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Chapter 5: My Sight

It's not helping, the pacing up and down the hall, not that I thought it would. I hurt but it is not a pain you feel on the outside but the pain you feel on the inside, my heart. It would be fair to say that it is a dull ache now. But that is not how it felt after I first read the note.

I found the note when I woke up. It was leant against a small vase with a single white rose in it. In front of the rose was my breakfast. I was amazed that I could actually 'see' it, not just smell. I was so happy I could not wait to share this development with my shadow.

I searched the manor from top to bottom looking for him before I returned to my room to eat my breakfast. 'Maybe he left to pick some things up in town.' 'Maybe he went to visit his friends?' My mind went on and on like this the whole time I ate. Finally after eating I picked up the letter to read it. 'Maybe it will tell me where he is?'

Dear Draco,

Well I have done all I can for you, now the rest you have to do on your own. There is not a lot left to do. In a few weeks the limp should be gone from your right leg. You can see now though you might need spectacles. And as you told me last night, you can hear again.

I am happy you are almost all healed, but I am also sad in a way because it means my time with you has come to an end. I hope that you look back and remember me fondly, but knowing the Malfoy pride that probably will not happen. I am sorry that someone had to help you through this for I am sure you would have preferred to do it on your own. You see that is why I am leaving before you can see who it is that has helped you. Now you are free to forget this horrible chapter in your life, and I will try the same though I don't want to.

It was fun why it lasted Draco and I hope that when you are fully recovered you will not do something dumb like follow in your father's footsteps. I have spent fairly too much time, money, and effort to have you throw it away for something as meaningless as power. But I am sure you don't see it the same way I do. That is another reason I must say 'goodbye Draco'.

I will never forget you.



Like a slowly boiling pot, I got madder and madder and madder. Not at the words my shadow had wrote, but at the cowardly act of leaving. He left me! He told me to forget him!

If only he knew. I was not upset that he helped me through this hard time; in fact I was glad he helped. If not for his help I might not have made it. And damn it I don't want to forget! I don't want to have to look back, I want to look forward. Forward to a life with him in it!

After I read the note I stormed out of the room. Destroying anything and everything that was in my path I ran down the hall. When I got to the end I quickly turned and stormed back to my room. I did this over and over till I had calmed myself down. But now I think the anger was better, for the pain that replaced it was enough to kill a man.

I have to get him back! I have to drag my shadow back home. He left the only clue I need to do it. The note might not tell me where he is but I know the handwriting, and it told me who he is.

Damn My Sight!
I want My Lion!


Edit by: Moonchild

Thus ends "Trapped in my Mind" look for "My Lion" not to be confused with "Lion". "My Lion" will be the sequel and will stay in Draco's point of view.

A rewrite of this chapter is in the works to give it more detail and I was going to hold off posting it till the rewrite was done, but an image of torches and a mob changed my mind. You would not lynch me would you?

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