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Why should I join?

Are you a webmaster with a webpage that has not seen traffic in years? If so you can join Cash Clicking and view other peoples webpages and earn 0.5 credits per a page you view. You can then use them credits to send people to YOUR site!

Are you a fan of Geraldle? Would you like to see more people reading his work? If so join now! For every 1 page you view using Cash Clicking the site will get 0.05 credits toward sending traffic to the site.

More about Cash Clicking (From there webpage)
About is very different than most of the other exchanges you've used in the past.

Cashclicking is an open-market traffic exchange, where members can buy and sell credits from each other. You make the rules! Now get paid for all of your hard work surfing for credits!

As a traffic exchange that allows member to sell back their credits, many members will try to cheat using auto-surfers, emulators and any other way to build up credits. protects members with a variety of anti-cheating techniques, and will make every attempt to stop cheaters. Cheating only hurts what you can sell your credits for in the end if their perceived value is reduced by the ability to cheat for credits.

In the end you the members of Cashclicking can guarantee what you can sell your credits for. If everyone makes an honest effort to look at each member site, and sign-up for programs while surfing for credits, this will ensure that the credits you surf for are worth money!

Cheating, and member abuse can only hurt what credits are worth on

Remember to report suspicious activity immediately. Surf honestly for credits, and sign-up for programs while earning credits. This will ensure that the quality traffic is top notch with real people that are interested in working together will always be the case on

If you want to join Cash Clicking and do not have a site to "promote" but would like to help send traffic to You can send traffic back to use. Use the URL ( ) -Using that url instead of the main URL will help the site conserve Bandwight for users that actuly want to read the stories and NOT just earn credits.

Cash Clicking is a 2:1 Traffic exchange Program. And is the ONLE offical traffic exchange Program that ueses.

All Credits credited to my Cash Clicking acount will be used to send traffic back to

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