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Harry's Christmas Wish

The Santa hat had been passing throw out the school the whole day. Students putting in on learning what to get there friends for Christmas why the hat took from the wearers mind what they wanted for Christmas Harry was one of the first to put that had on and he learned what to get Ron that day. But now a week later and the day before Christmas harry was cursing the hat under his breath.

The odd looks came first, then the knowing smiles, not smirks real smiles. Oh he was up to something Harry could tell. The hat told Draco Malfoy what Harry wanted for Christmas. All Harry could do was wait for the shit to hit the fan.

It would not be so bad if what Harry wanted did not involve a skimpy red thong, even that would not be so bad if the person that Harry wanted IN the thong wasn't none other then the blond Slytherin himself!

But a week after the hat Malfoy had yet to send Harry's world into a downward spiral and the suspense was killing Harry, but then maybe that was what the Slytherin was aiming for.

But then again maybe he is out to torment me ON Christmas, that would explain....




"Harry" the tone was suggestive and laced in passion. The raven hared boy who's name had been purred looked up from the schoolbooks he was reading threw. His eyes grew in size as he beheld the site before him.

There stood a blond hair boy in his late teens wearing only a red Santa hat and red thong. Both the thong and the hat lined in white fluffy fur. Harry's eyes traveled up perfectly sculpted legs well-toned calf mussels. Harry had to lick his quickly drying lips as he noticed the other boy was rather excited at the moment and by the size of the package he was rather well endowed. Harry finally after a struggle was able to pull his eyes off of the other boy's crotch to continue his appraisal of the blond. From tight mussels to perfect pecks the boy standing in front of Harry was nothing short of a God. That is till Harry's green eyes fell on the silver blue orbs watching him with humor.

'This must be a joke, a way for Malfoy to taunt me.'

"M-Ma-Mal-Malfoy." Harry was disappointed at how week he sounded and shocked he could not keep from stuttering.

Draco, quite used to turning any sex into a mindless puddle of goo, was right at home with the reactions he was getting from Potter as a matter of fact Draco was happily surprised Potter remembered his name, or had the mental power to say it. "Harry" Draco cooed again moving closer to Potter noting with satisfaction how the closer he got the faster Potter's breathing became.

Harry being to shock could not force himself to say anymore. To demand that Malfoy leave his room, to demand to know why Malfoy was here in the first place. Harry wanted to know how Malfoy managed to get into his room and more importantly why he is wearing that sexy little number.

'He is trying to get under my skin. His insults stopped working when I started to ignore him. He wants a new way to see my anger, or passion?'

All Harry's thoughts melted out of his mind with his brain as Malfoy pushed him back into the bed. Harry made a small whine of protest that was quickly silenced with Malfoy's lips.


Seamus shot up in bed sweat poring down his forehead and the sheet wet with it.

'Can you believe that Nightmare! Harry and Malfoy together! But it seamed so real.'

"Harry." Seamus called out softly hoping the other boy would be awake.

... nothing

"Harry." Seamus called a little louder.

Some shifting of sheets then Harry's voice broke the silence.

"Yea Seamus?"

"Harry, you aren't shagging Malfoy, are you?" Seamus' voice was soft and full of worry.

... Silence


... Silence

"Harry?" Seamus' voice was starting to take on a panic quality.

A guilty chuckle could be heard coming from the direction of Harry Potter's bed.

"Don't be daft Seamus, Why would I go and do something like that."

Seamus was not convinced maybe it was the guilty chuckle or maybe it was the fact Harry's last statement lacked offense of the accusation it was almost stated wishfully.


After Seamus fell back to sleep Malfoy pulled Harry in closer in there snuggle.

"Marry Christmas Golden Boy." Draco whispered into Harry's ear. A smile came to Harry's face as he drifted off to sleep.




.... but then again, maybe not.

Some Christmas Wishes do come true!

Ficlet By: Forloyn Winter, and I normally don't do fics this small... not my style!

(will open in a new window)

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