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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 4:
The Sorting

-Draco Malfoy-

"Well, yes and no," Hermione was saying."Yes, students have tried to change Houses and no, it has never been allowed."

"What do you mean by not allowed to do it?" I squeaked.

"You are sorted honestly the first time around. Why anyone would want to put themselves through that a second time, is beyond me." she replied with a shrug.

I offered her a grin. "But it can be done?" I inquired.

"Draco, are you smiling at me?" she asked a little bewildered.

"Just answer me!" I barked at her. I couldn't help the smile.

It was her turn to grin. "Yes, but in order to be resorted, you need to have the permission of the current Headmaster."

Without thanking her, I turned and ran back to my compartment.

Once inside, I ignored my goons. Taking a seat, I grabbed a piece of parchment and my quill and began to pen a short letter to Dumbledore.

Dear Dumbledore -

I would like permission to get resorted. I know that this request is both highly unusual and short notice, but I fear that if I remain in Slytherin, I may not return to school.

Here is to hope -
Draco Malfoy

Pulling my owl from his cage, I attached the letter to it, sent it off on it's journey and then sat down to ponder my request.

-Harry Potter-

"Well, what was it that he wanted?" inquired Ron, jumping up as Hermione returned.

"He wanted me to answer a question for him, although I'm not sure what he will do with the answer that I gave him."

With that, she returned to her seat and the rest of the journey went without comment.


"Finally! I'm starved!" exclaimed Ron as he climbed from the express and headed for the horseless carraiges.

"Can't you think of anything other than food?" inquired Hermione,trying to keep up with him. "Like, why is Malfoy is talking to Professor Snape."

Both Harry and Ron turned in the direction that Hermion was looking.

"Looks as though all the first years are gathering around as well." observed Ron.

"Snape is mad as hell. Just look at him yell at Draco." I commented, straining to hear. It was not every day that you would hear Snape shouting at his favorite student. The words were lost on the wind.

"Let's go, or we'll be late." complained Hermione.

We piled into the carraige.

-Draco Malfoy-

"What's the meaning of this?" Snape demanded, thrusting the letter into my face.

"I wish to be resorted, just as the letter states."

"I seriously hope for your sake, that this is a joke!"

"Sir, we should be going so that we're not late for the sorting."

"Dumbledore is going to allow you to be resorted. For your sake, you had best hope that he puts you far from my reach!" He turned and stomped off, leading the first years up and over the lake towards the Great Hall.

I followed.


-Harry Potter-

Sitting at the Griffyndor table at the Great Hall, we were awaiting the arrival of the first years so that the sorting could take place.

"Look at that.Malfoy isn't seated at the Slytherin table." commented Ron.

As if on cue, Professor McGonagall entered the room, leading the first years and bringing up the rear, was Draco Malfoy. Too shocked to say anything, we simply sat and watched as they paraded up the center aisle towards the front of the hall.

After the sorting of the first years had taken place, Dumbledore stood to adress the assembly and a quiet fell over the hall.

"This year, we have a student who feels as though he is in the wrong house and would like to be resorted. If he will come forward and place the sorting hat on his head, we will commence." Draco stood and walked towards the front of the hall.


-Draco Malfoy-

I nervously placed the hat atop my head, numerous thoughts running through my head. What if it keeps me in Slytherin? What if I'm not worthy of Griffyndor?

I sighed a silent prayer and took it as a good sign that it didn't yell out "Slytherin" as it had at my first sorting.

*You know that I was right the first time*


*You are a Malfoy. All Malfoy are Slytherin*

*Not this Malfoy!*

*What makes you different?*

*I am willing to try to change*

*You think that will be easy, happen overnight?*


*Lie to yourself, Malfoy! Not to me!*

*Please......not Slytherin*

*Then it better be.....*

*Please....NOT Slytherin*


Cold stares greeted me as I sat there on the stool, the now quiet sorting hat still on my head. It had just condemned me to remain in a house that I was growing to detest more every day. I felt like crying, but I knew that an action of that nature would only increase the amount of punishment and decrease my chances of surviving the year at Slytherin House.

Silently, and with my head hung low, I rose from the stool and made my way towards the Slytherin table, the comments taunting me along the way.

"Now you've done it, Draco!"
"You'll be lucky to survive the year!"
"Wait till your father hears of this!"
I took my seat, oblivious to the onslaught of insults.

The feast lasted for two hours. Eating, drinking, talking and fooling around all took place around me as I sat there lost in thought.

"You gonna eat that food, Draco?" the familiar voice of Goyle broke through my reverie. Without acknowledging him with a look, I slid my plate in front of him.

"Thanks, Draco." he began to shovel my food into his mouth.

Rising from my chair, I left the Great Hall and headed for the Slytherin common room. Retrieving the password from a perfect, I made my way to my bed. Without undressing, I climbed under the covers and drifted off to sleep.


The next two weeks were pure hell for Draco. His attempts to be nice to everyone did nothing for his image. They found this behavior to be nothing more than disgusting. Some of the sixth and seventh years had taken to tormenting him, but Draco's apparent lack of concern, infuriated them even more. Draco derived a sense of pleasure from their displeasure.

Being nice was not a Malfoy trait, so infuriating his tormentors was not an issue for him. What bothered him more than anything, was the fact that no matter how nice he was to Harry, it seemed to go unnoticed. Sure, he and Harry no longer fought, but they never exchanged anything more than an occasional hello, and this was tearing Draco up inside.

One evening, just after potions class and just before dinner, draco decided to make the first move. He approached the trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione, and asked if he may speak with Harry alone for a moment.

He crossed the room and awaited the decision, observing silently, as both Ron and Hermione whispered into Harry's ear. He knew that they were whispering warnings to him, telling him that Draco had nothing but ulterior motives in mind, that he had something up his sleeve.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry asked icily as he approached Draco.

Maybe it was the tone. Maybe it was the way he spit the words out. Maybe it was a combination of both. Either way, the question reeked of unfriendliness and it sparked a sudden awareness in Draco. The answer came to him in a moment of clarity.

Narrowing his eyes at Harry, he returned the smirk to his face and the drawl to his voice. "Are you having fun, you dusty old wrinkled hat?" he spit out.

Harry offered him a confused look.

"I'll bet you're having the time of your life, playing with my emotions like this!" Harry's look of confusion grew as Malfoy's ring began to glow.

"Let's see how well you play this game when you CAN'T read my mind!" Draco was livid now, the clarity of the whole situation, forming in his mind. Harry appeared to be catching on.

For a second or two, everything blurred and then Draco found himself atop the stool again, the sorting hat still on his head, his ring still aglow.

*What gave me away?*

*I tapped Harry's mind to figure out why he was being so cold to me. I found that he was in fact, mad at me, but for different reasons. he was upset because my resorting was holding up dinner. I became confused at this, so I tapped his sight and saw myself sitting on this stool with you on my head*

*Since when can Draco read minds?*

*I cannot*

*And yet, you read Harry's mind*

*Only because the desire to do so was strong and harry was wearing the ring. It is possible for him to do the same, should it strike him to do so.*

*I see.*

*I take it that I am still a Slitherin*


"Better be........GRIFFYNDOR!"

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