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Chapter 01:
The Stranger and the Slave

Day 1

"Damn the winter wind!" I wrap myself up in my bear skin coat that I made myself. Yet still freezing in the frozen tundra that I am now on. Making my way to the village of Omna to trade my furs for some coin and supplies for my cabin out in the tundra. You might say you live in the tundra, how can you call it cold? One never gets 100% use to this weather. True I am not affected by it as much as most but there are still days I would prefer to be at home in my cabin in front of a roaring fire, and I would be too if my food supply had not run out! So earlier that day I readied my mount and my hunting wolf and hawk for a trip to the village. You say why not leave them at home where they belong. Because the trip will take me 2 weeks to make and no animal can live out on the tundra for 2 weeks alone. My hawk at the moment is high above me where the cold winds are not as powerful, lucky bird, my wolf is following slightly behind me using me and my horse to block the blizzard winds. I with my heavy coat raped title around me mounted on a horse that has blankets and a mask to keep it protected. My saddlebags and supply pack are loaded to the brim for the journey. I will buy a sled and have my wolf drag it back or the horse I have not decided yet.

I spotted a spot that would make a good spot to stop for the night. The closer I got the more I liked it. I let out a wassail and my hawk landed on my arm. I put the hawk on a tree branch near my horse and dismounted putting the rains on the same tree. My wolf gone from my side probably scouting the surrounding area. I unsheathed my two-handed sword from the mount and whit about making fire wood of the few trees that where around. Finding a place that was shield from the winds and clearing it of snow was the hard part. Just as I got the firewood prepared and was ready to light my fire and got somewhat warm my wolf returned. I could tell that he had found something and wanted me to follow by the way he was wining at me.

My wolf brought me to a small clearing where I could see a young boy huddled against a tree his arms wrapped around his knees in a futile attempt to get warm. He had fallen asleep there shivering his hare's color destroyed by a combination a dirt and snow. His eyes closed his skin very peal he was wearing nothing and turning a very deep shade of blue. Not caring about wasting strength for the journey now I turned around where my unlit fire is off in a another clearing I point my hand in that direction and a spark flies from my finger to the unlit file I then quickly move over to the child and pick him up. He is very thin and ways almost nothing and is as cold as Ice. I as quickly as I can make my way over to the now roaring magical fire I place the boy as closely as I can to it without actually putting him into it.

"Kare lay with the boy!" I command why pointing at the boy instantly my wolf goes over to the boy and lays close. "Dart! Find me pray!" the big hawk takes flight. I move over to my mount and pull my Iron Long bow and its Quiver from the horse and mount. Just as I mount I can here my Hawk calling from over head. I make my way to the hawk's direction and see the pray the Hawk had spotted, a polar bear. Normally I would not bother with such a large animal the fur is usually useless after a fight with a polar for it is usually to slashed up with my two-handed sword to be worth anything and its meet is to tough to eat, but at the moment I have a boy in need of cloths and a meal and I have nether the bear will have to do. I take aim with my bow the bear has its back to me. I also ready my quiver for fast fire if I am lucky I can get 4 arrows off before I have to engage it in melee combat. I release the first arrow it wassails to its target as I draw my second arrow. I release the second arrow as the first arrow hits. I then draw my third arrow as the bear turns viciously to find its presser and my 2nd arrow wassails toward the bear. I release my third arrow as the second arrow hits the bear in the head but not a lethal hit as the bear charges for me. My third arrow beers down on its target as I pull the forth arrow I was wrong however the third arrow hit the bear in the eye but the bear still had momentum enough to claw my chest knocking me from my horse.

