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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 14:

-Draco Malfoy-

Someone is plotting against me I know it. In what other way could this day be explained? I look around the green field that I just appeared in. Green and empty not a tree for as far as my eyes could see. Not even one other person for that matter. The sky is clear and the sun is high above, it must be about noon.

A breeze picks up and it feels nice against my bare skin. Wait a minute, bare? I look down and sure enough there is not a stitch of clothing on me. I can feel the blush and I don't know why. There is not another soul in sight. "Bloody hell! Who ever is plotting against me could have left me with my dignity!" I shout to the green grass as I stomp my way in any direction.

No Harry, no wand, no clothes, no Harry, no money, no shoes (I was reminded of this fact when I stepped on a rock and pain shot through me.) no Harry, no food. I continued my rambling and complaining silently in my mind. As I walked for what seemed like years and gaining very little ground in the process. I finally sat down to rest and look at my sore feet.

When I brought my left foot into view so I could curse my bad luck some more, I noticed that my second most prized possession was missing, My ring! The thought rang through my head like a gong. Where could it be? How had it been taken off me? Why can't I summon it? (That question came after I tried to summon it and nothing happened.) That was it, the last straw. Everything has been stripped from me. Without my wand I could not even perform the simplest of spells. Without the ring I had no hope of tracking Harry down so it was very unlikely I would ever see him again. I simply looked to the ground and lay down.

With my eyes closed I recalled how I got here to this field out in the middle of no where.

* * * * * * *

I was walking to Dumbledore's office after my final class. I was going to have a talk with him but I never made it to his office. I heard voices in one of the empty classes and decided to listen in.

"You will not threaten me Voldemort!" It was the voice of the meddling new DADA teacher, what's his name, oh yes, VeVe.

"No V, I would never threaten you! Please I will do anything I need you to get that boy for me." The voice I have heard talking with my father on many occasions-it could be none other then Voldemort!

"Which boy Voldemort? You need to be more clear. Do you have any idea how many boys there are at Hogwarts?"

"That is just it V, he is not at Hogwarts. Sabastion has him."

"You mean Harry Potter?"


"Are you ever going to get over that? He is just a kid. What could he possibly do to you?"

For as much as Voldemort would loathe admitting it, he did answer, "He has beaten me three times now I fear the next time I have to fight him."

VeVe cut him off, "You fear a child?" his voice dripping in amusement.

"He is no ordinary child, he is The-Boy-Who-Lived!"

With that VeVe grunted, "He only 'lived,' as you put it, because you tried to kill him! Think how differently it would have been had you just taken the child? Raised the little vermin to obey you." You could hear the smirk in the last words. "To love you."

"He is a Mudblood! He must die!"

"A Mudblood that has bested you three times. Besides who cares if he is a Mudblood? It's a lot easier to kill a kid that trusts you than one that is always on the lookout for you."

"Will you kill him for me or not?"

"You can do your own killing, Voldemort, I will not cross the head of the Council of Seven for you."

"He might be the head of the council V, but we all know it's you who hold all the power on the council."

"Funny, I thought you believed it was you who had all the power."

After that Voldemort was silent.

"I thought so, Voldemort, I thought so. Now if you don't mind I have to go. I need to be at the dinner feast."

With that I heard a pop and then footsteps headed my way I muttered the charm that made my robes make me invisible.

VeVe walked out of the classroom and started to the dinning hall before stopping and turning around to face me. If I did not know any better I would have thought he could see me.

Maybe he could because he was looking me straight in the eyes when he asked rather flatly, "How much did you hear Mr. Malfoy?"

My jaw dropped to an all-time low as I brought up my hand to make sure I could see though it. Seeing how I could see though it I was going to call his bluff and remain silent.

"I see. That much, huh?. That is really a shame, that is. You had so much promise and Mr. Potter will miss you."

He sounded as if he was going to kill me. Hell he can't even see me!

"No I am not going to kill you but I will have to remove you from the game so to speak and yes I can see you."

Before I had time to even blink he snapped his fingers and there was a bright flash of red light then I was on this damnable field!

* * * * * * *

I opened my eyes to see that the sun had set and it was getting colder. No clothes, no wand therefore no fire or warmth. I crawled along the ground, sitting up and looking off in the direction I just happened to be facing. Nothing, a desert of grass. I can't believe my luck! I lay back down to go to sleep. Maybe I will wake up to find it is just all a bad dream.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

"Ahh Harry how was your day?" Sabastion asked as he walked up to me after I had landed cutting off whatever Draco was going to say to me.

"Good I guess."

"Good I was just coming to get you for Dinner."

