golden saint, you need this!!!!!!! Recall back to the Shrine of Azura, talk to her and she will award you with Azura's Star

Shrine of Boethiah

-NW of Hla Oad


--Go to Caldera and set a Mark, then go to Hla Oad and go to the west side of those daedric ruins... Ashurnibibi. now swim west directly and go under water eventually you should see some sunken ruins. talk to the fallen head and and use recall. Go to the Ghorak manor (the one with Creeper) and talk to the orc in the up most part of the house. He will tell you he needs plans and 2000 gold. So go to Jobasha's Rare Books in Vivic's Foreign Quarter and buy the book. Sorry, I didn't write the name of the book down so youll have to remember on this one. Use recall again to get back to Caldera, go back to him and give him the book and the money. Forty (40) days later the shrine will be complete, it is at Khartag point, near the stronghold Andasreth. Talk to his new statue and he will award you with Goldbrand.

Shrine of Malacath

-West of Sanctus Shrine. NE coast of that long Island

-Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw

--Go to Dagon Fel and travel west to the furthest coast. Remember Azura's quest. the same directions except now you get to swim out a little bit further. On land go to the daedric ruin Assurdirapal. Walk through the shrine, once inside the inner shrine talk to the statue. Drop your Mark spell here. Now go all the way back to Vivic. Once in Vivic ask anyone in the Forien Quarters about Bearclaw then Farvyn Oreyn. THEN go to Gnaar Mok and ask someone there about him. Now go a little way south of town. TALK to Farvyn Oreyn then when him and his men attack you kill them. Recall back to the Shrine of Malacath and talk to it to be awarded the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

-West of Ald Velothi. Past the Dwemer Ruins. (Yes, it does go further...)

-Mehrunes' Razor

--Go to Gnisis and travel North until you reach Ald Velothi, then head west past the Dwemer ruin Arkngthunch-Sturdumz to the daedric ruin Yasammidan. You will pass what looks like the starts of a new village building supplies and all. Anyways, go inside and activate the statue. he wants to squash you (Id like to see him move his leg.) Set a Mark spell and make your way to the Erabenimsum (Ashlander) Camp, the one south of Tel Fyr. Once there take the trail west then STRAIGHT south no turns until you reach Alas Ancestral Tomb. Go inside, down the stairs, take a left, then a right, and take the dagger from the corpse of Varner Hleras and recall back. Talk to The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon to have the rusty dagger transform into another worthless dagger, Mehrunes' Razor.

Shrine of Mephala

-Morag Tong headquarters (under Vivic Arena, in the storage room through the canalworks through a locked trapdoor)

-Ring of Khajiit

--Go to the Morag Tong headquarters and go up and down the stairs until you reach the main room. Look right, see that man with the Chitin Mask helm on, go talk to him NOT THE SHRINE BEHIND HIM. Talk about "sensitive matters." He'll give you 5 cured Bittergreen Pedals. Now Mark the spot and go to Balmora, go to Balyn Omarel's house, it's the one west of Caius Cosades' House, It's the on with the trap door on the roof. Slip the Cured Bittergreen Pedals into his cauldron, you just have to click on it and it will give you the option. Once there in Recall back, talk with the man in the mask and he will give you permission to approach the shrine, talk to it to receive the Ring of Khajiit.

Shrine of Molag Bal

-West of Tel Aruhn

-Mace of Molag Bal

--Go to Tel Aruhn and go two Islands to the west first the smaller one, then the stop at the next one, the coasts should be jumping distance, well, for me that is. On this Island you will find the Daedric ruin Yansirramus. Once inside talk to the shrine and set a Mark. Now go on over to the stronghold take the path heading northeast. It will turn north at a little Ashlander camp them eventually turn east. When you pass Bensamsi go southwest. You shouldn't see the dwemer ruin. If you do you went too far. The path will soon fork, take the one that goes south (it has some trees marking the way.) It should go up a slope and to Kora-Dur. You should have gotten the key from Molag Bal. In its inner most chamber you should find that lazy Daedroth, hack it to pieces collect some of the loot, some of it is okay. Then recall back and talk to the Shrine of Molag Bal to be awarded with the Mace of Molag Bal.

Shrine of Sheogorath

-Vivic St.Delyn sewers

-Spear of Bitter Mercy

--Go to Vivic St Delyn and head way don to the sewage place, below canalworks. There you should find a door stuck into a wall somewhere down there. Go in kill the cultists talk to the Shrine and set a Mark spell. Off you go to Dagon Fel, ask around about "mad herrmit." Remember that long Island with the daedric ruin Assurdirapal on it, the one for the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw? go as far west as you can until you run into Ald Redaynia, it will be gaurded by a skeliton. Guess what now you don't get to go inside, ha ha. Now go swim, levitate whatever north-east a little more north though. You will come across a large island and guess what, if you don't see the shack, just follow the trail, it leads right to it. Go in and talk to Big Head. talk about the "Fork of Horripilationand hell tell you to take it. its the one on the table that look more like a fork. Now your off to kill the bull netch with IT! you cannot KILL the bull netch with any other weapon and there are NO second chances. The giant bull netch is located directly east on another Island. Just go directly east and youll have no excuse no to find it the netch really stands out. Once it's dead recall yourself talk to the Shrine of Sheogorath to see that your fork is now the Spear of Bitter Mercy.

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How to become a Vampire [re: superdude113]




How To Contract Vampirism.
In order to contract Vampirism (however you spell it). Go somewheres where a vampire is you can either let them keep hitting you and try to contract it that way or you can try to kill them, once there dead keep going to there body until you contract the disease. Its some long name for a virus. After you get it Wait 3 days or 72hrs then rest and you will be a vampire.

All vampires receive 20-point boosts in the stats Strength, Willpower, and Speed. 30-point boosts in the skills Sneak, Athletics, Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand, Unarmored, Mysticism, Illusion, and Destruction.

Berne Vampires receive a 20-point boost in Agility, Sneak, Unarmored, and Hand-to-Hand skills.

