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Title: Frozen Flame
1 "a talk with father"
I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters nor do I make any profit from this or any of my stories.
*SLASH* Harry/Draco
Draco has a talk with a very reluctant Lucius Malfoy about who he loves.


Draco Malfoy dressed in his finessed day robes pressed to perfection. His hair combed and tied into a tail with a black velvet ribbon, he had decided to let it grow out but got impatient and took a hair growth potion his hair fell to his lower back. He wad a pair of white glove on his hands as he calm brought up his right hand to rape on his father's study door.

His father's voice beckoned him enter and he did so closing the door behind him and coming to stand in front o his father's desk.

"Yes Draco?" the man asked without looking up from his work.

-Draco Malfoy-

"Father I am gay." I looked across the desk at the imposing man that was my father as he looked up.

"Your Point?" He asked without any bit of surprise his tone almost saying 'tale me something I don't already know.'

"You knew?" I asked in shock unable to contain my surprise. His eyes give me a once over.

"I would have to be blind to not know, Draco, now is that all?" He asked going back to his work that was spread across his large oak desk.

"I think I might be in love." I tried not knowing how to broach the topic that I really wanted to talk about.

He looked almost pained no lost would be a better way to put it at my last comment. "Draco this is really your mother's area I don't do love."

"But the thing is I don't think he likes me." I babbled on not having heard my father in my nervousness about the topic.

"Draco, really I think you should talk to your mother about this." He stated a little louder and snapped me out of my rant.

"But, but she sent me to you!" I asked almost pleaded.

If he looked lost before he looked horrified now. "She sent you to me?" he asked in disbelief his voice strangled. Lucius face showing his disbelief that his wife of all people would lay this on him.

"Mother told me that she would only help me if you approved of the pairing." My voice whimpered out like a kicked puppy and I hated that fact I sounded so weak and defeated but if he dose not approve I don't know what I will do.

"Approve?" father asked his face getting some of it's color back and confidence returning to his voice "Now that is something I can handle, who is this boy?"

I got even more nervous, as I looked down to my feet my hand playing with the hem of my robes.

"Come now Draco no matter who it is you know I will approve, now who is he?"

"A Griffyndor?" I asked a little afraid of the answer.

"There are plenty of nice pure blood boys in Griffyndor I see why not. He is a pure blood is he not?" The way he asked left no room for debate after all I may be gay but I am still a Malfoy and as such only pure blood will do.

"Yes father he is a pure blood." I answered meekly.

"Truly it's not a Weasley!" he asked almost horrified at the thought.

My eyes got wide as the blood drained from my face at the implication. "I do have some taste father. I would never stoop to that kind of depravity!"

"Good! Well then I don't see what the problem is, just tell me who he is and be done with it."

"Well father I would but his family is kind of black listed because of his father." I tried. I really wanted to tale him without acutely saying it.

"You told me it wasn't a Weasley!" he snapped enraged.

"He's not!" I countered.

"Then tale me who it is!" his voice even louder now.

I took a deep calming breath and closed me eyes, seeing father just made it harder. "Father I am in love with Harry Potter." I held my breath and waited for the explosion.

I was not disappointed however the reaction was not what I was expecting. "Thank God! And here you had me thinking you had fallen for some poor tasteless Weasley trash!" bellowed at the top of his lungs but his voice held a cheerful note that meant he couldn't possibly be angry.

"You're not upset?" I asked in disbelief. I thought he would disown me after I told him I had gone and gotten myself in love with a Griffyndor let alone the king of Griffyndors Harry Potter.

"Why would I be upset? You're a Malfoy and as a Malfoy you want the best! Rich, powerful, strong, good-looking, and most importantly influential but as a perk you also got ignorant. There is a lot of potential if you can get your hands on him." Father looked me right in the eyes. "Turn him into a Malfoy, now go see your mother."

I turned and quickly left without it looking like I was in too much of a hurry before he could change his mind. I can't believe he gave me his consent to court Harry Potter!

Now I just had to snag the boy.



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