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The Lion

Chapter 4: Painting

Stunned, shocked, excited and very turned on was what Harry felt as he looked around Draco Malfoy's bedroom. Stunned that he had made it this fare and it would seem that he might yet have a chance with the blond prince that ruled over Harry's hart. Excited that he was IN Malfoy's bedroom watching the boy, who seemed to like to sleep nude, sleep on his bed muttering in his sleep. Turned on because he had a fairly good view of Draco as he slept, Draco's sweet mutterings of 'I sorry Harry' and 'didn't mean it' but Harry could not forget his favorite 'love you Harry.' Harry stopped to wonder if the poor boy had to spell his hangings why in school as to not let his fellow classmates hear him.

It was the shocked emotion that had him glued standing at the foot of Draco's bed. For there right across from him hanging at the head of Draco Malfoy's bed was a portrait of none other then Harry Potter himself. That was not the shocking part, apparently Malfoy had it painted to where Harry was 'just' coming out of the shower. In the painting Harry had a towel, but that was ALL Harry had! And so Harry stood half-staring at his portrait and half staring at the nude Slytherin that slept under it. Draco would have been amused had he been awake to see it.

-Harry Potter-

'I have got to burn that thing, but later right now I have work to do.' With all his will he cast a final glare at the painting and a sigh to the boy sleeping under it and headed to the door.

-- Five minutes later --

'What I would give from a map of Malfoy Manor!' Creeping through the shadows with his cloak and robe's charms active he slowly made his way through the Manor.

-- Ten minutes after that --

I finally come to the door that has to be Lucius Malfoy's office and with as many locks and charms I can sense on it, it has to be the office he wants no one to see. I take my specks (glasses for you in the states) and pull out my charmed ones.

*** Flashback ***

"But Professor Flitwick why would I ever need specks that can see magical flows?" I wined to the short charm professor.

"You will be surpassed how helpful something like that could be, why if you could see the flow of any spell you could cut off the power to the spell thus dispelling it for all spells need energy to work."

"But why do I have to charm the specks. I mean your better why shouldn't you charm them?" I tried again; I had been up late studying for a test that Snape was going to put me through later and I really was NOT in the mood for charms.

"Then what my dear boy would you learn?" damn he had me.

*** End Flashback ***

I giggled at the memory as I put on the charmed specks, but just as I raised to put them on a cold bored, definitely Malfoy voice hissed. "Just what do you think you are doing at my study door, Potter?" 'God he is worse then Snape! Well at least now I know where Snape gets it, I am SO dead!' I thought as I turned to face who could only be Lucius Malfoy in the flesh.


Well it was Lucius all right but NOT in the flesh. 'Damn wizardling painting, always talking to a guy!' I thought as I pulled a dagger out of my boot sheath. "Sorry Painting but I can have you telling anyone I was here.

The Painting just smirked "You don't have it in you boy." I muttered a spell and throw the knife into the paining hitting the painting of Lucius Malfoy right between the eyes. "I can't believe you just ruined a twenty thousand galleon painting!" But as the painting raged the pain was retracting into the dagger leaving a blank canvas behind.

"Well now it is not even worth a galleon." I whispered as I turned my attention to the door.

*** Ten minutes later found Harry Potter inside Lucius Malfoy's office rummaging around in his desk, wearing leather gloves of cores. He only stopped once or twice, okay twenty, times to admire the picture of Draco that was siting on the desk. Harry thinks Lucius put it there to distract him. ***



We need to move quickly there is a new spy in are ranks. I have a feeling that if we don't act now we will never get the Potter boy. I wait for your suggestions.

Tell are Lord that I got the Dragon Blood and Phoenix tears as per his order and await feather instructions.

Kevin Dremor


Harry's face brightened as he found some evidence but he hunted for still more.


Albus Dumbledore

Order of the Phoenix,

As I have stated in past letters, Lucius and Draco Malfoy are trustworthy. Lucius may not work for you but he dose work for the Order of the chameleon. No before you ask I can not tell you his operating code name but needless to say it is one that you know well.

Word has reached me that you are training Harry Potter to be a member of the Order of the Phoenix, and yes I got your letter about him possibly training to become a chameleon and I am still thinking about it. Lucius has been asking me for years about his son training to be a member. I do not think it wise to train the young to possibly kill you loss something in that. Don't kid yourself to train to be a chameleon is not just spying and going unnoticed, we are assassins we kill.

I am sending a gem with this letter containing this months information activate it the same as the others.


Head of the Order of the Chameleon


The last letter was, interesting; Harry made a copy and stole the gem.

Snickering to myself I made my way out of the office not bothering to clean up my mess after all in a few minutes one would not be able to tell I was here at all, even the gem will be in it's rightful spot. And I will still have the one I stole!

Shutting the door to the office I placed two vials (corked) of a two separate halves of an incomplete potion resting just so against the door. Then backing one hundred and fifty feet away, fifty feet more then needed I pointed my wand at the door and muttered "Reducto" the vials shattered combining the two halves of the incomplete potion. Completing it as soon as it completed there was a bright flash that lasted less then a second. With the flash gone the ink in the painting was back, so was painted Lucius, the wards on the door where in place and the gem and mess in the office was back to normal. Harry however fled the seen before the flash had even faded a memory fresh on his mind.

*** Flashback ***

I had studied for this potion I had up till this point thought I brewed it correctly but apparently not. "Potter you bumbling idiot don't mix the caldrons!" He rushed over and stopped me from doing the final step in making the potion. Very few required two caldrons to brew but this was one of them and the final step was to combine the potion.

I was staying here for the summer so it was just me an empty class room and Snape. You could hear a pin drop as I looked down at the potion text to make sure of the potion recipe I used. "What may I ask are your brewing Potter?" He asks in that silky I-am-smarter-therefore-better-then-you voice. I flipped the page to the potion's name.

"Time Boom, sir." I say skimming the description as I slowly went peal.

"What exactly dose the potion do Potter?" now his voice was smug, bastard.

*** End Flashback ***

I made it to Draco's bedroom door when I remembered 'the painting' 'oh, my, god, I hope it is not a wizardling painting, think of the therapy it would need! Standing in front of Draco in nothing but a towel! Standing in front of Draco in only a Towel why Draco stares and I know he got that painting for some nefarious reason and given my state in the painting I would place money on masturbation! Especially after what I learned when I arrived here! Who would have thought Draco Malfoy would be harboring a secret crush on Harry Potter! Who would think his parents would be okay with it!' I slipped into Draco's room and closed the door behind me. Transforming into my ferret self I climbed (literally) into bed and curled up to sleep in the crook of Draco's neck, lulled to sleep by his pules.

Mm Draco's bed was my last thought.









AN: Well chapter 4 is here I hope you like it. I know it was not scheduled for update and those waiting for updates on my other works, sorry but I write on what I am inspired to write on.... And I feel like a spy fic at the moment!


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