Aundae Vampires receive a 20-point boost in Short Blade, Willpower, Mysticism, and Destruction Skill.

Quarra Vampires receive a 20-point boost in the Blunt Weapons skill, Strength, Hand-to-Hand and Heavy Armor Skill

Berne Clan - Specialization - Rogue**
Berne Clan HQ - is at Galom Daeus observatory in northern central part of Molag Amur mountain Range.
Additional Tombs of Berne Clan
*Raviro Ancestral Tomb - west of Molag Mar.
*Othrelas Ancestral Tomb - Near Balur Salvu's farm outside Vivec.
*Andrethi Ancestral Tomb - South East of Hlormaren.
Other independent lairs of the Berne Clan
*Marara - in the Drethan Ancestral Tomb.
*Merta - in the Reloth Ancestral Tomb.
*Irarak - in the Ginith Ancestral Tomb.
*Calvario - in the Nerano Ancestral Tomb.
*Marara's base is - on the south of the Dwemer ruin Ncardahrk.
*Merta's base - is south east of Khull.
*Irarak's base - is just off the Gnisis-Ald Velothi road and southeast of the Dwemer ruin Arkngthunch Sturdumz.
*Calvaio's tomb - is southwest of the Ahemmusa Ashlander Camp.

Aundae Clan - Specialization - Mage**
Aundae Clan HQ - Based at tomb Ashmelech on an island southwest of Sheogorad.
Additional Tombs of Aundae Clan
*Sarethri Ancestral Tomb - northwest of Dagon Fel
*Dulo Ancestral Tomb - west of Galom Daeus
*Aralen Ancestral Tomb - south of the Zainab Ashlander camp.

Quarra Clan - Specialization - Fighting**
Quarra Clan HQ - Based at the Dwemer Ruin Druscashti southwest of the Urshilaku Ashlander camp
Additional Lairs of Quarra Clan
*Serano Ancestral Tomb - near Galom Daeus
*Hleran Ancestral Tomb - west of Ald'ruhn
*Alen Ancestral Tomb - Southeast of Khuul.

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Vampire Quests- clan, misc, and ELTONBRAND [re: superdude113]



You must be a vampire to do these, duh


I will tell you what to do, its your job to report to the leaders to recieve the quests.

Berne Quests
Report to Raxle Berne
1) Go to Druscashti. North north-west of Maar Gan or south-west of the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Go inside and go to the room furthest to your right. Go inside and continue along the twisting path. You will run into 3 Vampires. One wearing netch leather, another wearing ebony, and the last one wearing glass. Do not go upstairs, the blood you need is in the keg with the cattle and the vampire in glass. That vampire will have the key to the keg. Take the blood and report back.

2) Go to Reloth Ancestral Tomb. West of Maar Gan. Fight your way through the tomb untell you reach the room with stairs going right and left to a giant room. Merta's in here. Find her, kill here, and report back. DO NOT TOUCH THE CATTLE!

3) Easy Quest. Thsi is the only time I will list were you can go, the other clans can go to the How to become a vampire and look it up. SO, from the entrance to Galom Daeus go north, Serano Ancestrial Tomb is built into the side of the same mountain. Kill all the vampires. Now back to Galom Daeus' entry. Go directly west this time, and built into the other side of the mountain is Dulo Ancestral Tomb. Kill all the vampires in here too. Now go all the way north to Falensarano. Take the road that winds around the stronghold and follow it north. A ways after the road starts to go east go south. You will Aralen Tomb. Inside kill the vampires and report back.

Aundae Quests
1) Go to Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall, Mages Guild. Talk to Tusamircil about "family crest." Agree to deliver the potion to her son. Now go to the Gateway Inn. Sinyaramen is on the second story. Give him the potion and talk about "family crest," "killed by your kind," and "Vilandon." Report back to Dhaunayne to find out that you arn't done. Now go to Druscashti. North north-west of Maar Gan or south-west of the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Inside on the same level, behind closed doors straight ahead of you (may be on the lower level, I didn't write it down). Behind those doors is Kjeld, kill him and report back.

2) Go to Ald ruhn. Inside the Mages Guild as about "vampire hunter" and go outside. He's the one pacing back and forth with the shinny ebony shield. Make sure its daylight out, I advise resting in the Magees guild til about noon. Step outside, yes it hurts but you have to. Make sure someone is around to see you kill him. Kill him and report back.

3) You need to kill a total of 12 vampires from the other clans, not 12 each 12 total. Look up the locations.

Quarra Quests
1)Go to Ginith Ancestral Tomb. Between Gnisis and Ald Velothi, well, not quite, just look it up. Gi inside and leave the others alone, the one you want is Irarak. Talk to him and you will eventually get 1000 gold, either way it goes you must kill him. Now just report back.

2) Gather together: 5 extravagant sapphire amulets, 2 void salts, a daedra's heart, ectoplasm, vampire dudt, and a skull. Take the items and report back.

3) You need to kill a total of 12 vampires from the other clans, not 12 each 12 total. Look up the locations.

Misc Quests
Ill givethem my own name so you can pick them out

Kill me!
1) Go to Drethan Ancestral Tomb, SW of Ald Daedroth. Once inside talk to Marara. She wants you to fight for your life as well as hers, and if your up to it youll get her enchanted ring. But like Umbra, she too wants to die. So just talk to her until the goodbye message pops up and kill her using spells and take the ring. Done.

I wanna be a Vampire
2) Go to Ald'ruhn and go under SKAR. Go inside the Llelthri Manor. Go to the back and talk to Fathasa Llelthri to find out that her son wants to ba a vampire. Turn a round and there he is. Talk to Sanvyn and discourage him about being a vampire. Eventually a goodbye message will appear. Now this is the easy part. Putyour swprd away and let him beat you up. DO NOT FIGHT BACK! When your half undead he'll stop. He thinks your a winnie, Haha. Now just talk to his mother again and your done.