I smiled at him as he led me from the room.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

"Is he dead, master?"

"Don't be silly, Jason! He is breathing so he is alive."

"Is he an elf? Only elves have white hair."

"Ah but his ears are not pointed so he can't be elf, maybe half but not full."

"He is beautiful master, can I keep him?"


"Sorry Master."

"Stop staring Jason and help me carry him."

The boy's voice got almost giddy, "You mean I can touch him!" with that Draco groaned but did not wake.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

My scar started hurting the closer to the dinning room we got.

"Voldemort is in there." It was a fact not a question.

"Yes he is having dinner with us, but don't worry Harry he is not dumb enough to do anything with the rest of the Council."

"Can't I have dinner in Draco's room?"

"Sorry Harry but the Council wants to meet you." He paused for a second, "I think you will like them."

"The Council?"

"Yes the Council of Seven. Odd really. V called together a meeting and at the end he asked if he could have dinner at my place to meet you." He looked at the dinning room door. "And as is the way with the Council, if V has to do something so do the rest of them," Sabastion groaned as he opened the door and followed me in.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

The first thing I noticed when I started to wake was that I was not still asleep on the hard grassy ground but lying in a bed. Not my bed because the coverings were not the silk I am used to but a coarse fur. There was also the heat of another body in the bed with me.

Too small to be Harry, it was pressed up against my side. I still had not opened my eyes and I faked sleep taking in all of my surroundings without opening my eyes. The body next to me moved a little and started playing with my hair.

"Jason leave him alone and let him sleep!"

"Sorry Master."

The hand quickly retreated from playing with my hair. I could feel him sit up so I chanced a look. He was opening a rather thick leather-bound book and reading over its contents.

"Ahh, so you're finally awake then are you?"

My eyes darted to the voice to see an old man sitting at a table not even looking at me, instead he was scanning several scrolls that were spread out in front of him on his table.

"Who are you and where am I?" I managed as I sat up, painfully aware I was still nude.

"I am Talon, mage Adept, and you are in my house. To be more exact you are in Jason's room in my house. Who might you be?"

"Draco Malfoy a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Jason had yet to stop reading to acknowledge I was awake.

"Oh, Draco you say," he smiled one of the smiles Dumbledore gives you when he is actually laughing. Usually at a joke only he gets.

"May I have some clothes please?"

I'd be damned if I am to sit and have this conversion in the nude!

"Sorry, but everything has a price…"

I finally looked over to the boy that the old man called Jason. He looked to be about ten-years-old. Brown hair. I can't see his eyes mainly because he is avoiding mine. Short for his age like Harry. I extend my aura to the two in the room and sure enough both are wizards.

"If every thing has a price then how did I pay for the restful nap I had?"

At this Jason blushed. And the old mage just smiled. That smile was creepy.

"Well you see Jason offered to let you sleep in his bed, if he could sleep with you."

My eyes shot to Jason.

"And in what tense do you mean 'sleep'?"

I gave the poor boy the Malfoy glare and he literally shivered under it.

"Just sleep, nothing more. Well I could not get him to stop playing with your hair."

"And just what would I have to do to get some clothing?" I asked my tone neutral.

With that asked the old man looked thoughtful. He started stroking his long gray beard that I guess at one point in time used to be brown.

"Well I could use the garden weeded," he said with that smile again.

"I am to do this with no clothing?"

His smile just got bigger.

"Fine," I started to get up. "Come then Jason."

With that his head snapped up from his book and to my face.


"Like your master stated nothing is free. I know for a fact you are going to be staring at me and the price for that is your help!"

With this the boy went a bright red, his black eyes darted back to his book.

"Well hurry up! You're not going to get out of this."

A memory of his voice floated into my head.

* * * * * * *

"Is he a elf? Only elves have white hair."

"Ah but his ears are not pointed so he can't be elf, maybe half but not full."

"He is beautiful master, can I keep him?"


"Sorry Master."

"Stop staring Jason and help me carry him."

The boy's voice got almost giddy. "You mean I can touch him!"

* * * * * * *

"You can't make me pay for something I have not done yet!" the boy protested.

"You will help Jason," I warned him "If not for the staring I will receive during my time here then for touching me when you carried me here."

The boy's jaw dropped and he went an even deeper shade of red, interesting, I wonder what Harry would look like that color?

"How did you know?"

His master finally broke in on the conversation, "Looks like he got you on that one Jason." He looked down to his scrolls again. "The whole garden before dinner. And I will let you have some clothing. Jason show Draco to the garden and be sure to do an equal amount of work."

With that Jason got up and I followed him out of the house to weed a garden. It is for clothing I keep telling myself over and over.

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