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New Story!
Posted by: Viper

Story Update!
Quarantine 2
Posted by: Viper
this post is a long time coming. It is about advertising on

Many advertisers are advertising on Tripod, CompactBanner, DarkBlue, absoluteagency, clickheretofind, tradedubler, and MEC. Now I have no controle over the tripod ads the others however I do. The others are here so I can get rid of the tripod ads with time. (the tripod ads are the only ads with popups. (compactBanner has 1 popup on the front page that only efects you 1s every week or something like that)

Now I realy HATE ads and I know you probubly do to but I only hate popups! the banners I can live with. This post is to help webmaster fine advertising that is right for there webpage. If you sign up under me for any of the above compinys (excluding tripod heh) will make more ad revinue and can get rid of the tripod banners and popups faster!

I highly recomend CompactBanner and have placed a banner with my refer url at the bottom of the page. There website is a little confusing but if you have any questions you can ask me at the froum or vea ICQ or email (all found on the left hand navigation area.). -Enjoy! (sorry for the long post but I thought some would like to know and stop spaming me about popups and HELP get rid of them! a donation link can also be found to the left)
Posted by: Viper


Posted by: Viper
ever wondered if you was the only one on the site? well now with the new InLive code added to the index2 page you can see how many visitors are on the site! It can only be found on the index2 page but it will tell you how many visitros are on the intire site excluding the index page and the high band index page. Enjoy the code.

I am allways on a lookout for new and cool codes to help make this page the best on the net. If you know of any email me.

This page is now FFA submited.
Posted by: Viper

Ugh, my watch died it took me longer to figer out the date, sad I know.
Prommise 5
Posted by: Viper
In honer of Septermber Geraldle.Com will fly the US flag (dew to 9.11) I tryed to fly the flast last year but I could not get the coding problums sorted, as you can see they are sorted. *smile* a poll will be coming soon. It has been a while since a story update so I am hoping one is in the making (you will have to ask Geraldle).

Yes I know some of the banner ads are not loading I am working on it. This site is monitered 24/7 just because you don't see a update don't mean I am not keeping it up and 100% fuctunal. Enjoy!
Posted by: Viper

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