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Harry Potter FanFiction
Most if not all FanFiction found on this page are *slash* for thoughs that do not know the term it means Male on Male or Guy on Guy Romance. Read at your own risk! You HAVE been warned!
I do not own Harry Potter or any of it's charicters I do however own my own plots, and Original charicters. No infringment of copyright was intended or meant! I am not making money with this nore do I intend to anytime in the futer. If you wish to archive any one of the stories below then email me at FW_Viper@hotmail.com

Fics Below!

Draco Malfoy: The Saga:

  • The Tale of Two Rings: *Complete* Sometimes in dark times it is the evil man that is the hero and the hero that needs saving. Yes, I want power and strength, but I also want Potter! I just happen to want Potter more then power and strength. Where is it written? That I can not have Potter, Power, and strength? I just have to be "Good" *shudders* I can pull that off! (Book 1 in the Saga)
    Rating: NC-17 | Slash HP/DM | Link: fanfiction.net - FictionAlley - snitchfiction.net
  • Broken: *Complete* Malfoy is learning to live with a new weekness and to deal with his new strangths. (a short story that takes place betwen book 1 and book 2 in the saga)
    Rating: R | Slash HP/DM | Link: fanfiction.net

Dragon Tamer: Harry Potter falls in love with the most unlikely Dragon.
Rating: PG-13 | Slash HP/DM | Link: fanfiction.net

Frozen Flame: (PWP ~ WIP) Chapter 1: Draco has a talk with a very reluctant Lucius Malfoy about who he loves.
Rating: PG-13 | Slash HP/DM | Link: No other archive

Harry's Christmas Wish: Harry has a Christmas Wish that involvs Draco Malfoy, what happens when Malfoy finds out what it is. (this will be edited! More plot will be added and I have a smut sean pland)
Rating: PG-13 (for now) | Slash HP/DM | Link: no other archive

Lion: WIP, Harry Potter is obsessed with Draco Malfoy and he thinks it is one sided, but is it?
Rating: R | Slash HP/DM | Link: fanfiction.net

The Dark Lord's Son: Lord Voldemort finds Harry Potter broken by the muggles and takes him in as his own. Harry Potter sets his eyes on a serten silver eyed boy and makes planes to have him.
Rating: R | Slash HP/DM | Het RW/HG | Link: fanfiction.net

Trapped in my Mind: *Complete* Where in Draco suffers a accedent and has lost his sight and hearing and rendered paralized from the waist down.
Rating: PG-13 | Slash DM/?? | Link: fanfiction.net - FictionAlley - snitchfiction.net

Winds of Change: Dryad? Draco looks to gain control of the golden boy why Harry trys to understand.
Rating: G | Slash HP/DM | Link: fanfiction.net

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