I get up from the ground and run my left hand over the wound stopping the bleeding and set myself to skinning the bear. I skin the bear and take a large section of meat from it as well and head back to my fire. I was lucky to get its fur all in tact. I got back to the fire and the boy was still asleep I sat on the ground next to him humming an old song I know to myself as I go about drying the fur and cooking the food. Why the food is cooking and the fur is drying I go back and start dragging the rest of the bear to the fire, I watch the boy sleep he will do so for at lest 2 or 3 days but that will not stop me from feeding him! I melt some of the snow with the fire and latterly dice some of the cooked meat and set myself to force feeding the boy. The meat was not as important as the water and a good thing to because it is a lot harder to get him to swallow solids rather then liquids.

Day 2-4

For the next 2 days why the boys sleep I set about feeding my hawk and horse and keeping them with water the bear supplied the food the Ice and snow the water my magical fire was starting to run its toll but I worked on I had managed to turn the bears fur into a nice pare of britches and tunic for the boy along with a clock. The buttons and fasteners for all of the garments where carved of the bears bone but the boy would not know that unless he asked me for I do good work. After all I have been making my own clothing for years now. After dressing the boy I risked a little sleep taking my wolfs spot as my wolf got up to guard why I sleep thing is if I sleep the fire will die without my mind to maintain it, so I move close to the boy and wrap my clock around him plus his it should be enough warmth. It did not take me to fall asleep with the gentle rhythm of his breathing next to me.

I wake as I hear a moan the boy is wakening up. I pretend to be asleep as he throws the clock off of him probably to hot with both clocks on but as soon as it is off and the wind hits his hands he tugs it back on making a audible shudder I laugh a little making him jump up and way from me forgetting all about the cold wind and air or the fact he don't have no shoes or sandals on and he is standing in cold snow. "W-w-who ar-e-e y-o-ou" he lets out as a gust of wind hits his face.

"Not accustom to the cold?" I get into a siting position slowly.


"What where you doing out here in the middle of the tundra with no cloths on boy?"

"I don't know" he is still clenching his teeth but he has seemed to stop shivering some.

"Where do you live and who are your parents?" He looked to the sky and I knew there was something he was holding back.

"D-did you touch my s-skin?" fear was shaking his voce now.

I decided a lie might be in good order here. "no... Why?" his eyes squinted at me as if he did not believe what I was saying for the first time I got a look at his big RED eyes. I felt my jaw slack a bit but emedently closed it.

"You did I can fill it you did touch me!"

"You have red eyes" I started to get up it was his turn for his jaw to drop.

"Of cores I have RED eyes ALL Atherens have RED eyes!"

"Atherens? Is that where you're from some, place called Atheren?"

"NO!" he was just getting madder and madder and I don't have a clue why.

"Don't get upset I am just trying to help you"

"Help me?! You INSLAVED me!"

"Enslaved you? How did I do that?"

"By touching me!"

"I told you I did not touch you!"

"Then why can I fill your magic in me, Battle mage!" my eyes narrowed in defense and my magic levels shot up it has been a VERY long times since I have been called a battle mage.

"Maybe because it was my magic that healed your hypothermia Esper (a being a pure magic)!"

"You mean you did not enslave me?" he has this really cute guilty look on his face.

"I am no longer a Battle mage and am in NO need of a Esper to feed!" I turned my back on him "I will help you get to wherever you call home but after that you and me part ways"

"You don't like me?"

"I don't like magic"

"But you're a battle mage!"

"I WAS a battle mage, I am a hunter now"

"Oh... you don't have to help me if you don't want to..." I turned to face him again.

"Once I saved your life I was bound to keep in until you are safe or until you're old enough to fend for yourself" I looked him over. "I don't know how old you are but it is not old enough to survive the tundra alone so you're not safe"

"You should of let me die then"

"If I was still a Battle mage I probably would have"

"You are going to hate me even more."

"Oh why is that?"

"I don't have a home."

"Your a Esper all Espers have a home!"

"I was Banished from my home." his voce trembled

"Banished? What did you do to get banished to the tundra?"

"I was not banished to the tundra."

"Oh then why are you here?"

"Because I have been giving to the Phoenix Battle Mage."

Sounding a little shocked my Battle Mage Crest IS the Phoenix! "Why?"