3) Go to Salvel Ancestral Tomb, beyond ghostgate, way in the back, the south-east corner up against ghost fence. Inside talk to Mastrius about "my imprisonment" and "way to escape." Now go to the Dwemer ruin Bthuand. The shield is behind some fallen stones in the ruins inner extermity. For the daedra's heart just visit the neighboring daedric ruin. Now go back and talk to Mastrius. Give him the stuff, now as if that wasn't enough now he wants you to share your strength. If you agree he will drain half your health and stamina. Then guess what he'll do. He attacks you! Just kill him and take his stuff. Your done and hanging on by a thread.

Kill Him!
4) Go to Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House. Talk to the mouth Raven Omayn about "Rimintil." Your job: to go to Tel Vos' Central tower and kill Rimintil. When he's dead report back to Raven Omayn.

Get me Blood
5) Talk to Raven Omayn again to get this quest. If you're Berne just go kill Raxle Berne and get the blood back, if you arn't follow these steps. Go to Druscashti. North north-west of Maar Gan or south-west of the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Go inside and go to the room furthest to your right. Go inside and continue along the twisting path. You will run into 3 Vampires. One wearing netch leather, another wearing ebony, and the last one wearing glass. Do not go upstairs, the blood you need is in the keg with the cattle and the vampire in glass. That vampire will have the key to the keg. Open the keg and take the blood. Now that we're all on the same page go talk to Raven Omayn again and give him the blood. Your done.

If you have Goldbrand wait to do these last 2 quests
Get me the Key
6) Go to Vivecs Foriegn Quarter, Mages Guild. Talk to Sirilonwe about "someone killed." Now go to Ald'ruhn's Ald-Skar Inn. Inside you will find Shashev. Talk to him and he will attack. Kill him. Take his key and whatever else you want and report back to Sirilonwe.

Vampire Dust
7) Now talk to Sirilonwe again about "vampire dust." If you have completed the clan quests you should already have some dust on you. If not, your on your own to come up with it. She want 3 portions. When you have it just talk to her and your done.

1) Go to the Mages Guild in Vivic Foreign Quarters.
2) Talk to Sirilonwe about "Someone Killed"
3) Go to the Ald-Skar Inn in Ald'ruhn
4) Talk to Shashev then kill him.
5) Take his key
6) Go back to Sirilonwe, but don't talk to her yet!!!
7) Drop one stack of >11171 GOLD< and another with the rest of your gold. Make sure that Goldbrand is in your inventory
8) Pick up the stack and talk to Sirilonwe about "Someone Killed."
9) Now watch as your Goldbrand turns into Eltonbrand.

Vampire Cure
1) Get a copy of Vampires of Vvardenfell, volume II
2) Go to Bal Ur, North of Suran
3) Go all the way down to the depths of this daedric shine
4) Talk to the shrine of Molag Bal to get this quest.
5) Go to the cave Dubdilla, directly south of Vos' Temple
6) Enter the dave and travel to the depths of this cave turned daedric shrine, hope you hava a levitate spell, makes it a bit easier.
7) You know youve found them when you see a Frost Atronach(Nomeg Gwai) and a Winged Twilight(Molag Grunda) with each other.
8) Kill them both
9) Report back to Molag Bal
10) Your cured!

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Alchemy and Enchantment [re: superdude113]





All biological creatures in the game have souls and can be caught, including ghosts and skeletons. Mechanical units, such as the Dwemer Centurion Sphere, Dwemer Steam Centurion and Dwemer Spider have no souls. Each kind of creature has a different size of soul. The easy low-level creatures will have lower valued souls then the more difficult high-level creatures.

Creatures, soulvalue, and level of creature

- Alit, 20, 3
- Alit-blighted, 25, 7
- Alit-diseased, 25, 3
- Ancestor ghost, 100, 1
- Ascended sleeper, 400, 25
- Ash ghoul, 250, 15
- Ash slave, 100, 5
- Ash zombie, 100, 8
- Atronach Flame, 105, 7
- Atronach Frost, 138, 9
- Atronach Storm, 150, 15
- Bonelord, 100, 8
- Bonewalker, 75, 4
- Bonewalker Lesser, 65, 3
- Bonewalker Greater, 75, 7
- Clannfear, 100, 7
- Cliffracer 20, 4
- Cliffracer Blighted 20, 8
- Cliffracer Diseased 20, 4
- Corpus Lame 160, 8
- Corpus Stalker, 100, 5
- Daedroth, 195, 12
- Dremora, 100, 9
- Dremora Lord, 200, 12
- Dreugh, 75, 5
- Dwarven Ghost, 200, 5
- Golden Saint, 400, 20
- Guar, 20, 3
- Guar Wild, 20, 3
- Hunger, 250, 11
- Kagouti, 20, 4
- Kagouti Blighted, 20, 8
- Kagouti Dieased, 20, 4
- Kwama Forager, 15, 2
- Kwama Forager Blighted, 15, 6
- Kwama Queen, 30, 6
- Kwama Warrior, 20, 3
- Kwama Blighted Warrior, 30, 7
- Kwama Worker, 8, 2
- Kwama Blighted Worker, 8, 6
- Kwama Diseased Worker, 8, 2
- Kwama Entrance, 8, 2
- Mudcrab, 5, 1
- Mudcrab Diseased, 5, 1
- Netch Betty, 75, 10
- Netch Bull, 50, 4
- Nixhound, 10, 2
- Nixhound Blighted, 10, 6
- Ogrim, 165, 11
- Ogrim Titan, 70, 15
- Rat, 10, 2
- Rat Blighted, 10, 4
- Rat Diseased, 40, 3
- Scamp, 100, 5
- Scrib, 10, 1
- Scrib Blighted, 30, 4
- Scrib Diseased, 30, 1
- Shalk, 30, 6
- Shalk Blighted, 30, 10
- Shalk Diseased, 30, 6
- Skeleton, 30, 3
- Skeleton Archer, 30, 3
- Skeleton Champion, 200, 10
- Skeleton Warrior, 30, 7
- Skeleton Entrance, 30, 2
- Slaughterfish, 10, 2
- Slaughterfish Small, 10, 2
- Winged Twilight, 300, 15
- Vivec God, 1000, 100

The creatures listed here are all the common creatures as they will appear in the game. The unique creatures bonded to certain places and quests are not listed. Such as the different Dagoths, but these all have souls with a value of at least 250, so grand soulgems are needed to trap them. Only Vivec I put in. Know that Dagoth Ur himself has no soul.

