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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
The Gift

I don't know when it started, but I was home alone, reading in the library as there was not much else to do. I skimmed the words, but my mind was on him. It was as if my entire world was revolving around that ragged 15 year old boy! I am a Malfoy, and not given to flights of fantasy!

It was no use. The more I tried not to think of my green eyed god, the more he haunted me!

I was reading "Ganderfall's Guide to Apparition" trying to absorb the words rather than the image that taunted me. It was then that the thought hit me. His birthday would be coming up soon, so why not send him something?

Why not? Because he is your sworn enemy, Draco!

Hearing my father enter the house, I decided to take the book back to my room and finish it there. Maybe the green eyed boy god could be locked out as well. "Out of sight, out of mind," I mumbled as I closed the door to my common room. This was my private domain. Here, I was the master.

I had this common room, my bedroom with a private bathroom, and a smaller guest bedroom with it's own private bathroom.

Crossing the floor, I sank into the couch, hoping to reabsorb myself in the book. I finished one page before another thought attacked me.

I had a week to go before his birthday arrived and I could send him something. He would recieve it without ever knowing that it was me who sent it.

"I need a shower." I said quietly as I stood and headed for my bedroom, my mind reeling with thoughts of different gifts to give the green eyed god who continued to plague me.

By the time I had finished my shower, a vague idea had began to form. I only had a short time in which to make this gift so I knew that I had to work fast. Returning to my common room, I headed straight towards the single bookcase that seemed to overflow with books. After a small search, I finally located the book that I was after; "The Black Forge Enchanters". Pulling it from the shelf, I ran my hand over the cover. It had been written by Veve Van Claw and I had gotten my hands on a copy in my youth because I had liked the author. Rather than drone on about spells, he had placed them into the book in story form. Hidden in the story, was a variety of spells. I has gotten the book for the story, but I was now equally glad for the spells that I knew were in there. They would come in handy.

I spent the next five days moving between the library and the laboratory working like crazy on a small gold ring with a single Ruby set deep in the center. I had etched several spells into it and only two remained. The Higher ruin of sight was easy enough to accomplish by following the instructions, but the more difficult Unbreakable Charm would require some trickery on my part. This was the final spell to be cast and would ensure that no part of the ring could be broken or taken apart.

It was on the fifth day of the ring's creation that I decided to approach my father.

"Err, father?" I asked, my eyes locked on the bridge of his nose so that he would think that we were making eye contact, but I would not have to fidget under his intense stare.

"Yes boy! Speak up!" The cold voice of my father, Lucius Malfoy, shot through me. I felt as though I had just been doused with a bucket of ice water.

"I was wondering if you could demonstrate the Unbreakable Charm for me." I hoped that I had covered the shiver in my voice.

"And what exactly am I supposed to demonstrate this charm on? Hmm? No! I don't think so! Now go to your room until I call for you. I have work to do."

I wisely retreated, glad that I hadn't been hit, but troubled that I was still the final spell short. It was time for plan "B".

I cornered one of the house elves in the kitchen. He spun around when I barked his name, surprised to see me, Master Draco, standing there.

"Something Minie can do for Master Malfoy?" the house elf choked out in a small voice.

"Yes, I need you to cast the Unbreakable Charm on this ring, or at least, the elf version. It had best be permanent!" I scowled at him, narrowing my eyes at him, my voice cold.

"Minie do as Master wants. Minie see the ring?" the elf asked, holding out it's hand.

This is just too easy, I thought as I dropped the ring into the outstretched hand. As it landed in the elf's palm, it immediately glowed a bright for a brief moment and then faded back to it's original color as the elf offered it back to me.

"Minie hopes Potter likes it." the elf said.

It was a simple statement, but it made my jaw drop nonetheless. I could only stare at the elf as it went back to it's work.

"You tell anyone, and I mean anyone, about this Minie, and I know what you'll be getting for Christmas!" I shouted after it. With that I stormed from the kitchen and back to my room. Once inside the safety of my domain, I crossed to the desk in my common room, sat down, opened the bottom drawer and removed a small chest. Putting my finger to the lock, I waited for a few seconds. The lock sprang with a slight click and I opened the chest, in search of it's contents. A single ring sat nestled in red velvet. A slender silver band with a single stone embedded in the center. It was an Obsidian, or Black Diamond, much as the Ruby is a Red Diamond. Removing it from the chest, I slid it onto the ring finger on my left hand. Pointing it at the newly formed ring, I whispered a single word under my breath. Both rings glowed bright white for an instant before returning to their original state. Smiling, I then began to write a letter, although I had no intentions of signing it Draco.

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