"For saving my fathers life it seems this Battle mage summoned a Phoenix to fight the demon that was attacking my father. When my father turned to think the mage he was gone his summon gone with him." My hand whit to a pouch on my belt where I keep my summoning gems.

"Then you do have a home and I can take you to it." I look over to my mount. "But you where wrong I don't hate you more as a matter of fact I don't hate you at all. No I pity you for having to live with a magic hating bitter old battle mage!" I started for my horse.

"Can't be as bad as you!" He watched me as I mounted my horse and turned to face him.

"Come on boy up you go" He slowly walks over to me and I lift him into a seated position behind me "hold on this is going to be a long ride."

"You're a Battle mage! Why ride when you can gate?"

I sigh. "Have you not been listening boy? I HATE magic therefore I go out of my way NOT to use it!" I sure the horse on and we are off

I Keep the horse at a speed I knew it could handle we covered a lot of terrain. Even though I had I boy in tow I was not likely to get rid of him anytime soon I still had to make it to town to get my supplies. But the boy just seemed to love to talk.

"So do you know the Phoenix Battle Mage?"

"You could say that..." I detest my old like I am no longer the man known as 'The Claw of the Phoenix' it almost seems a life time ago that I served the crown of Tolow as High Battle Mage. I single tear freezes to my cheek as I replay the reasons I am a Hunter out in the middle of the Tundra.

I was 40 then or at lest I looked 40 in all reality I was closer to 400 you see I learned a way to cheat death as far as time was concerned. I would steal what time my victims had left if a man was 20 I would age him till he was 80 or so and store them years feeding off them instead of my own. That is only one of the things of my old life I hate. I slottered men and women for no reason if they got in the way of my magic research. Yes I was the most powerful battle mage but that was because I was not afraid to TAKE what I needed in order to complete my research of a new spell often testing spells on slaves that had been taken from a war or some such triumph. It probably would not had mattered much but I usly did the tests on the most 'innocent' of the slaves. I only released the folly of my ways in battle.

My attention was brought back to earth by the boy. "I don't even know your name! What should I call you?"


"Just V?"

"Yes just V"


"And what should I call you Esper?"

"I can't tell you my name"

I laugh to myself for I know if he where to tell me his name then I would have control over him the ways of magical creators are sometimes strange. "What of this Stranger the Phoenix Battle mage? Surly he is not to go around calling you Esper or boy?"

"I told you I am his... so he can know my name."

"Your people banish you and you blindly do as they say? I mean why go serve some Battle mage blindly for a people who have disowned you?"

"It is not my place to question my father..."

"Arg boy! Can't you think for yourself?"

"I do think for myself! I think that maybe the Battle mage I seek will be nice and I will not have to ever worry about starving and freezing or fighting. I am lucky really."

I laugh again "What if this battle mage wants NOTHING to do with you?"

"Why wouldn't he I can increase his power! No battle mage would turn THAT down!"

"We will see little one we will see" With that I stopped my horse and dismounted. We will camp here for the night. The boy looked around as he slid of the horse. After doing so the horse walked off I did not even bother to stop it. "Don't wander to fare Fire" The boys eyes whit wide at the use of the name I ignored it and whit over to build a fire.

"C-can I s-see your c-crest?" I look up at the boy who is now shivering in his warm bear skin clock.

"You will not like what you see" he moved over to me as I remove my clock and then the top of my tunic so the boy could see the Crest of my Mage house burned into my flesh. He literally jumped back after seeing it as I replaced my runic and clock.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you're looking for the Phoenix Battle mage"

"But you ARE the Phoenix Battle mage!"

"No he died a long time ago. I am V the Hunter"

"All the same I am yours" He looked down to the snow. I laugh again and he looks up and looks me strait in the eyes. "What is funny!"

