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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 17:
Almost Dead

(Keep track of the days at the end of chapter 16 it was the middle of the 2nd day after Harry's death)
(It might be important!!!)

-Draco Malfoy-

I am finding it hard to listen to Talon ramble on about whatever spell he is trying to teach me. I have to glance over at Jason's notes to play catch up, and if he finds out I know he will try and make me pay for it. I also find that I can barely bring myself to care about such things. The pain some times is so bad that I can't breathe, yet Talon expects me to pay attention? I have notslept since I felt Harry's death. I have barely spoken since his death...hell, my death. Surely I died with him because as I drift though the day I don't feel alive, just numb.

Talon had spent all day inside his house while I was out chopping wood. He told me he was making something I would need in the future. I don't have a clue what he is talking about, unless it's a coffin. When I finished chopping the wood he and Jason came out of the house both looking smug and very happy with themselves. It made me break down just at the sight of their look.

That first night, the night I felt it, my world ending that is, he forced me to tell him what was wrong. I do mean force. I would not tell him. Hell, I could not make anything more audible other then a scream or whimper. So he entered my mind and pried the knowledge from my mind. I did not hurt but I did not like the feeling of having someone other then Harry or me in my mind. I was allowed back into the house where I proceeded to stare at the walls until it was morning.

"Draco!" My eyes shot open. "You will pay attention! Or I might change my mind about letting you go back to Earth!" I shot up straight in the chair and cleared my mind and actually tried to pay attention. I don't know why I want to go back to Earth, Harry is no longer there, but maybe he is not dead maybe it was a faulty feeling.

The rest of the lesson dragged on as I learned about the 'Erase spell.' By the end of class or the lesson I had to cast said spell. If I failed to cast it I had to remain and keep at studying until I got it right, and I willnever let Jason get one up on me!

At the end of the lesson I got up the nerve to ask, "You are really going to let me go to Earth?"

"If you want to go," he told me. I was not looking up from my spell book making sure I have written the spell notes to his liking.

We were having our lesson outside seeing how it was a warm day and Talon liked the sun, though it's wreaking hell on my pale completion! My hair is actually getting some gold in it and I am losing my silver. I don't think the saying a little sun will do you good applies for me-unless golden blond is better than silver blond. Jason was running around the house playing some game or another by himself so it made it hard to hear what Talon told me but I got the gist of it. He told me he knows of a way I can help Harry but it will require him to come with me to Earth. But I would have to be his apprentice if he was to help me. To have Harry alive and call Talon master, or have Harry dead and call no man master.

"Yes master." I looked to my feet after saying those two words and breaking a promise I had made to myself. Anything for Harry. I heard a pop next to me and looked up from my feet to see Harry's Imp looking pale and about to die. Without his master alive the imp is losing power and fast; it will die soon if it does not get a new source of power.

"Your trunk and ring, Draco Malfoy," the imp squeaked just as it fell to the ground, not moving. I moved quickly knowing that Harry would not want the imp to die. It might be an evil creature but it had never done Harry any harm and wouldn't harm anyone unless at the command of its master.

I looked up to Talon, "Can you bond it to me?"

He nodded but asked, "Are you sure? You can only have one familiar and imps are evil."

"I am sure Harry would want me to." Talon moved his hand over the still body of the imp and then over my eyes. I felt a click. A path between the imp and me was opened allowing the imp to use my magic reserves. It will be a while before it gets back up but at least now it will not fade. Actually I am amazed it was able to get to me with Harry dead. I could see a glint of silver clutched in the imp's claw-like hand. I quickly pried my silver ring out of his claw and put it on my finger where it belongs.

"When do we go?" Talon just looked at me like he was waiting for something. Oh that's right "Master."

"Now that your things have arrived," he sounded like he was expecting them, "We can go whenever you're ready."

"I am ready now...Master." I looked up into his eyes "But you told me before you did not have the strength to take me to Earth."

"That I did, and things have not changed. I don't have the strength to take you to Earth. However I do have the strength to take you and Jason and myself to the capital to see a friend of mine who in turn can get the four of us to Earth."

"But...Master, as you told me when I first got here nothing is free. How am I to pay for all these people's help?" I asked as I looked to see what Jason was doing. (I heard a crash over near the house)

"You will not be paying, I will be and that is why I insist on you being my apprentice."Jason was coming out of the house carrying something in a box and he tripped over the hem of his robes and both box and boy went to the ground (or so that is what looked like happened).

"So can we go today? Or tonight rather?" I looked to the sky seeing that it was about night and I have yet to eat. "Master," I added just in case.

"After we have our dinner little one," he smiled and glided over to help Jason get to his feet. He moves too gracefully for a old man... maybe he and old Dumbledore are related?

It was over dinner that the pain came back to me. I had allowed my hope that Talon could bring Harry back to me to drown the pain, but now I can't help but wonder if I would be doing the right thing by bringing Harry back. What if he doesn't want to come back to the living? What if Talon really can't bring back the dead? The pain and the questions are just too much and I find that damned liquid running down my face again and I can barely eat any of my food.

"Jason, get ready for travel. We will be leaving soon," Talon's voice invaded my sorrow-filled mind and with that simple sentence I allowed my spirits to lift if only for a little while and I managed to eat a little bit more before Talon took us to the capital to meet his friend.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Trip was interesting to say the least. First, Talon brought us outside his little house and we formed a circle holding hands to close it. With Talon chanting something in a language I never even heard of and Jason humming a song he had stuck in his head all day. The whole thing just seemed odd. Then I felt the energy pick up and almost became the level of electricity and then a great feeling of moving came over me and before I could blink I as standing in a very dark room.

Talon spoke another word and the torches in the room lit to reveal a very elegantly done dungeon that had been converted into a casting chamber (a room a mage/wizard uses to create new spells and to refine old ones). "Who is your friend?"

"My father," Jason told me looking around the room. "The King," he added as if it were nothing. I just stared at him as if he had grown another head. Jason a prince? Did I miss something?

Before I could ask a question the doors to this room swung open to reveal a small man with a gold band around his forehead (not everyone can be tall dark and handsome). The 'king' came overand actually hugged Talon and not once did Talon bow before this man, but his 'son' Jason did. I however did not. It's bad enough that I have to call Talon, Master; I will not bow to some king! He just turned to look at me and the glint in his eyes said loud and clear Off with the insolent boy's head! So I did a quick bow. I am only human after all.

"It is good to see you again Master Talon!" the 'king' boomed. Ah! That is why Talon did not bow!

"Yes. I need you to cast a spell for me," Talon asked as he turned to look at me (the 'king' was still watching me like an eagle).

"What spell would that be, master?" 'king' asked turning his attention back to Talon.

"Gate, I need to get myself and my two charges to Earth," Talon finally turned his attention back to the 'king' and off me.

"That is a hard spell to cast I will need your help."

"We will be gone for a week then I want you to send a Gate back to the same spot at exactly the same time. Jason and I will be waiting for it." Talon and the 'king' faced each other and pointed to a wall to their side and started chanting words in sync with the other. After about 10 minutes of chanting a silver door appeared in the wall."Hurry children the gate will not stay open long." And with that the three of us walked through the silver door, to Earth. Just as I walked through the door I heard a pop and a little weight on my shoulder and realized it was Spyro.


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