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"The Stained"
Chapter 06
Unfamiliar Ground

Samuel Knight

The events in my short life prepared me for what happened, but definitely not for what followed. How can I explain it? It is like a dream now clouded in time but it was so clear then and I was so confused. What is Love? I once thought I knew. But did I? Oh if only I had someone to explain it.

Vladimier's head landed on the ground and rolled over to Raven's feet. Raven looked up from the gruesome site and ran over to me holding me in a tight hug. He keep repeating his thanks for not only killing his worst enemy but for saving his life (Not that it was intentional you understand). My mind keep going over and over the battle to see if there was some way that Vladimier got out of this even though I saw his body I also read his tomes others many times before have been fold over his death and he has come back to kill all the parties involved so my mind would not left it rest. Even as Raven was hugging the breath out of me and kissing my face feverishly my mind keep drifting back to the battle. What if Vladimier got in are minds and we where all imagining this? What if he cast a spell of illusion? What if that was not really Vladimier? It was all to much even though I had killed the man that caused me so much pain over the time I was with him I got no satisfaction because the fear he was or could come back and it would just start all over again. I finally snapped myself out of it and looked into Raven's Eyes.

"Can I have his sword now?" he looked at me with a bit of humor and put me down apparently in his hugging fits he picked me a good 3 feet off the ground. He then walked over to the body and took the "Fire Lion" off Vladimier and brought it over to me.

"Your Emperor will be happy." He looked at the blade as he handed it to me, hilt first.

"Your not happy milord?"

"Don't call me Lord child"


"Because it makes me fill old."

"But you are old." he just smiled at me.

"Come inside son and we will have something to eat and talk about how your going to get home." for some reason I did not fill like going back to that big house Vinc told me was home. I did not even want to see that man again but I guess I am doomed to after all we serve the same Emperor. But that dose not mean I have to live with him.

"I don't think I want to go home. But I do want to see Emperor Kain!" Raven stopped when he heard the name.


"Yea..." something was wrung I knew it.

"You have my Crest?" I pulled out the blood crest that was tucked underneath my shirt and handed it to him. He just looked at me in shock.

"Did I do something wrong?"


The Raven

What's happening to me? This little boy this little Vampire has just killed my Enemy returned my most prized possession and asked of nothing in return. Was it love I was filling? Surly not. I mean he is only a boy... he may be immortal but he is still only 13 at most. Though he acts much older some times. Raven damn it he is a child stop it!



"What was your name in life?"

"Samuel Knight" The way he spoke the last word his last name the one that should bring pride hinted a loathing a hate only one who has been wounded over a long time could have. We walked the rest of the way into my keep in silent as I thought of what to do next. I wanted to give the boy some sort of gift for his bravery here and to show my appreciation and it had to be extra good because of his selflessness. But I had to make sure that it is something HE would use because he is selfless. A hard task I would guess for any man. But most of all I needed to find a way to brake the news to him preferably gently.

Samuel Knight

We walked into the keep I noticed a sine next to the gates with the words "niyin khaliizi" Carved on it. I made it a point to ask Raven what it meant latter. When we got inside Raven told me to have a look around why he took care of some things and left me there in the main room of his keep. I did not want to be nosy so wondering around was out of the question instead I found a seat to sit on and began thinking. My plain only had one real flaw in it. A way home. I assumed that Raven could use his Blood Crest to send me home but I have no right to ask him for that. I was deep in thought of how I could find a way home when I herd someone beside me.

"Milord Clance will see you in the dinning room." The Slave girl left as soon as she had appeared only saying them words. Then I assumed (risky business) that Clance was Raven if I was wrong then I will find out soon enough as I got up the dinning room was not hard to find just follow the smells. As you may or may not know I have no real need for food. I still at times eat .It don't hurt for me to do so though my taste buds are dead so it is all bland as hell, but sometime that can be a blessing.

Walking in the room I see Raven across the room siting at the head of the table a glass full of a red liquid in his hand. As I got closer I just stated simply. "So your name is Clance?"


"Ahh nice name" I smiled at him and took a set. Seeing all the food on the table I said the only other words that came to mind "Who's all this food for I am not really all that hungry." he just laugh and smiled

"It is for my servants and those I look after." I started looking around.

"But I only see you and me milord"

"When I call for them they will come. But I thought we should have some time to talk alone before we invite the mortals to dinner."


