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---> A update,

What have I been up to? Well right now I am board out of my skull. Toadwater is moving and is down yet again. And I was so close to makeing Toadwater God... not that any of you care, all you want is smut... I know you! You will be happy to know that I am toying with a few ideas for updates to Dragon Tamer and The Dark Lord's Son. ok and before I forget if he stubles in here a grate big wellcome to Korobatsu! I just fineshed reading your blog ;) odds are if it's online I will find it sooner or later.

I just fineshed tweeking my latest pet project if only I got paid :/ The New toadwater stats page!

I am still working on my three books. maybe planing three at a time was a bad idea... but all three ideas where too good to pass on. oh well maybe one will make it and rack in a few $$$.

why haven't I posted on my livejurnal? err who knows what kind of sicko would read that and follow me home!! oh yea guess I should be posting here eather... you people arn't much better. But never you mind anyway I'm just fishing for excuses. I still have to find out what I am going to say to my mum when she stumbles in here. want a tip? never tell your mom your online pin name. even if your dieing.

PS: If people start calling me Black Bunny, or Bunny. it's just a nick that I aquired like 'Cali'. *grins* till the next update make sure you have fun!

PPS: the metric time stamp at the top is for Qill *winks*

-fw viper

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Ladys and Gents, I work hard for the reviews I get. I do not get paid for writing nor do I think I am THAT good. However I do love to read reviews and reviews do help me to wright faster. When a story dose not get any reviews I tend to forget about it. "Stained" my first peace and one of my longest has not been updated in over a year and I have gotten about 1 review in the 2 to 3 years it has been online. So all I ask is you take 2 mins and fill out a review after you finesh reading one of my stories, The link is at the bottom of EVERY page so you don't even have to be on the page the story is on, thank you.

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