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Chapter 03:

That Morning 7:00 AM

"Jason! Get moving or you will be late!" she was at it again. She would always come to my room and wake me up then yell at me for the next 30 mins till I finely rolled out of bed to get dreast and this day was no different.

I rolled over onto my side and looked around the room. I don't know why but I felt as if someone was watching me. Thow I don't know why or who there was no window in my room and I was facing the door and no one was there. I saw a face! In the blink of an eye it was there then gone. As I closed my Eyes for the briefest time I saw his face. It was as clear as if he was in the room, but he look happy Sam never looked happy content but not happy. As Quickly as I closed my eyes and saw his face I opened them again still facing the door. My pults had quickened just seeing him had that effect on me. Thow I was sure he did not know I was even alive. I frowned as that reality downed on me.

Since I can remember I have been able to sense things about people. Little things like Emotions it was no different with Sam but it was different. Oh I don't know what I mean, I mean I could sense pain, fear, love, and hate but not as separate emotions no it was waved into one. I had dreamed of my Sam more then once wondering what could possibly cause him to feel there emotions and being able to feel emotions helped my to recognize mine so I knew I was in love with him. Madly in love I would have given him my soul and body if he where to only ask. Because he was such a mess of emotions I could never tell if he shared my love so I was afraid to confess mine to him.

I tried so hard to become one of his friends. But the 'click' he fit into had labeled me since oh way to long as 'gay' 'uncool' 'strange' 'demon' I don't know why I never let on about my interest in any of the guys at my school Thow there where a few times that I stole a glance or two. As for uncool I gess it is because I am not very athletic I mean I play some sports and I have fun doing it but I am not really that good. I gess Strange and demon where reference to my uncanny way with emotions if someone was sad I tried to make them fill better if someone was angry I stayed away if two people fell in love I tried to bring them together... come to think of it maybe that is why they called me 'gay' as well. So no matter how much I tried to become his fried thows he hung around with insulted me or where to afraid of me and just turned around and left when I got close usly with Sam following close behind them. So over time I just gave in and keeped my distens. I did invite him to my 11th birthday party but he told me he had to do some aronds for his parents. I could sense that he was not liying to me but he was holding something back. I figure now that I think about it that he was using that as an exuses.

"Jason don't make me go in there to wake you up again!" this time her voce had woke me not from sleep but of my fantasies I knew I could never forful with my Sam. I slowly got out of my bed and walked over to my door and with one hand I took my robe that hung there off and with the other hand I opened the door. I just got the robe on as I saw my mother coming down the hall with a glass of water no doubt to carry out her threat. "Oh your awake" she smiled at me. With her it was the same I could see the smile but I felt the fear behind it she knew of my uncanny gift. I mean how could she miss it when she was sad I felt with such a degree that I was sad when she got angry I got angry. I gess it was because she was my mother that I could toon into her emotions easier. But it was a dead give away that I was different and she was a little afraid not much but it was still there.

I returned her smile not saying a word and head strat to the bathroom where I would take care of that morning erge. After I finished that I grabed a Quick shower and got drest. Now I am 2 years older then Sam or at lest I am 2 grads above him in school so it was not like I was going to see a lot of him today or any day for that matter but that did not stop me from leaving to school erly in hopes he may be there. After the walk to school I would have ridden my bike but every time I do that someone, I have my suspicions, slices my tiers and I have to walk home with my bike anyway so what the point and I live to close to take the buss and both my parents are to bissy to take me. Its not like it is a long walk and my father says it is good for me.

As I got to school I whint to where I knew I could see Sam get of the buss as he got to school. I was siting here all day yesterday and he did not get off his buss. He was running late again and I knew he would catch all holy hell from the principle. I felt bad all day that day and me not seeing him all day that day was even worse I learned latter that day he had gone home erly even before the bell rang for 2nd pearod. I was disappointed I would not see him all day that day but I managed to live and I was hart sick that he was filling ill. I gess I was frowning now because I got a strange look from an another one of the kids as he passed me to go in the school building.