"Why where you exiled? And sent to a mage that don't like magic?" he murmured something I could not make out. "A little louder" he murmured it again a little louder but I still could not here and I have a hunters ears I could hear my prays foot falls 200 yards off. "Sorry a little louder if you would." in a barely audible whisper "I don't know how to use magic." I latterly almost fell into the fire I was lighting I was laughing so hard. When I was finally able to stop laughing I looked over at him he was staring intensely at his feet and his face has taken on a new shade of red. "You're made of magic! How is it possible you can't use that magic?" he just shrugged. I just smiled at him but his eyes did not leave his feet so I am sure he did not see me. "FIRE, DART, KARE!" the three animals moved over to me and the boy looked up. "I am going to use a little of my magic. I am sick of this journey and I need to get to town so I can see what color hare my little Esper has." the boy was about to speck but I held up a hand and he shut his mouth. I looked over to the sun set holding my hand over to the sun I chimed "Wind, Earth, Fire, water" I continued to chant this the wind began to blow very fiercely and the boy titend his grip on the whit fur bear skin clock that was around him. My eyes closed and I envisioned the town I wished to go to. Not the small village that would take me a week to get to no. I imagined the Capital of Tolow (incidentally the city is called Tolow).

When I opened my eyes we where standing just outside the city gates of the city that I once called home. It is considerably warmer here. I caught the eye of one of the guards with my appearing act as he walked over to me his hands on his sword. "Sir Magic is forbidden here!" he barked at me.

My son a High Knight at the time had lead an army against the kingdom in the final battle of that war I faced my son one on one. I managed to win the battle thus killed my son, I held in the emotion as I looked at the chiseled face of the guard. That is what sent me to the tundra because even though my son fell his army was victors I was imprisoned for all my 'evil acts' and magic was banned all over in the lands of Tolow. I put myself into an ageless trance when I was imprisoned I whit to sleep the day of imprisonment and woke up the day of my release and had not aged a day. They tried throwing my back into prison saying it was magic but its not. Even the monks in the area who can't use magic go into that trance and that is where I learned it. I was free to live among the people of Tolow having served my time but I couldn't bring myself to do it. My son's memory hung to heavy. I hated myself for killing him and released during my final blow to him I was evil.

"I am sorry sir. I will pay any fine there is for using magic. I had forgotten the ban" I smile at him.

"Your aloud one warning I will record your name and if you are caught doing it again it is 5 years of labor as the fine" he eyed me with general dislike. "Your name sir"


"Your FULL name sir!" I guess it was the way he said it. Oh well I guess if he really wants to know.

"VeVe Van Claw, The Claw of the Phoenix!" I watched with mild amusement as all the blood drained from his face and he took a step back. Though it has been about 20 years since I have been here I guess my name is still regarded in fear. He quickly darted over to his guard post eyeing me suspiciously. "I Ride you walk" I said as I looked over to the boy. I stood in the guard's line of site my back blocking his views I as I waved my hand over the boy's eyes whispering a single word. Then I stood up after kneeling to cast the spell. "Take off your clock." he did so and I draped it over the horse as I mounted.

"Where are we going?"

"My keep"

"You have a keep? Then why where you living out in the tundra!"

"I shard the keep at one time with my son. Until now I have had no reason to return to it." I spurred my horse to move the boy (with blue eyes now) and wolf and hawk following me. We did not get 100 yards into the city before we where surrounded by 5 Knights and 2 Lower Solders and 1 Hunter Killer. (A new type of mage that's soul job is to hunt down and kill those that brake the no magic law and they are aloud to use magic why doing to.) "Can I help you?" I asked what looked like their leader.

"Are you Lord Van Claw?" I simply nod. "You are to come with us to see the king at once!"

"Tell your King I will see him day after tomorrow! I must get to my Keep and get things in Order" I look down at the boy. "I have been gone 20 years I imagine that my keep is in disarray for being unkempt for 20 years that and me and my slave" I am still looking at the boy "need to prepare to see him I would not want to insult the king by showing up as is" I eye the Knight that is talking to me.