BTW: Not important for the enchanting itself, but you will notice loaded soulgems can be worth quite some drakes. The price of a loaded soulgems is made up by this formulae; -> value soulgem X value soul.

Trapping Souls

Before you can use souls, you have to ‘trap’ them. You’ll need a soultrap spell to do this. Cast the soultrap on the creature which soul you want. A purple kind of twinkle will start swirling around the creature after you’ve cast the spell successfully. Now you have to kill the creature before the spell wears of. If you succeed, you will get a message which will tell you; “you caught a soul”.

NOTE: Always make sure you have the proper kind of soulgem in your inventory to trap the soul in.

BTW: Some of the creatures you encounter use ‘dispel’ after you trapped them. Cast the spell again.

BTW 2: NPC’s have no souls! (At least no souls which can be trapped)


Not every soul will fit in every gem, it’s good to know which soul fits in which gem.
The basic rule is this. Each kind of soulgem can contain a soul which is maximal three times as big as the value of the soulgem.
For example: Petty soulgems can contain souls which are max. 30. Common soulgems 120 and Grand 600. That means that if you wish to trap Vivec’s soul you’ll need Azura’s star.
If you have different kind of soulgems in your inventory, the caught soul will be trapped in the smallest gem possible.

The different soulgems in the games are the following:

In order of value, and thus containment size:

- petty soulgem value 10
- lesser soulgem value 20
- common soulgem value 40
- greater soulgem value 60
- grand soulgem value 200
- AZURA’S STAR value 5000

NOTE: Azura’s star is a special case compared to the other soulgems. All soulgems are used up, and disappear, when you actually use them. Azura’s Star however is a reusable soulgem. This means the gem will not disappear after you use it, but only the soul it contained. The gem itself will be empty again and can be used again.

BTW -> Azura’s Star is a unique item!

Enchanting Process

To make an enchanted item you can either try to make it yourself, or visit a ‘qualified’ enchanter. To make an item yourself, just drop the loaded soulgem you want to use on your portrait and a menu will pop up. This menu will let you choose between making a new enchanted item, or charging up an existing one. When you choose to create a new item, the rest of the process will be the same as visiting an enchanter.
Know however that when you do it yourself your success depends on your enchanting skill. A skill level of 100 will give the highest chance of success, but still no 100%. When you fail to enchant, the soul is gone but the gem remains. Visiting an enchanter cannot fail, always success but you have to pay for the services.

1) To make an enchanted item, one needs a loaded soulgem and an item. The items you can enchant are all non-magical weapons, armorparts and pieces of paper like writs, white paper and written notes. If you enchant papers, you will create scrolls. They can only be used once. When you select the enchanting service at an enchanter or drop a loaded soulgem on your portrait a menu will pop up.

2)At the top of this menu you can give your item a self-made name. You’ll see there will be already a name in the namebox when you’ve selected an item, this is the official name of the item. You can just delete this name and rename it.

3)Under the namebox, there are two small empty squares. The first is used to select the item you wish to enchant. When you click in the empty square, a little version of your inventory will pop up with all the items you have in your inventory witch can be enchanted. The second square is used to select the soul you wish to use. Click the square and a little menu will pop up with all the loaded soulgems you have in your inventory.

4)After you selected an item and a soulgem, you’ll see at the upper right corner of the menu three terms; enchantment, cast cost and charge.

Enchantment: is shown as xx/xx. Every item has it’s own specific enchantment points, that’s the number at the right side of the slash (/). The effects you’ll select cost a certain amount of enchantment points, that’s the first number, left of the slash (/). The first number may never exceed the second number.

Cast cost: is the amount of charged points you lose when you use the item. (You can also see it as magicka. Cast cost is the amount of magicka it costs to use the item, this is not your magicka, but kind of the magicka from the item)

Charge: is the amount of points you have on your item. This is determined by the soul you use. If you use a soul with a 150 soulvalue (storm atronach) you’ll have 150 charge points. If the effect you have on your item will take 10 points, you can use it 15 times before the item is empty and has to reload. (Same here, see it as magicka. When using a 150 pts soul, the item will have 150 magicka points)

5)Under the namebox all the magic effects you can use are listed. This list depends on the spells you learned. You can only select spells you’ve in your ‘possession’, the spells you bought. So just buy every spell you see, gives you lots of possibilities.

6)When you select an effect you want to use another little menu will pop up. This menu will show you the following options:

Range: Here you have to choose between: target/touch/self. If you choose ‘touch’, the effect is cast when you touch the creature. ‘Self’ means the effect affects yourself. ‘Target means that you ‘shoot’ you effect, meaning you’ll have to go into spellmode.

Magnitude: This is the result your item will have when used. For example: the amount of damage when used. Increasing the magnitude uses more enchantment points.

Duration: This is the time your effect will be active. Increasing the duration will significantly increase the amount of enchantment points used.

Area: This is the area in which your effect is active. Increasing the area also uses more enchantment points.

7)The last thing you have to select is which type you want your enchantment to be. This can/must be chosen below the list of effects. You can choose between; ‘cast when strikes’, ‘cast when used’, ‘constant effect’ and ‘cast once’.

Cast when strikes: This means that your effect is cast when you swing your weapon. Weapons are the only items which can have ‘cast when strikes’. If you select ‘cast when strikes’ make sure you select ‘touch’ either. This is chosen under ‘range’.

Cast when used: This means you will have to go into spellmode (with your hands out in front of you) to cast the effect. You first have to select the effect in your ‘magic items’ menu.

