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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 9:
Masks and Shadows

-Harry Potter-

"I would prefer to stay"

"But Harry this IS a private meeting; one that you were not invited to."

"Maybe I want to join?"

The other masked people in the room started cheering as if this was a good thing.

"Now and here is NOT the time for this, Potter!"

He looked around at the members. One by one and they all fell quiet.

Addressing the others more then me the silver mask spoke, "If Harry wishes to join us I have NO problem with it but I can NOT allow it to happen now."

Neville was the first to speak out, "Why not now?"

The rest seemed to be whispering the same question.

"Because, dear boy, if he was to join now we would ALL know Harry is a Dragoon and his identity among us would not be secret and therefore he would be in danger. That I can not allow!"

Two Dragoons 'I guess that is what they call themselves' flanked the Silver Dragon.

"Take him back to the Gryffindor Common Room and watch him until the meeting is over. I will stay behind to fill you two in after it is over."

The two Dragoons were bigger then me and had no problem picking me up, one having a hold of each arm and literally carried me out of the room.

"OK! OK guys I can walk!"

They set me down but made sure I went directly to the Common Room.

"You know Malfoy is a Dragoon...."

"The High Dragon would never let a git like that join!" the Dragoon to my left responded.

I stopped. My jaw dropped, "George?"

They both turned to face me when I said George's name. They both responded with IDENTICAL "Shit!"


"Look..." George started. "It's not what you think," Fred finished.

"Bloody hell it's not! And Malfoy is too a member. I saw him leave just before Neville with an identical package!"

They both looked at each other then at me.

"Maybe the High Dragon is using him to get information on the Death Eaters?" Fred stated.

George shivered, "Come on let's get Harry back to the dorm. It is not safe for us to linger in the halls."

"No! You two are going to tell me why you have joined this stupid mask party before I go anywhere!"

I crossed my arms.

"Look can't we talk about this back in the Common Room?" offered George.

An idea hit me and I darted off for the Common Room not even looking back to see whether George or Fred were following.

'I will use the Marauders' Map to find out who all the Dragoons are!'

Getting back into the Common Room and dashing into the 5th-year's dorm not caring if I woke the only occupant, I pulled out the map and after saying the line and touching the map with the tip of my wand it sprung to life.

"Draco Malfoy." Waving the wand over the map it went to a dot labeled Draco. The names Susan, Lavender, Justin, Neville, Colin, and Dennis were all in the room with Draco. All of them are good people! And a majority of them were Gryffindor!

This is some bad dreaming. Yes that is it! I am dreaming! I will wake up any minute now. Then it hit me. One of them had to be the Silver Dragon because his name did not show up on the map! And there were seven in there and nine before George and Fred left to take me back to the Common Room. So who is the ringleader of this group?

Deep down I KNEW and I did not know if I really wanted this answer or not.

Taking in a deep breath, closing my eyes and waving my wand over the map I whispered "Silver Dragon," opening my eyes ever so slowly to peek at the map. I saw the seal of the Silver Dragon laying on the map.

The map started to fade as words appeared across the parchment. I am sorry my Golden one but the time is not yet right for you to know who I am. And I pray you do not betray your friends and I leave Malfoy at your mercy.

The words then faded from the map as it went blank, completely.

I was relieved in a way the Silver Dragon was telling me he/she was NOT Malfoy by giving me permission to report Malfoy if I deemed it so. That and I must admit it felt good to be able to have something to hold over Malfoy if I needed it.

A little bit later Neville returned to his bed. I was pretending to be asleep. Neville stumbled over his trunk waking Ron. Neville having already changed back into his night-clothes before coming back into the dorm just mumbled, "Nothing, coming back from the bathroom and stubbed my toe on this dumb trunk."

His voice was shaking as he tried to sound tired. It worked seeing how Ron was not even awake, just responding to a noise in his dream.

A good half-hour later Draco wandered into the room looking straight at me. He knew I was awake, I could feel it.

He moved over to the edge of my bed and leaned over, "Lets get this over with Potter. I know you know and I know you're awake."

Tomorrow only being a Wednesday I wanted Draco to worry a little; maybe lose some sleep over it.

"We will talk about it Saturday, Malfoy. That will give me plenty of time to think of something to do with you," I stated lazily like he would have to me if our positions were reversed.

* * * * * * *

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