"You have NO keep! I was seized after you left!" he eyed me a grin on his face.

"How can you seize something you can't even enter" I smile back at him. And he whit peal "I assure you weather the land is in my name or not I am the ONLY one that can enter the keep so it is still mine."

"You are still coming with us to see the King!"

"State the specifics of the law of no magic!" I asked.

"You can't cast any spell within the land" I smile as I pull out a crystal the boy's eyes go wide.

"I will see the king tomorrow if you continue to stand in my path I will be forced to defend myself!" they looked me over I am pretty sure they have no clue as to what the crystal is but I am no small man 10 years of hunting can buff anyone up.

"You had better make good on that or the hole garrison will sedge that old think you dare call a keep!" He turned and him and his guards left.

"Come we need to freshen up to before we go see his royal pain in my ass." the boy gasped. As my small group approached the keeps old doors they started vibrating with my area as I closed in on him. I still had the crystal in my hand and put it up to the door as it swung open. I lead the boy though the big keep I saw him trying to memorize as much of it as possible as I lead him to a room.

"You don't like you king do you Master?" I gave the boy a sharp look when I herd the word Master.

"Now that you know who I am you can tell me your name so I don't have to call you boy or Esper all the time."

"I was named after you my name is VeVe the Phoenix." He suddenly became very interested in his feet.

"As I said before I disdain magic now and it's a good thing you can't use it. You can look around this room and put something on that is not to woodsy..." he started to look around the room.

"After you bath and clean up. You will find the bath behind that door over there" I point to a door. "You will have to heat your own water."

"But I don't know how"

"You have to learn some time" With them words I turned on my hell and left little V in the room as the door shut I herd the click of the lock.

I am sure the Esper dose not know or dose not care but I can fill the link forming between us. He is merging his magic with mine without even knowing it. I smile as I walk to my study the place I have spent countless hours researching new spells and finding new ways of casting old ones. For the briefest of moments I miss the old days when the study of the arcane path as fun and full of joy. The days of my youth when I was just learning.

A boy with Fiery Red hear and pricing red eyes, of the age of 10 or 11. Walking on his way to one of his Tutors to learn how to clear his mind and prepare it for casting. He has been going to such lessons for 2 years now he started much earlier then most mages do in there studies. But he has a powerful father and a rich family to back him.

VeVe loved ever thing that was magic the way it smelled the way it felt and how easy he could command it. He was better then some of h is teachers already and his father has been helping him in his free time. But his father is by fare not a saint he is a very vindictive man that is full of greed and lust. Other the Years his father has killed all emotion in the child other then his love for anything arcane.

The boy is Half Esper and Half Human though more human the Esper he has more power then any Human mage or even Elfin could hope for. His Red eyes are the only Esper trait he got his hair he got from his father. His mother had light blue hear.

As thoughts of my father came to me I punched the closest thing to me. *I am acting just like my father. But I have nor corrupted my son! No but you did not acknowledge him as your son either. * "Err" VeVe Grunted as he left the room he used to love so much and headed to clean up and go to bed.

Day 5

I woke to the smell of cotton candy and a pink frizz in my face. My mind started working again and I found that my left arm is asleep and something rather heavy is laying on it. My mind also told me that the pink frizz is actually hair and it is the source of the smell. I vaguely remember wondering if it tastes like it smells. I knew the Boy was still asleep and I also knew that the link is starting to get VERY strong if I wake up and he is in bed with me. To test it and make sure I am right I give the command in my mind. *Wake! * Just as I thought his eyes shot open almost instantly and he turned to face me. When I fell asleep my spell hiding the true color of his eyes faded and his red eyes where looking right into my eyes.

"You have red eyes too" he smiled at me as he spoke.

"And you have pink hare that spells like candy. Now get off I have to get dressed and so do you." He looked me right in the eyes almost begging me if he could stay. "Go on we have to see the king today remember… wear something black." He slowly started to get of me and head back to where I told him his room was. Or at lest that is where I think he was headed. I forced myself out of my bed and over to my dresser where I got my clothes ready. I to will wear black.

