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The stories listed below are the children of my mind. Only the greatest of writers have their works outlive them, so they will fade when I go. Hopefully that won't be soon.

I lack a sense of wonder. The Grand Canyon is a hole in the ground. Mt. Everest is a pile of rocks. Scenery that others find beautiful is a simply a group of colors. My reaction to the moon landing was: it's about time.

So I've always needed to get my feelings of wonder through stories and many authors have filled that requirement over the years.

My stories were written for a general audience and I hope children will enjoy them, but alas, a PG-13 rating is needed, for most contain some violence. The violence is never gratuitous, the story requires it or it wouldn't be there, and it is never graphic nor gory. I dislike both when I read so would not inflict it on my readers.

Hopefully with my stories, which are mostly Fantasy and include magic and gods and goddesses and ghosts and werewolves, I can evoke a little sense of wonder, with a bit of a tear here and a bit of a laugh there.

Those marked with a C are completed works, and all works written as a series are made up of stories which are complete in and of themselves and you won't be left with any cliffhangers. For greater clarity they should however be read in sequence. Only Sardi & Toron should be read as one, multi-part novel, and it is finished and complete.

Series Single Stories

|Heron| |Left Hand Path|

|Promise| |Myles and Al|

|Sardi & Toron| C |Mythical Creature|

|Werewolf| |Outcast| C

|Why?| |The Bond|

|World Changer| |The Mummy Returns| C