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Disclaimer: Not mine, though it might be soon I am investing stock in thoughts that hold the copyrights heheh all I have to do is buy ALL the stock! You have some cash I can borrow for this?

Copyright: The Idea, but don't let that stop you from using it!

Timeline: after book 4, 3.1 weeks till start of term.


The Dark Lord's Son





Chapter 2

The Pet





It was about midnight when Lucius grabbed his arm in pain. He darted out of bed and slung his death eater robes over his form he grabbed his mask from the desk and was out of the room before the pain had even died down.

-Lucius Malfoy-

I entered the Riddle manor like normal but there where no other death eaters not even Voldemort. But I knew this is where he wanted me to wait so wait is what I did.

"Lucius come over here we need to talk." I turned around to see Voldemort walking up to me, alone.

"Yes master?"

"It would seem you are the owner of the Dragon my son so wishes to own, or so he says."

"He is mistaken my lord I do not nor have I ever owned a dragon."

"He and three of my most trusted men, other then you of cores, are picking it up now." Control Lucius control.

"There are three death eaters loss on my land?" spoken calmly, I am a master after all.

"And my son."

"I will have to try and kill you if they harm my son or wife you do know this..."

"Specking of your son Lucius have you ever thought of having another child? I mean what if Draco is gay?"

"Gay! Malfoys are NOT GAY!"

"He dresses like he is gay..." damn it Draco you will pay for this when I get home no one and I mean no one embarrasses me in front of the dark lord! Now you have him thinking your gay!

"He is NOT gay!"

"So I take it if you lost your only son you would take it badly?"

"Yes!" must regain control, must regain control.

Footsteps could be herd they have returned. Harry walks into the room looking smug as ever. I sneer at him. "Find your none existent dragon in my manor?"


"I had a dragon in my manor? May I ask where you found it?"

"Sleeping in its bed."

Sleeping in its bed... sleeping in its bed... "Bed?"

"You should be happy I picked him Lucius." Now what is Harry getting at?

"Father!" that sounded like Draco, but it can't be Draco is safe at home sound a sleep in his bed.


My wand was out faster then Harry or Voldemort could blink. I first downed the death eater to the left of Potter. I then took control of the one to the right and had him down the death eater standing behind Potter. Why he was doing that I retrained my wand on Voldemort why the death eater to the right of Potter had his wand trained on Potter.

"You pissed him off Harry." Voldemort sounded amused.

"What have you done to my son?" I heard the sound of snapping wood so I looked over at Potter who was holding what looked like two halves Draco's wand. Draco himself was standing in horror looking at what Potter had done to his wand.

When Harry spoke it was cold. "The wand can be repaired however I can brake Draco just as easily at the moment and that is not as easy to repair." My eyes went to my son who what shaking a little probably to do with the fact he is only wearing his underclothing (which is only a pare of black silk boxers, Drat! The boy is gay!). He had the collar I paid for around his neck probably linked to Harry's mind for control so the boy is probably not lying to me.

I put my wand away I knew what was coming I had time and time again done the same thing at my lords orders. It some how feels different when your on the receiving end.


All that was left to me was the pain. One never forgets the pain of the Cruciatus cures for the memory of the pain will stay with you way after the spell has ended. Some never escape the pain.

The odd thing is I was expecting the pain I was expecting the spell but not from the person who had cast it. It would seem the Potter boy has a back done after all.

"Draco will pay for your actions here today Lucius. For now he shell have to go the rest of the summer without a wand." With that he turned on his heel and left dragging my son with him.

Funny thing is I dreaded going home now. I have faced the Dark Lord many times and lived I have even gained a amount of favor that would endow me a very long life, no doubt that is probably the reason I am still alive now. But my wife on the other hand after I tell hear that the dark lord's son has 'claimed' are son as his pet I would be castrated for sure!





