Project NOX
This Webpage is NOT part of the Toadwater webpage in anyway. It is only ment as a help sorce for the game Toadwater.

What is Project NOX?

Well NOX is a lot of things, it started as the first guild in toadwater but eventuly disbanded. However NOX's toadwater webpage remains to this day, and that is what Project NOX is. A webpage for the game Toadwater. There are many things on this webpage to help the newb toadwater player of the vet toadwater player. There are also a lot of fun things like the IRC stats pages. Injoy your time here.

Toadwater Guide

  • Introduction:
    Getting Started - Read this first!
  • Manual:
    In-depth explanations of the main Toadwater features, including information for those just getting started, and details of advanced features for the more experienced player.
  • Glossary:
    Descriptions of the meanings of terms used in Toadwater, arranged in A-Z format for ease of navigation!

Log In

This Page was created when people where having DNS problems and could not resolve the domain name. This page is only a alternet log in page, nothing spechal about it.

Related page for Help on Toadwater DNS here.

Toadwater IRC Stats

NOX Tracks the stats in the IRC Toadwater Channels

Toadwater now spans more then one channel, There is #Toadwater and #TW. Only #TW will be updated regurly as of now, however for a small donation of $5 you can request that the other be updated, You can make that request as often as you want when ever you want for ether of the channels (so if you want #TW updated before Saterday[the day I update] rols around you can donate $5 and request it updated.) after you make the donation you must contact me vea PM IN irc I will update ASAP

Channel tracking started on Saturday, October 25, 2003 the last update was on Sunday, January 25, 2004
This chat room has NO rules. when people get kicked/banned from the other channel they tend to come here.
|Link to Channel| |Link to Stats| |Link to Update Request|

Channel tracking started on Sunday, January 25, 2004 the last update was on Saturday, February 7, 2004
This chat room has a few rules like no spameing, or attacking other people in the channel.
|Link to Channel| |Link to Stats| |Link to Update Request|

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