Vincent Vanguard
Sub Chapter 1
"Mistake" place: Toril

I stepped quickly throw the city of Shadowdale (at night). It is not a big city but there are lots of adventures about and the last thing I was in the mood to do was run into a Cleric, Paladin, or Necromancer. So I moved Quickly I picked up on his sent almost immanently the 9 year old boy. I moved in I did not want him dead no if I was going to use him as leverage over Vladimier I would need him alive. I slowly moved toward him. I knew that this would be easy as long as that meddling old man stayed out of it. I REALY did not want to find out if Elimenster was really as good as legend has deemed he is. Slowly, Slowly I was just about to reach out and take his arm when he turned to face me. *Leave me alone* it rang throw my mind like a hammer hitting a gong it was so loud I lost my balance and fell onto my back holding my ears. The boy moved to be directly over me. *You are all the same. You come to hurt me because of something HE has done. HAVENT YOU! * I was in pain and he was only getting louder this boy has a strong mind for a mortal for him to be able to do this to an immortal.

"I mean you no harm. Please stop your attacks on my mind"

*If I do what is my grantee you will leave me be*

"Erg boy you have my word!"

*Your lying you intend to grab me the second I stop. You're forgetting I can read your thoughts! * Clever boy...

"Please stop or I will have to hurt you to get you to stop" this was wired he made the movements as if he was laughing but no sound left his lips. "Your mute?"

*What is it to you Vampire? Is my blood spoiled because I have no voce? *

"Listen I need your help apparently I will get no wear trying to force you to come with me so how about I ask?" after I finished my senates he released his hold on my mind as the world around me stopped spinning I slowly got to my feet if I moved to quickly I would have probably fell back down again.

*Well? *

"Your Father has my Sera's Sera and I am ordered by the Emperor of my kind to get him back. I was hoping to trade you for him.

*You would bargain me of for this other person? I am to take their place in this gilded cage? I think not! *

"He is your father he would let you go"

*Yes he would but I don't like the reason he has the boy in the first place*

"How do you know how he got the boy and how did you know it was a boy?"

*Because I am in your head... I can also tell you want color undergarment your wearing* he smiled at me it was truly unnerving!

Samuel Knight

"We can't sit here in silence all day." Raven spoke, as he looked me into the eyes.

"Your the one who said we should talk" I smiled I was actually using the Quite time to think about how to get back home.

"So how do you plain on getting back to Earth?" we he just had to pick that topic didn't he.

"Dunno I did not think that fare into advanced..." here I go it is ether now or never. "I don't suppose you could used your blood Crest to send me back?" He frowned at me as he looked at the crest that was still in his hand.

"I can only open gate to places I have been places I have seen... I have never been nor seen Earth..." This hit me like a brick and I am sure all the blood I did have in me drained right out.

"I am sorry" was all he could think to say as I shook the shock from my system.

"Not your fault..." I looked away why asking "Do you know of anyone who could get me to Earth?" I looked away so he would have to answer aloud instead of nodding (yes) or shaking his head (no) and it worked too.


"So I am stuck here?"

"Yes" I was beginning to tear up so I just stood up and left the table I did not want Raven to see my cry.


*Well I blew that didn't I? * I directed my thoughts to my newest fledgling that was standing in the shadows the hole time.

*Master Can I keep him? *

*NO! You absolutely can not! * I was shocked

*Its no fare you always get the good ones! *

*There is reasons I am Master and you are fledgling remember that little one*

*Will he be staying here with us? *

*Well that is up to him don't you think? *

*No I don't... I didn't have a chose! *

*You didn't save my life and kill my worst enemy and return to me my most prized possession. *

*I am sleeping in my own room tonight and then we will see who dose more! * With that last thought pictures came with it and I could not help but smile.

*That my little friend was not MY suggestion. Remember who came to whom. And since when did you have your own room? *

Vincent Vanguard
Sub Chapter 2
"Fear" place: Toril

I was slipping into rage slowly I had unconsely let go of it when I was raced with mental pain and I never reestablished the barriers when he released me and I was avoiding the topic in my mind so he would not read it.

*Your hiding something*

"Every man hides something..." I used my training to push something further back then the Rage thought, what would I not mind this boy knowing that is still considered a secret to guard...

*I will know all your secrets Vampire*


*So that I know weather I am in danger or...* his voce treaded of as I entered Rage it was faster then normal and my movements where that of a immortal Lord to fast for even the mind to keep up and I was on him. Like all of my kind I have no control over what happens in my rage though I have never killed a child in one. Wounded them yes but for some reason never killed. I turned Jessie in a rage it was a accident he brought it out of me one night to this day I think he did it intentionally he know it was the only way I would turn a child. My rage broke with that thought and the boy of 9 lay limp in my hands breathing shallowly but still breathing. All I could think of on the return trip to Earth was the fear of what would have happened if I turned a PenDragon.

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