After what I constered a lifetime I finely saw his buss pull up. I was so eager just to see him I mean it was not like he was even going to talk to me shake my hand hell even look at me. But I would see him I would snece that happiness I sneced this morning when I got up that alone made me what the half hour for his buss to show up. I was starting to tremble just slitly as the kids started fileing out. One after a another I saw a few of his friends all of them talking to each other I was sure he would be behind them or even in there little conversion. What would they be talking about? I waited patiently finely the group was off the buss as it passed me I was looking at them but my Sam was nowhere to be found in that group. I quickly turned my attention back to the buss slightly fearful that I had missed him come out why his friends passed and I was watching them. I watched the buss until it was empty of all of its passengers, then beaten I turned to go into the building to get ready for my 1st class of the day. I knew that Sam was in trouble if he did not make it to school on time it would be his 11th time. I knew after all I was keeping track then it hit me I knew exactly why I did not see him it was odveas he was suspended for being tarty (late) so many times! Oh now I really walked to my 1st class beaten this would mean that I had at lest a week to go before I could see him again. I really debated weather or not I could skip school dering that time. But decided against it at lest school would help me keep my mind some what occupied.

School passed rather quickly after I acutely started thinking about school and not Sam. I was hard to do beleve me every time I tried to think about my work I saw his face. But now on my way home it really hit me how madly in love I was with him and a little made at him to. I was walking down the rode and as I got to the cross walk I was to deep into my thouts of Sam, more to the point what I was going to do when I got home alone, that I forgot to stop at the cross walk and on top of that I forgot to look. If it was not to the driver's quick reflexes and good anti lock brakes I am sure I would be been now. The driver had a few chose words that he used at the moment and he called me a few unpleasant names, but I was used to it by now and it was my fault after all well Sam's fault to but he did not know that and how could he know how important he was to me. After all I was too much of a coward to tell him and. I must have been frowning when I walked throw the front door to where I lived. Because I could fill my mother sadden as she looked at me. "How was your day?" it always the same question every day and I always gave the same answer you would think by now she would learn this and not ask. "OK" I stated as I head for my living room a little upset. Not at my mother not at my father not as Sam but at my self.

Latter that night at dusk (sunset)


I was starting to fall asleep but then it happened. I was looking at my Sam he was liying in bed he has just turned over. The bed looked so soft and so BIG I emedintly got the impression he was rich. This made me even sadder then I was after I got home from school accusing myself of being a 'stocker' because I knew my chases of being with my Sam just whint from slim to none.

(Samuel Knight)

I could fill someone with me close. Looking at me I was still to tiered to roll onto my back and look to see whom it was. It took all my strength to roll onto my tummy where I was more comfortable laying on my silk cloud. Oh how I prayed it was my angel come to lay with me in my bed. But in a way this person felt difret... almost like like "Jason!" I shouted out fully awake now as I Darted up looking at where I thout he was.


My Eyes opened I had woke up from a dream still trying to decide whether it was a nightmare or fantasy. Oh he was so beautiful and cute! Laying on his mound of silk. Better yet he knew my name. I knew now I was grinning to my self as I got up to use the bathroom.

(Samuel Knight)

Nothing there and the filling of being watched left me as well. I had nearly forgotten about the boy that watched over me in school. I once or twice tried to get some free time to talk to him but my friends where always there. Well I gess some might call them friends the only reason they "let" me hang around with them is because they knew they could get me to do almost anything they wanted and they could get me to do there homework. Oh I let the thot go as fast as it came. As I lay back down to go to sleep.


I was returning from the bathroom when I felt strange, my thouts where always on Sam sometime I was concentrated on him so much I felt his emotions instead of my own, as if I was anticipating something almost a filling of longing almost like someone took away my favorite toy and would not give it back excepted much more powerful. I returned to my bed for the night confused.

(Samuel Knight)

After about only a half-hour I found it becoming hard to sleep anymore. I don't know what wrong with me I sleep all day and am awake all night. Last night was fun and all but now I have some Questions I need answers to. Like where am I? How did I get here? Why am I here? The last thing I remember was jumping of a bridge after sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night the only thing I could think of was the next day at school and my fathers kicks into my ribs that I am sure where broken. Then I wake up here in this room to be meet by a very rich man and my angel. Deep down inside it hit me I miss Jason I began wishing I was still home so I could at lest see him at school but then again school was the last place I wanted to be. Maybe this new day will bring some of the answers I am looking for.

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