Constant effect: This means that the effect is constant active on self. This means that ‘self’ is the only option you have under range when selecting ‘constant effect’.
NOTE: If you wish to select ‘constant effect’ make sure you have a trapped soul with a value of min. 400. This means that only Golden Saints, Ascended Sleepers and Vivec’s soul provide this possibility.

Cast once: This is only possible to select if you enchant a scroll or paper. The effect can only be cast once, same as scrolls already in the game.

8) When you’re done adding the wished effects and completed all the other options, all you have to do is click the button ‘buy’ and your item is created. If you enchant yourself click the button ‘create’.

NOTE: Not every effect you wish to add provide you with the same options. For example; ‘bound armor/weapon’ is only possible on ‘self’ and not on target or touch. So the options also depend on the chosen effect.



What is the Alchemy skill?
Alchemy is one of Magical Arts skills. With this skill you are able to identify properties of ingredients.
These ingredients can, in combination with the required apparatus, then be used to render powerful potions, that can provide cure from diseases, fortify your attributes or restore the characters attributes.

As with any skill, Alchemy comes with a governing attribute, which is Intelligence. Like all governing attributes, it has a substantial influence on the power of your skill, in the way of increasing its effectiveness.

Why using the Alchemy skill?
Alchemy, though it might seem difficult to understand and use, is the one most powerful skill in the game. Creating potions, hording ingredients and carrying around the required apparatus might seem a tedious task, but the benefits of not having to rely on buying potions and the immense benefit of selfmade potions that have a higher magnitude and duration, unlike any Excellent/Superb Potion you might obtain, speak for themselves.
Getting your way around and into alchemy is the key factor and might occupy some time to understand, which is actually about the only drawback that you might consider.

What do i need to practice Alchemy?
You will require to either train your Alchemy skill by eating ingredients or obtain training from a trainer, aswell as getting hold on a mortar and pestle and ingredients to make potions yourself.

What are ingredients?
Ingredients are mundane substances that can be retrieved from plants, dead animals, mines or bought from vendors. Ingredients can be distinguised from other items, as they will show up to 4 effects when you hover your mouse over them.

What are ingredient effects/properties?
Ingredient effects are properties that have been attributed to such an item.
They range from restorative effects, damaging effects and fortifying effects, as they can also be found on spell and scrolls.

Are there different ingredient properties?
There are 71 (74 with the Tribunal Expansion) ingredient properties in the standard game, which can be grouped into the following categories: Cure, Damage, Detect, Drain Attribute, Feather, Shield (from natural powers), Fortify Attribute, Resist and Restore Attribute.

Effects that are not categorized are: Burden, Dispel, Feather, Levitate, Light, Night Eye, Paralyze, Poison and Reflect.

How many effects/properties can appear on an ingredient?
The number of effects attributed to an ingredient ranges from 1 to 4.

Where can i obtain ingredients?
Obtain ingredients from their respective plant, animal, location or vendor, alchemist.
Detailed reference >> Morrowind Ingredients

When do grown ingredients respawn?
Grown ingredients will respawn after a month, gametime.

When are bought ingredients restocked at their vendor?
If you spot ingredients that an amount of 5 or higher, in the vendors barter screen, you will notice that those ingredients respawn as soon as you have bought the amount and quit the barter screen. Open it again. Voila the ingredients are back.
If the amount is lower than 5, the respawn time should be 24 hours, gametime.
For a detailed reference see the >> Restocking Ingredients Vendor List.

Why are ingredients stacked in 2 heaps in your inventory, instead of 1? OR better said: What are cursed ingredients?
The only time this will happen, is when you pick an ingredient which is cursed. They have a spell attached which will summon a Daedra or something likely, when you pick them up.
This is a flaw in the game, since you will be able to combine a ruby and a cursed ruby when creating potions. They both come from their own stack, and so you can make a potion that has all the 4 effects of rubies.
This is only possible with the cursed versions and not any other "normal" ingredients.

What are the Alchemy apparatus and what are they used for?
Mortar & Pestle:
The one apparatus that is required is the mortar and pestle. This is the basic apparatus you need to combine two or more ingredients into a potion.
The retort is optional and increases the magnitude and duration of all positive effects.
The calcinator is optional and increases the magnitude and duration of ALL effects, both postive and negative.
The alembic is optional and decreases the magnitude of all negative effects. So if you are planning on creating just positive effect potions, you will not necessarily need this apparatus.
The Skooma Pipe is a very low quality alembic (quality: 0.15)!

Are there different qualities of apparatus?
Alchemist apparatus come in different qualities, as each higher quality will improve the respective function of the apparatus:
1. Apprentice's; quality: 0.50
2. Journeyman's; quality: 1.00
3. Master's; quality: 1.20
4. Grand Master's; quality: 1.50
5. Secret Grand Master's; quality: 2.00
(listed in ascending order)
The Secret Grand Master's apparti are not present in the standard shipped game and could for now only be added with a mod.

Why are the Secret Grand Master appartus not included in the standard game?
The Secret Grand Master apparati are simple said, overpowerful. The difference of 0.50 plus from the Grand Master equipment make potions about 30% more efficient in duration and points!
With this equipment even a moderatly good alchemist can make extremely powerful potions!
With your Alchemy skill at 100 and this equipment the effects are best shown with a quote from "Zoopster":
"So instead of a Fortify Intelligence potion that boosts INT 66 pts for 183 seconds, you now have a potion, made with the same ingredients, that boosts it by 88 pts over 286 seconds."
(Zoopster is a forum member at offical elderscrolls forums.)

Where can i find/buy/get Alchemy apparatus?
Most lower quality apparatus can be found at vendors that sell ingredients. (see the vendorlist on this site for more information on that topic)
A Master's set can be found in the Caldera Mages guild, at the top of a little tower, and seems to be free to use and take home
There exists also some Grand Master's apparati, which can be obtained from the Secret Alchemy Master trainer, in the Valenvaryon stronghold and some of the Telvanni towers.

