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Click on Start Menu, network places, view network connections, choose connection, right click, properties, scroll to find TCP/IP, click TCP/IP, click properties button

 then in the general tab, choose "use the following dns server addresses" and type the following dns servers into the boxes...


open control panel
then network
find your connection, whether it is eternet or wireless, etc, should say TCP/IP (Try the first if you have several listed)
click to select ,then click properties,  you should get a window with several tabs
click DNS configuration
click enable DNS
then type in, click add
then a second one, click add
click OK
then close previous windows
Give your computer a host name (Fred, Bor the Builder, who cares)
You may need your Win98 CD to install drivers and restart your computer
and try to go to You should be able to go to both the site and the game.

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