I decided to wear my black fur clock and Black breeches and tunic. With the Van Claw Crest on the clock to hold it on. I then headed out to the supply shed that was round back of the courtyard. As I walked I mused how quite it was with out any servants and or guards rushing to and frow. As I got to the shed I noticed that I was being followed the boy had found me again the link must have been starting to show its self. I was a little sad that he did not know any magic. The fun I could have if he did know magic. I quickly shake off that thought *I hate magic remember! * I quickly retrieved a Black Leather Gorget from The shed.

A Gorget is a pace of armor that fits on the neck most are only made of Iron or still and are a part of a full suite of armor. Leather ones are made and branded with the Crest of the house that had them made to be put around the necks of slaves. Mine are all cured black leather and as soft as silk (dew to a few spells on them.) the crest is in silver and on the back of the Gorget.

I move over to the Ve (which is what I will start calling the boy) he is standing next to a tree outside the shed. I knell down when I am next to him and put the Gorget around his neck.

"What's this?" I start fingering it as soon as I had finished putting it on.

Ve is wearing something similar to what I am wearing. Other then the fact his tunic has no sleeves and is cut with a v in the neck, and instead of breeches he is wearing rather reviling hose. He is also wearing a pare of sandals why I wear heavy leather boots.

I know my wolf whit off in search of trouble and my half probably in search of food. My horse should be wandering the courtyard somewhere, still saddled. I hit my forehead as I remember that.

"Did I do something wrong?" he looks up to me from fingering his new article of clothing.

"Just forgot to take care of Fire before turning in for the night. He will not be a happy horse." I start off in search of Fire and find him drinking from the mote. *That can't be healthy*

"Why not?" I turn back to look at Ve

"Because little one the water is stall and dirty." I mentally cast a spell that will keep Ve from hearing my thoughts unless I direct them at him. As soon as the spell is complete and up the boy latterly launches forward and wraps his arms around me almost afraid I would disappear on him. I can see fear in his eyes as I look down at him as he looks up at me. "There is something your not telling me, what is it Ve?" not braking eye contact with me he nods.

"Espers that can't use magic need a channeler someone who can augment there magic for them." He looked away from me and started watching Fire. "My Father was my channeler but after I was excelled he stopped augmenting my magic for me." He looked back at me with hope in his eyes "When I told you my name I felt your power enter me and start augmenting my magic, but only when I am close to you like my father." He griped me titer "Just now it stopped." He started crying into my tunic. "Please don't stop I will die if you do!"

How could I have been so dumb! Of course he needs someone to moderate his energy its something all mages learn to do before they can even cast spells. Someone who is made of magic must need moderation weather they what to cast spells or not. And of course I started moderating his energy when it started flowing into me. It's an instant; I still moderate my energy even though I very seldom use a spell. When his energy started flowing into me it was moderated sobconcesly. When I blocked out his mind I also blocked out my mind so my subconches stopped moderating his energy. *Oi, I have been out of the game for to long. *

I closed my eyes and muttered the cancel spell and as I did so I felt Ve's grip get titer. "There now all better not I need you to let go of me so I can take care of Fire." Ve finally let go of me all be it reluctantly and I headed over to unsaddle Fire and lead him to the stable where I could get him some proper water and food. After I had taken care of Fire I moved back to the courtyard my little shadow not fare behind.

Not only am I a mage of Battle, a Battle mage. I am also trained in other arts my favorite is summoning. Unlike what some people call summoning its not really summoning a random creature. You have to trap and train the creatures you summon to trap them you must trap them inside a Gem of grate value you train them with your mind. The more practice you have the less time it takes. When you first trap a monster, animal or other thing to be summoned the Gem it is trapped in will glow red over time as your mind joins with it the glow will fad till it no longer glows. Before you can use a gem to trap your creature you must spell it and enchant it to hold the creature for the gem will be its new home. It is recommended you know what type of creature you are going to trap so that you can construct an envierment in the gem for it to live. Once you and the creature are joined it is safe to summon it. If the creature you summon is killed you are weekend by its death some time to the point of death. But the more they fight the stronger they get.