How and at what Alchemy Level will i see ingredient properties?
Open your inventory and point your mouse-cursor at an ingredient to see effects. If some or only question marks "?" appear your, Alchemy skill is too low. One effect is visible for every 15 levels of Alchemy skill. Meaning, first effect is visible at 15, second at 30, third at 45, fourth at 60.

What Skill level do i need to practice Alchemy?
Actually you can start out with zero as with any other skill.
At least level 20-30 is where the skill starts to get useful, the higher the better. Only around Skillevel 50-60 will you be able to see all ingredient properties.

How do i train my Alchemy skill?
You can either eat ingredients, get a Trainer to teach you the alchemy skill or last but not least, practice by making your own potions or eating ingredients.

Does my Intelligence or Luck have any influence on my alchemical skills?
From all the things needed for alchemy, the characters intelligence is the highest multiplier when it comes to determine the duration and points that go into a potion. High intelligence, possibly achieved through drinking potions themselves, are the key to extremly powerful potions.
Luck has a small influence in anything you do with skills in Morrowind, so it also has in an influence on the successrate of your potion creation.

How do you mix potions?
Drop any of the Alchemy apparatus from your inventory onto your character portrait.
A menu will appear where all the apparatus will be shown, that are present in your inventory. Below those there are 4 free slots where you can place ingredients by clicking on the respective slot. Clicking on the empty slots you can select ingredients, and the desired ingredient will put in the selected slot. One slot can hold more than one ingredient of the same type!
An effect will be added to the potion, if 2 at least effects of the selected ingredients match. With this procedure potions with a maximum of 5 effect can be created. A maximum of 4 ingredients can be used to create a potion. Last but not least, before pressing "Ok", you can name the potion. If no name is given, this menu will provide a name of its own for the new potion.
For more recipe experimenting see these 2 links:
>> Dwemer Potion Machine
>> Simple Potion Recipes

How are duration and points that go into the potion effects, calculated?
As nobody besides Bethesda knows what the exact potion generation formula is, i will just list some general information concerning that here.
The quality and the kind (Retort, Calcinator) of apparatus have an effect, your amount of alchemy skill and MOST of all the characters intelligence attribute! One rule, the higher/more the better!

Do potions of the same kind stack?
Yes potions of the same kind do stack in duration and points values, though it does not count for all kinds of potions. For example Levitate does not stack, but all the Fortify and Restore attribute effects do!
So there is nothing in the way of some insanly high attributes.

Are there ingredient effects/properties, that can not be made into a potion?
Those effects are Damage Intelligence, Resist Fatigue, Vampirism and Weakness to Poison.

Whats wrong with those Fortify Attribute potions?
Some of you who have been using Alchemy extensively, might have noticed, that drinking alot of Fortify Fatigue or Health or Personality potions can somewhat be very tiring or deadly.
The fact is that the amount of points those potions give the respective attribute will be returned to you in the exact negative value, when their effect turn off.
For Fortify Personality this is calculated as a minus you get on how well someone likes you.
If you used a Fortify Personality potion and then talked to someone, you will notice he doesnt like you at all the next time you return to the same NPC.
So you either do not "abuse" their effect to higher amount or you stick to using Restore Fatigue and Resoter Health potions instead.

Whats the difference between Restore and Fortify Attribute potions?
This question popped up a while ago on the Elderscrolls forums. Though the difference should be clear, there is a little twist in the understanding.
Restore potions like the Fortify potions have points and duration, but the difference is, that Restore potions will restore the given points over the duration to the base value of the respective attribute, no matter if it is drained or not or gets drained again. If the attribute is at its base value it will just stick there and restore "0".
Fortify potions raise the attribute over its base value and that higher value returns to the base value after the potions looses its effect.
Unlike the Fortify potions it will not return to the amount it had before the potion took effect. So you wont be stranded with a minus after the potions effect seizes.

What about the myths, that have popped up about the Alchemy skill?

Can Skooma be made with the Alchemy skill?
Nope there is no way to make Skooma out of any ingredient combination. Sorry for you, you addicts!!
Their have been numerous rumors in this direction, which might point to the little Skooma Lab north of Vivec. But no recipe has found yet and those that claim to have found one, wont tell. So there simply is no way to make Skooma, as those are just bedtime stories for young Alchemists.

Can a Vampire Potion be made with the Alchemy skill?
Since vampire dust is the only ingredient with the effect "Vampirism" there is no possible way to make Vampire potions in the standard game. Though there is a mod around that can let you make such a potion.

Is it possible to contract Vampirism respectivly become a vampire by eating vampire dust?
Some people seem to have made the conception that this is possible. Sofar it has not been proven and is so considered a mere speculation.
First of all "Vampirism" is not the first property of vampire dust and can so not have an effect on you when eaten. That is at least what the game rules say.

A way to find out, if there is any proof of this myth, would be to get your alchemy skill to 100 and your characters intelligence and luck up to some insane few thousands points with potions. Then eat alot of vampire dust, without having any fights before or inbetween with vampires, since else you might just have contracted vampirism from the vampires and not the ingredient.

Another fact that this idea would be a mere myth, is that whoever tells you about this, will have had contact and fights with vampires and will mostly then have tried eating the vampire dust found in the vampires corpse. So they will have contracted vampirism from the vampire and not the dust, though it might seem otherwise (or wishing to be seen otherwise).
Further investigation is going into this, since it would be funny to be a part time vampire.

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10/20/02 09:00 PM

Good Beginner Potions [re: superdude113]




Some GOOD Beginner Potions
Main Effect then Ingredients

]Just combine two or more of the listed ingredients to get the effect you want.

