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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 7:
From Teacher's Pet to Experiment

-Draco Malfoy-

I made my way back to my chest and got my book and wand. I then made that familiar trip to the dungeons. Entering into the classroom early was not strange for me.

Snape was not there yet; that is a good thing. I moved over to where I could see the blackboard better and started copying the notes that Snape had left on the board.

People don't know what I go through in this class just to stay top of the class. And even Hermione gets better marks then me! I don't see her in the classroom early every day!

I heard foot steps behind me. Turning back I saw Professor Snape carrying in a few ingredients, probably for a potion he is brewing for another Professor. He stopped in the door way just long enough to glare at me then he walked over to his desk and placed his ingredients on it.

"Thought that Potter boy would be a bad influence on you! I sure did not expect to see you here so soon," Snape growled as he sat down at his desk.

I just continued taking my notes and getting ready for the class to start. After 5 minutes Snape got up and walked over to me.

"I really hope you and the rest of the Gryffindors do good Malfoy, because today each student will try their potion out on another student of their house."

I did not like the way he was looking down at me. Normally he is nice, or at least kind to me, but it seemed like at the moment he thought I had betrayed him and he wanted to get back at me. After a little while longer the classroom started filling up. Harry and Hermione sat as far way from me as the room would allow. Ron, I noted was not with them. The class started easily enough and I noted that none of the Slytherins bothered me. They did harass Harry a good bit, though.

Some sick part of me wanted to kill them for it even though for the longest time I was right up there with them leading the way with the insults. I tried my hardest to ignore them but half way through my potion I was just so angry and turned to face the Slytherins and glared at them. It shut them up, but for how long?

The potion we were making today was a potion that was supposed to levitate you off the ground a good three feet, but if mixed wrong it would put you to sleep for a very long time. Neville was bubbling his potion again just as Snape's words came back to me. Surely he wouldn't. Would he?

I was not about to take that kind of risk. I can't afford to spend the next four weeks in bed, not if I want to win Harry and I DO want Harry! I balled up my right hand into a fist. I whispered under my breath the command "Neville of the Dragoons your sight is that of the High Dragon."

I gave a brief look up at Snape and made sure my potion for the most part was done, then closed my eyes to see just how badly Longbottom was doing.

'Man I will never get this right!' Neville was thinking.

Neville was putting in too little of newt tongue.

'Neville, the Silver Dragon needs you so listen.'

He stopped what he was doing and scanned the room, I know this because I was seeing through his eyes.

He whispered under his breath, "I am listening."

'Think what you want to say I will hear it'

'I am listening... I am in class. Can't it wait?'

'It is about class young Dragoon,' my whispered voice calm and soothing. 'Add more newt tongue... No! Not that much!.... Yes!'

I guided him through the last of his potion. It should at least be safe to drink. I don't know how well it will taste though.

My potion done, I just looked around waiting for the others to finish. Snape looked very displeased with the fact he could find nothing wrong with Neville's potion and in the end gave the house 5 points but took them right back away when all the Gryffindors cheered.

Snape, true to his word started pairing houses up to try their potions. I am sure I would have been stuck with Neville had his potion been a failure but because it wasn't I was paired with Harry. Now I had no problem with this but Harry looked very unhappy about the whole thing. Maybe he thought I had used poison in my potion.

An odd thought hit me about that time, 'If only I had a love potion to swap this with!' I smiled at the thought and made Harry shift his feet.

"Calm down! I don't bite," my smile got bigger after I said this.

"Could have fooled me. Let's get this over with."

He shoved his potion onto my chest. While I imagined pouring the potion gently down Harry's mouth I guess my eyes were all glazed over or something because Harry waved his hand in front of my face. It took a while for me to snap out of it as I gently handed Harry my potion.

He drank my potion in one big gulp and I followed suit. I did not feel any different to tell the truth. As a matter of fact, I did not know anything had happened until Harry interrupted my day dreaming again.

"Wow! I'm Flying!" He was flapping his arms all about him.

I looked over his shoulder and noticed I could see the top shelf was level with my face. I then looked down.

"Hum," was all I stated.

Why I did not realize my feet left the ground was probably because I got light-headed being this close to Harry. We spent the last of the Potion Class floating around the room.

When Potions ended I stayed behind, packing my bags just as slowly as ever. I am normally never in a hurry to leave this class, but I guess I should have been today. After the last of the Gryffindors left and Snape with them my old Slytherin housemates gathered around me.

"What do you think you're doing Draco?"

"Think you're better then us now Draco?"

"What gives you the right?"

"What are you going to do now that you are without your protection?"

I eyed them with my normal icy glare then simply stated, "Goyle, Crabbe make me a path to the door."

The two, just as I thought, were either just as loyal as before or too dumb to realize I was no longer in their house as they started to split the crowd. I left leaving them all behind.

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