As I got to the center of the courtyard I pulled out a summoning Gem and pointed it at the ground about 15 feet in front of me. I concentrated on the gem and summoned forth my war mount. Ve jumped behind me when he saw it. Espers and Nightmares are natural enemies so it is natural that a child Esper would fear a full-grown female Nightmare.

A Nightmare is a midnight colored stallion. Very sturdy built there hoofs and mane and tell are made of fire. The hooves are a blue flame and the mane and tell are an evil shad of orange. The mount is already armored and saddled my two-handed sword sheathed on it as well but t his is not the sword I use as a hunter no this is the sword I use in combat.

*You summoned master* I hear in my mind *you bring me food* the mare is calm as it eyes the head of the Esper behind me. When the mare mentioned the Esper as food Ve Epee'd in a high pick that almost sounded like a scream. I had to force myself not to laugh.

*Come to me Shadow* the mare starts moving my way the closer shadow got to me the titer Ve's hold on me would become. When Shadow got in arms reach I picked Ve up and put him on the mare's back then swung my self up after. I can fill Ve shake in my arms and I draw him closer with my free arm as I spur the mare on.

The trip to the castle was uneventful other then all the staring the mare got from the peasants. The Guards aloud me in and I left my mare in the courtyard. "Shadow Guard Ve!"

*Guard an Esper?!* The mare demanded in outrage. *Why not tell me to mate with a unicorn why your at it! * I shot Shadow a glare that boles blood. And the mare to a step back. *As your with Claw*

"Ve stay with the Mare." My voce soft and soothing.

"I-if you're sure." Ve choked out. With them words I spun on my hill and headed into the castle only to stop to have the Kings Harold announces my presence to the morning court.

The throne room is as big as I remember it, black marble with silver trim 10 pillars on ether side of red carpet running to the throne. Gold ruins waved into the carpet and enchanted (by me) to ward of harmful magic and render a mage powerless why they stand before the king.

I slowly make my way into the room and bow my head to the king, not kneeling but not disrespecting ether. "You summoned me?" my voce ringing with untold power.

"Why yes VeVe I have been told that in your short time back you have used your power." He is looking me dead in the eyes in the same glare I use to us on him. "I know you know that use of magic is forbidden!"

"It was a temporary laps in judgment I ashore you I will NOT do it again." I shrug "I have not used magic since my banishment and the fall of King Unthar."

"I find that hard to believe VeVe and what have your returned anyway?"

"I have returned to my home my keep. That I am told I don't even own anymore." I shoot a cold glare at the King.

"It has been seized form you because you have failed to pay about 20 years in taxes." He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Oh I have not even been told of the tax let alone been aloud to pay it!" just as the words left my mouth the castle began to shack almost knocking me off my feet.

"All right all right we will give back you keep don't uproot the castle." He panicked to be as I looked around for the source of the quake.

"That" I turn to face the king. "Was NOT me!" I raise an eyebrow to the king.

"If its not YOU then who is it?" right at that moment the court mage bust into the room as he got over to the king the hole castle shook again this time stronger and it though the court mage into the lap of the king. I had the grace not to laugh (something that might have gotten me killed). The court mage righted himself and whispered something in the king's ear and I herd the king take in a sharp intake of air. And whisper loud enough for me to hear. "Not the Necromancy guild!"

"That's not all mileage but I am not strong enough to hold there magic at bay!" the court mage continued "the castle will fall if they continue there attack on us!" At this point in time I could hear sounds of battle coming from outside. *NOOOO! *

"Ve!" after my yell of Ve's name I darted out of the throne room and into the courtyard where I left Ve with Shadow.

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