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Disclaimer: Not mine, though it might be soon I am investing stock in thoughts that hold the copyrights heheh all I have to do is buy ALL the stock! You have some cash I can borrow for this?

A/N: Yea it has taken me a while to get this out I have been busy real busy. Well this is only a taste of what is to come. I am not happy with the size of this chapter I wanted it to be longer I was going to originally going to have it cover the sorting and Harry telling his friends about Draco but well I could tell by the way you all were foaming at the mouth to get even a little taste of something new that it would be a bad idea to not post. So the sorting and Harry telling his friends will be in the next chapter.

Copyright: The Idea, but don't let that stop you from using it!

Timeline: after book 4, 3.1 weeks till start of turm.


"The Dark Lord's Son"


Chapter 7

Draco Snaps


-Draco Malfoy-

Okay so I have lost every shred of dignity I ever had. I could not stop myself from doing it. Running over to him the moment I saw him. Clinging to his arm crying out "Snape made me come! I didn't want to come!" He gave me a glare that promised I would pay ether way, but in the glare I felt safe. "We will talk later Malfoy, now get off me." With that he shoved me off and walked into the Grate Hall for the sorting.

I could feel people staring at me, but I didn't care anymore. I was broken, Potter's Pet, Potter's Dragon, and Potter's Slave. I would wait for him at Griffyndor Tower where he would punish me for running. I didn't care I stayed up all last night dreading Potter's arrival my father's voice ringing in my ears.

"Look Draco there is nothing I can do about it." "Maybe it won't be bad? Maybe you might even like it?" "If you're good enough he might even be nice to you."

And what hurt the most.

"Maybe you should just suck it up and take it like a man."

All that from a man that calls himself my father, but maybe just maybe he is right? It no longer mattered what happens to me I will give Potter what he want, and just maybe father will be right.

-Harry Potter-

Harry got on the train feeling excited at meeting his friends again and the upcoming year at Hogwarts. It would be his 5th year and even though he was not a prefect it was still looking to be a very good year for him. Finally a year where he didn't have to worry about Voldemort trying to kill him, a year without worrying about Malfoy trying to upstage him. He was finally free to enjoy the school year as it was meant to be enjoyed, peacefully!

When Harry's friends found him with a grin on his face and relatively unharmed (There was a bump on his head where he bumped it trying to get his owl, Hedwig, to settle down why he put his trunk away.) they where immensely relieved that he was still alive but upset that he had not answered there letters.

"Sorry about that, in my defense I can honestly say I didn't get them." Harry half smiled half frowned at his friends.

"Don't worry about it Harry, you would think we would be used to it by now, those horrible muggles of yours." Ron declared.

"Why don't we find a compartment?" Hermione helpfully added.

"Err Ron about that, well I have something to tell both you are Hermione in privet when we get back to Hogwarts." Harry told his friends as they walked threw the train looking for an empty compartment.

The trip to Hogwarts was uneventful and he never did get around to telling Ron and Hermione about Draco or the Dursleys. As a matter of fact with Ron going on about Quidditch made Harry forget about Draco and the Dursleys for the whole train ride.

Hermione and Ron had to go to the prefects car having both been made prefects near the end of the train ride leaving me alone. 'Ron a Prefect? Now I know Dumbledore has gone and lost it!'. So when I got of the train it was alone I had hoped that Ron and Hermione would get back before we got to Hogwarts but it didn't happen.

Harry froze when he got to where the ' not' so horseless stagecoaches that waited to bring him and the rest of the student population from 2nd year and up to Hogwarts for the year. 'What is THAT!' Harry's mind reeled but he did not have time to think on it as the crowed pushed it's way past him and he had to quickly get into a coach himself or be left behind.

The ride to Hogwarts was uneventful to say the lest however Harry had a hard time getting his eyes off the horse like creature that was pulling him closer and closer to his second home and.. Draco. However once the carriage came to a halt Harry didn't dally inside he got out as fast as he could and made his way into Hogwarts his run-in with the abnormally thin reptilian like winged black horses left him in a foul mood.

Just as he got into the entrance hall Draco seized Harry, had Harry not just seen the most disgusting creature he might be more then a little pleased that Draco came to find Harry. However dew to his foul mood and the fact he was still I tad bit upset with Draco to begin with he snapped at the boy.

"We will talk later Malfoy, now get off me." The moment I said it I shoved him off me and headed into the Grate hall for the sorting. The whole time I couldn't help but think that Draco looked, broken? I am SO going to kill Snape!


A/N: There you have it now I hope that will last you because the next chapter is at lest a month away unless my muse beats me to death then it might be out tomorrow... you never know!

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