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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 10:
Draco and the Silver Dragon?

"Anything Harry, name it!" came Neville's pleading voice.

"I am not going to turn you in! Now go and let me get dressed!"

Neville said nothing. Instead he headed for the door of the dorm to leave Harry, who thought he was alone. Just as Harry was starting to think of ways to get back at Draco now that he had a way to do it without getting in trouble, he heard the drawl.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

"Well Neville gets off and I am stuck at the 'golden boy's' mercy!"

"That doesn't help your case any, Malfoy"

"Look I don't have time to determine my fate on Saturday because I will not be here."

I ignored him. "Oh? Where will you be then 'Dragoon,'" drawing out the last word to hang it over his head.

"The Malfoy Manor."

I started to get up after finding the book I was looking for in the trunk and turned around. Draco had moved right up to me and was about a foot away from me and only in his boxer shorts. First, all the books I was holding fell out of my hands then my jaw dropped open. When my jaw dropped open Malfoy licked his lips and seemed to be considering something.

"M-Malfoy M-Manor?" I was having trouble breathing. What is Draco thinking, going around dressed like that and getting this close to me?

All too quickly it was over as Draco backed off and went over to his own trunk and opened it.

"You know Potter that big house that I live in during the summers," Draco answered coldly.

"I know what it is but it is still the beginning of the school year!"

"Observant! I am not going to stay home. I need to drop by there to, err, get some things," he smiled up at me. "Dumbledore will never allow it!"

"Dumbledore will never know," Draco grinned at me and I shuddered.

"What makes you think I will not tell him"

Draco frowned then smiled again, "Because if you do I will most likely get expelled and then you could NEVER get back at me."

I raised an eyebrow, "Maybe my revenge is getting you expelled?"

"You would, too! Hogwarts' Golden Boy gets Draco Malfoy expelled!" Draco continued looking through his trunk.

Barely above a whisper, "I think I need to change my underwear."

But I heard this as I was moving to leave the room.

"You know Harry, I suppose I could take you with me..."

He was pulling down his boxers when I looked back over at Draco to respond.

"...Saturday I mean, when I go home."

My heart had stopped; I was no longer breathing and my eyes were as big as plates as I took in the sight of Draco bent over in front of me removing the boxers from his legs, his round cheeks staring back at me. I had this odd sensation to go over and grab one.

Draco slowly started to turn around the new pair of boxers in his hands. I tried to avert his gaze, to look away, but I was carved of stone at the moment and could barely breathe.

Draco's eyes locked with mine, "Harry is something wrong? You're looking a little redder then usual."

I couldn't take it anymore! I moved over to where Draco was standing and shoved him to the floor. "Stop being nice to me!" I turned to leave.

"So does that mean you will not be coming with me Saturday?"

I stopped at the door and turned around, "Are you daft Draco? Me, Harry Potter go into a known Death Eater's house?"

"Thought you were not afraid of You-Know-Who," Draco stated in a taunting manner.

"I am not, but that is no reason to go offer my self to him on a silver platter!"

"I will be with you! 'Sides we are going there to see the man that calls himself my father."

Draco started to get up from where I had pushed him down, still not putting on the boxers.

"Would you get dressed, Malfoy!"

"But you LIKE looking at me," Malfoy smiled at me bringing his right hand up to his hair to brush some white locks out of his eyes.

I saw the ring again and it looked oddly familiar. "Where'd you get that ring?"

That got Draco moving, he was dressing quickly now.

"Answer me!"

Draco did not stop to answer until he was fully dressed then he sat down heavily on his bed. "Damn you, Harry!"

I stepped back in shock.

"I can answer almost anything you ask but I can't answer anything about the rings not yet anyway."

"Why not? Rings? You mean there is more then one!"

The pin finely dropped and my hand went to the gold ring on my left hand quickly as I pulled off the ring. As I took off the ring Draco looked hurt but said nothing.

"Did the Silver Dragon give it to you?"

Draco looked overjoyed when he heard this and stated rather fast I thought, "Yeah he did! How did you know?"

"You lie!" I literally screamed and Draco's cheery attitude faded. "You stole it from him didn't you! Admit it!"

"Yeah" Draco scowled at the floor and he pulled off his ring and dropped it onto the bed.

He then grabbed his book bag and headed for the door not once looking up to look at me as he left. I walked over to Draco's bed and picked up the ring. After putting it in my pocket and gathering my books and my bag I too left for classes.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

Classes were like normal though now that I am a Gryffindor it is hard to avoid Harry. I knew he would either forget about the ring or give it back to the Silver Dragon. The thing is, if he gives it back to the Silver Dragon the owl will come to me. And the only time most owls deliver to Hogwarts is breakfast so he will see-and then he will know.

Not that him knowing will hurt anything. After all there has to be something before you can hurt it but it certainly will not help matters. On top of that one of my Dragoons goes and gets kidnapped!

"Arrrgh!" I threw my arms up and walked out of Potions Class.

Snape was probably raising an eyebrow about now and deducting points from Gryffindor. I was rounding a corridor on my way to the Common Room when I whispered to myself, "Bloody hell! Seamus, if you're not already dead, when I find you I am going to kill you!"

"So THAT is what you're going to the Malfoy Manor for!"

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Without turning I whispered under my breath, "Potter!"

"I did not think you cared about anything other then yourself Malfoy. Why are you going to help Seamus?"

"I really should learn to not talk aloud," I continued to whisper to myself.

"So Malfoy, why wait for Saturday to get Seamus if you know where he is?"

"I have a few reasons, but the one at the top of the list is, I don't know where he is."

'Now or never Draco'. My back was still to him so looking into his eyes would not melt my cold personality.

"What do you mean you DON'T know where he is?"

"I did but I don't now."

"Why don't you know?"

"My artifact that the Silver Dragon gave me to locate the whelp was taken by one of equal power to the High Dragon."


I spun around, "You! You git! I need the Silver Star to find the boy!"

"Silver Star?"

"The ring Harry! Where have you been the last 24 hours?!" Oh no! I just yelled and insulted Harry! My god! Look at the shock on his face!

I darted away as fast as I could go. I could vaguely hear something following me but I fled as fast as I could go too scared to look back.

* * * * * * *

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