Restore Health
Corkbulb Root - Corprus Weepings - Emerald - Marshmerrow - Resin - Saltrice - Wickwheat

Restore Magicka
Cornberry - Daedra’s Heart - Frost Salts - Void Salts

Restore Fatigue
Chokeweed - Crab Meat - Hack-lo Leaf - Hound Meat - Large Kwama Egg - Saltrice - Scrib Jerky - Scuttle

Restore Strength
Dreugh Wax - Gold Kanet - Scamp Skin - Stoneflower Petals

Restore Intelligence
Bittergreen Petals - Ruby - Scrap Metal

Restore Willpower
Scathecraw - Scrib Jelly - Trama Root

Restore Agility
Bonemeal - Sload Soap

Restore Speed
Raw Ebony - Resin

Restore Endurance
Gravedust - Scales

Restore Personality
Guar Hide - Heather - Scamp Skin

Restore Luck
Crab Meat - Hack-lo Leaf - Kresh Fiber

Resist Fire
Black Anther - Fire Petal - Frost Salts

Resist Frost
Black Lichen - Fire Salts

Resist Shock
Crab Meat - Scrap Metal

Resist Poison
Alit Hide - Kwama Cuttle - Rat Meat

Resist Common Disease
Ash Yam - Kagouti Hide - Pearl - Resin

Fire Shield
Cornberry - Fire Salts - Raw Glass - Sload Soap

Frost Shield
Frost Salts - Large Kwama Egg - Raw Ebony - Willow Anther

Lightning Shield
Corkbulb Root - Crab Meat - Scrap Metal

Cornberry - Diamond - Hound Meat

Bungler’s Bane - Moon Sugar - Pearl

Spell Absorption
Fire Petal - Vampire Dust - Void Salts

Daedra’s Heart - Kagouti Hide

Black Anther - Red Lichen

Cure Paralyzation
Corkbulb Root - Netch Leather - Scamp Skin - Willow Anther

Cure Poison
Black Lichen - Ghoul Heart - Rat Meat - Raw Ebony - Roobrush - Scathecraw - Scrib Jelly

Cure Common Disease
Chokeweed - Daedra Skin - Gravedust - Green Lichen - Muck - Red Lichen - Willow Anther

Cure Blight Disease
Scrib Jelly- Ash Salt

Detect Animal
Alit Hide - Ampoule Pod - Bloat - Ectoplasm

Detect Key
Ash Yam - Diamond - Muck - Spore Pod

Detect Enchantment
Hound Meat - Hypha Facia - Marshmerrow

Water Walking
Ampoule Pod - Kwama Cuttle - Scales - Violet Corprinus

Water Breathing
Hack-lo Leaf - Kwama Cuttle - Luminous Russula - Pearl

Swift Swim
Daedra Skin - Scales - Scrib Jerky

Coda Flower - Racer Plumes - Trama Root

Alit Hide - Bonemeal - Scuttle

Heather - Ruby - Scuttle

Bittergreen Petals - Diamond

Fortify Health
Large Kwama Egg - Vampire Dust - Scalk Resin

Fortify Magicka
Emerald - Saltrice - Stoneflower Petals

Fortify Fatigue
Hound Meat - Scrib Jerky - Scuttle

Fortify Strength
Ash Yam - Daedra Skin - Dreugh Wax - Vampire Dust

Fortify Intelligence
Ash Yam - Bloat - Netch Leather

Fortify Willpower
Bloat - Scrib Jelly - Wickwheat

Fortify Speed
Kagouti Hide - Moon Sugar - Shalk Resin

Fortify Endurance
Daedra's Heart - Guar Hide - Netch Leather

Fortify Agility
Ectoplasm - Fire Salts - Roobrush - Sload Soap

Fortify Personality
Green Lichen - Kresh Fiber - Stoneflower Petals

Fortify Luck
Corkbulb Root - Corprus Weepings - Guar Hide

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10/20/02 09:07 PM

Miscellaneous Stuff [re: superdude113]




Locations of the super, unique and rare armor
DRAGONBONE CURISS:is in Mudan grotto a cave south west of Ebonheart on a island in the shape of U. When your on the island you go underwater and you’ll find a bunch of rocks in a huddle that’s the entrance. BUY WATER BREATHING SPELL OR YOUR DEAD! In Mudan grotto you’ll find the lost dwemer ruins. when your in the lost dwemer ruins you’ll find a tower that has a 100 lvl lock in there a closet with a 100 lvl lock.
LORDS MAIL: Its in a underwater passage right next to an Ebonheart bridge. There’s a guy inside wearing it (he’s really easy).
CUIRASS OF SAVIORS HIDE: Go to Tel Fry. Then into Hall of Fry. Then levitate up. Up there there’s a closet with a 100 lvl lock.
FISTS OF RANDAGULF: (GET SOME COFFEE FOR THIS ONE) Go to Illanubi carcass of the saint its north west of Gnaar Mok by Khartag Point on an island. THE PLACE IS HUGE!!!!!!!!! Go around until you find a room with a medium size statue. Its in there behind one of the troughs (The one on the left when you enter.)
MASQUE OF CLASIOUS VILE: its in a dwemer ruin a tiny little bit south of Dagon Fel in there go into the tower and kill the guy in there he has it on him
BOOTS OF THE APOSTLE: Go to Berandus a little bit south of Gnisis. When in there go to the underground part you’ll find 1 golden saint, dremora, and 2 winged twilights that killed a guy the boots are on the dead guy.
By the way the ten pace boots make your feet disappear and I didn’t post the ebony mail because all you gotta do is beat the temple quests.

Shortys Kamikaze

Lost Dunmer Mine
No roads run past the mine's door. The rich store of ebony is untapped. To reach the mine, leave balmora by its south exit & follow the north bank of the Odai SW, past the Shulk Egg Mine, to a swinging bridge. Cross it & head straight east cross-country. Tall cliffs will rise up before you & you'll see the mine entrance flanked by three boulders. It's called Vassir-Didanat Mine.
If you talk to certain peoplethey'll give you great rewards
Dram Bero offers a half-dozen Daedric weapons
Velanda Omani will pay 2000 gold
But, certain people never give what they promise.
Don't tell Nevena Ules, he talks a good game, but doesn't specify.