The walk to Harry's rooms (yes more then one)




-Draco (no longer Malfoy)-

My mind was numbed the minute my wand snapped my mind just went blank. I followed Potter, or is it Riddle now, after he left my father not because I wanted to follow him but because I wanted the halves of my wand. Can a wand be put back together again? Or will I have to get a new one? Can I get a new one?

Then when I could feel again and the numbness left I was wishing it would have stayed.

Fist came anger; I wanted to hit him kick him torture him. I wanted to yell, scream, and pound him. I wanted to ram his head into the nearest wall till his brains oozed out of his skull.

Then cam confusion; How could he do this? It is so unlike Potter. He would talk softly even when he was at his angriest he had never threatened to brake my wand in the past. He was suppose to be good, kind, gentle he was suppose to be the good guy the hero the saver.

Finally the only then left for me was pity and sadness. I pitied myself for not having the strength to fight off the Death Eater when Potter led them into my room. For not stopping Potter for putting the collar on my neck. For not having the strength to stop them Death Eater from cursing my mum when she tried to stop them, and he laughed at her. I felt sadness that I no longer had my wand, that I would be forced to do as he asked. I could not stop it the tear that is. Potter is walking in front of me taking me to Merlin knows where to do Merlin knows what to me. So he could not see them and for that I was infinitely glad. Potter would NOT see my cry!

I found myself plotting revenge. Were dose Potter, for he will always be Potter in my eyes, keep his wand? Could I get to it if I found it? Would he have it warded? What would it feel like to snap his wand? Probably feel great.

"Dragon I expect you to behave for if you do not I will have to leave you in the care of my father when I go to school and I don't think you will like that." Leave me in the care of Voldemort during the Hogwarts term? That is a death threat!

He opened a door and walked into a room with me following behind him.

-Harry Riddle/Potter-

"Why?" He asked me his voce cracking as if he had been crying silently.

"Why?" I repeated as if there was nothing to explain.

"Why me?"

"That is the same question I have been asking since I was born. If you find the answer kindly let me know what it is." With that I turned on my heel and start to go toward my bedroom when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Why are you acting this way?"

"Who said I am acting?" I slowly turn to face him. "I hate you Malfoy I always have I probably always will, and I plan to make your life as much a living hell as you have made mine during Hogwarts."

"That is why me? You finally found a way to get to me so you have?"

"I get to you when I win Quidditch, because I have close friends no that is not the reason why you."

"Then why?" I thought for a while I could not tell him a fell in love with him no that would give him to much power over me, but it dose not look like a simple answer will work, or will it?

"Because I am a teen with raging hormones and you are the best looking person within my power to enslave." I grind at the horrified look on his face.

"But you're... and I'm... THAT IS SICK POTTER!"

"You look good angry." Did I say he looked horrified before? I did well I guess I lied because it has nothing on what he looks like now! He took two quick steeps away from me the hand that was on my shoulder shaking badly.

"Please say this is a joke? A sick twisted joke that I am NOT finding funny."

"Scared Malfoy?"

"I will not be your sex toy Potter!"

"Of cores you will my 'pet' and you will enjoy it too!" I smirked at him then started advancing on him. I started backing him into the wall on the other end of the room. "You really don't want to upset me little Dragon it could get your father killed."

"Potter this is not like you."

"And you know me enough to know this is not like me? Maybe all the teasing last year after..." I could not say it "pushed me over the edge?" I put a hand on ether side of his head and leaned in this is when he realized I had backed him against a wall trapping him between me and the wall.

His eyes widened "Please Potter anything, anything but this..." I made my move to kill his lips to silence him and he turned his head so I could only kill his cheek. I growled in frustration.

"You can sleep in the bed or on the floor." It was simple then I left the room I stopped at the door to my bedroom. "But you will sleep in the bedroom." I then walked into my bedroom to get ready for bed it was after all past midnight.


Authors Notes: Oh god! Please tell me that this is not a compleate peace of trash! It so did not come out like I wanted it to. See my muse just ignores me and tells my fingers to tipe something so off beat it can only be called "Shit!" I am so sorry! I will try and make chapter 3 better!

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