Neat Stuff
Fang of Haynekhtnamet
Go to the Stronghold Berandas, now head north to the Sixth house base Mamaea, once inside make your way to the Shrine of Pitted Dreams. Its in there.
Bloodworm Helm
Go to the Erabenimsun Ashlander camp and head west along the path. Continue straight to Maren Ancstrial Tomb. inside, Crazy Batou has it.
Azura's Servant
Go to Tel Vos. It's in the northeast tower. It belongs to Master Aryon.


Falling NPCs
You all know how the NPCs have a habit of moving. This can be annoying if they are the stiltstrider or boat guys. they can fall and die, or in the boat guy's case fall and drown rendering them useless.
Don't worry, you can save them if they haven't taken the plunge yet.
All you have to do is use a command huminoid spell on them then walk them to were ever you wish. They will, however, return to their original location as soon as you travel.

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10/21/02 11:46 AM

Level Multipliers [re: superdude113]




Level Multipliers
Every skill point you earn also provides 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multipliers for increasing the skill's controlling attribute when you hit your level-up screen. This is true whether the skill is a major/minor skill or just a miscellaneous skill. It doesn't matter whether you "earn" the skill points through usage in game or whether you pay for training, even for miscellaneous skills. (This changed with patch 1.1--it used to be that if you paid for training misc skills, you would not earn multipliers for that.)

The breakdown for how many multipliers you get goes like this:
1-4 skill points = 2x multiplier
5-7 skill points = 3x multiplier
8-9 skill points = 4x multiplier
10 skill points = 5x multiplier

Any combination of skills will work, as long as they're all for the same attribute. For example, if you put 5 points into Long Blade and 5 points into Acrobatics, both of which are Strength-based skills, then you'll trigger a level-up and you'll have a 5x multiplier for Strength.

Fallen Murk

The skills relate like this:

Agility............Light Armor
Endurance.....Heavy Armor
Endurance.....Medium Armor
Personality....Speech Craft
Speed...........Short Blade
Strength........Blunt Weapon
Strength........Long Blade
Will Power.....Alteration
Will Power.....Destruction
Will Power.....Mysticism
Will Power.....Restoration

edited by request of superdude113- Arch

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10/23/02 12:28 AM

Plundering the Dungeon + How to get 2 Daedric Crescents [re: superdude113]




This is going to be a strange walkthrough. Not like my others, just a little warning.

Plundering the Dungeon

As you should know, you can't harm the inhabitance in the Corprusarium, so your on your own on how to avoid them.

1) Okay, head on over to Tel Fyr. Go up the walkway and into the Hall of Fyr. Levitate up to Divayth Fyr. Behind him, on the table, is Divayth's 637th Key. Go ahead and take it, he doesn't care.

2) Now head all the way down to the Corprusarium. Go through the ate and take a left. follow the path as it curves right. Open the chest infront of you. It sould contain one Ornate Dwemer Goblet and Divayth's 678th Key. At least take the key.

3) Now head back to were you started and take a right. Follow this path until you reach the water next to the corpse. Dive under and open that chest under the overhang of land. It should contain 2 Dwemer Coins and Divayth's 738th Key. At least take the key.

4) Now back track that little ways, the wooden door should now be on your left. Go in there. Open the chest on your left, as if there are any others in there. There should be 3 Ornate Dwemer Goblets and Divayth's 802nd Key. At least take the key.

5) Now make your way all the way back to that first chest you opened. Looking at the chest there should be a cavern on your left. Just climb up there and open the chest on the far side of the room. There should be 4 Ornate Dwemer Goblets and Divayth's 897th Key. At least take the key.

6) Now exit the Corprusarium. Go into the room on your right. Open that chest. There should be 5 Ornate Dwemer Goblets and Divayth's 1008th Key. At least take the key.

7) Now this one is easy. Enter the Corprusarium, go through the gate, enter the Bowels, and continue forward. There should be a chest dead ahead. Open it. It should have 6 Ornate Dwemer Goblets and Divayth's 1092nd Key. At least take the key.

8) Now make your back over to Divayth Fyr. (Looking at him) There are selves on your right and left, the one you want to look at now is on your left. On the lower rack ther is a small chest. Open it. There should be a Daedric Sanctuary Amulet, a Dwemer Coin and Divayth's 1155th Key. At least take the key.

DON'T PUT THE AMULET ON YET! I will explain why a little later on.


Hope you've held onto your keys.

Divayth's 637th Key
1)As you enter Hall of Fyr take a left. On the middle self on the left-hand side of you there is a small chest. Open it. Inside there will be 25 GOLD for you. Take it.
2)Now face the way you entered this room and go straight. Open the chest to the right of the bed. Inside there will be a Goblet.

Divayth's 1008th Key
1) From were you got this key exit the room and open the door on your right. Escort Delyna Mandas outside. This will lead to anotehr quest jsut PM me if you want me to tell you about it.

Divayth's 1155th Key
1)Go back down to the Corprusarium. Enter the Bowels and make your way to Yagrum Bagarn. Open the Chest infront of his little area. Inside there will be 50 Dwemer Coins and Volendrung.

Divayth's Key
To obtain this key you will either have to kill Divayth or pick pocket him.
1) With this key you can open the chest right in front of Divath Fyr. Inside you will find Scourge. Take it.
2) Also just around the corner to your left is a closet. Open it. Inside you will find the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide. Take it.

2 Daedric Crescents
Now, be sure you have a MARK & RECALL and some type of INTERVENTION spell or you can't do this.
Put on the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet. Answer yes to be warped to Mogas Volar. Leave your mark as you get there. Now go kill Lord Dregas Volar. You will be warped out and your Daedric Sanctuary Amulet will now be the Daedric Crescent. Now just use recall to be warped back. Search Lord Dregas Volar's remains to get your second Daedric Crescent. LEAVE THE DAEDRIC SANCTUARY AMULET! YOUR GAME WILL FREEZE! Now just use any Intervention spell to get back out.

[edited at the request of superdude113]

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