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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 6:
What the?


-Harry Potter-



"I think you killed him!" I shouted, rushing over to Draco's bedside. Draco just lay there, eyes closed, breathing shallow.
Ron just shrugged it off. "Would serve him right!"
"What was that spell?" I asked, poking Draco in the side, hoping for some reaction.
"Nothing that will kill him, but he'll sleep through the night and I won't have to worry about him being in the same room as me." Ron replied, walking over to his bed and readying himself for the night.
Leaving it is at was, I climbed into bed and listened to Ron do the same.
"Night Ron."
"Night Harry."


-Draco Malfoy-

Sometime around 3 A.M., I awoke, my head swimming in pain and my feet numb. As my eyes tried to focus, I realized that I was surrounded by red and gold. For thirty minutes or so, I lay there, gathering my thoughts. My love for Harry, the gold ring, The Order of the Dragon, the sorting, Ron casting....... It dawned on me! I had been knocked out by one of Ron's spells!
I resolved not to allow him to get one up on me, so I climbed from my bed and made my way quietly to where he lay sound asleep, his breathing measured and slow. His chest rose up and down, up and down, his breath in and out, in and out.
Shaking the last of the cobwebs from my head, I slowly picked up his wand that lay beside him. Pointing at him, I whispered under my breath, "Caseo mailico".
I would have to wait until morning to know if the spell had worked or not, but if it had, Ron would not be casting any spells for a while.
Returning his wand to his side, I returned to my bed as quietly as I had left it. I laid there for an hour or two before deciding to go down to the common room.

The common room was just the way I liked it, deserted. Judging from Ron's greeting for me last night, the remainder of the house would just have to wait their turn to get a piece of me. The time was drawing closer to six A.M. and the early risers would soon start filtering down. I decided to go to the Great Hall.

I sat eating in peace as the other Gryffindors began to arrive, each sitting as far from me as the table would allow. "Locate Potter." I mumbled, closing my eyes and immediately felt Harry's presence. He was headed for the Great Hall. I opened my eyes, canceling the spell, and saw Harry, Ron and Hermione enter.
Harry and Hermione were busily exchanging words, but it seemed as though Ron had little to say. My spell had worked. As they approached the table, both Hermione and Ron glared at me with fury in their eyes. I ignored them and locked eyes with Harry, and I felt a pang of guilt.
Harry and Ron sat across from me and Hermione took the seat next to mine.
"What did you do to Ron?" Harry demanded.
"What did Ron do to me, last night?" I retorted.
Hermione looked from Harry to Ron. "You started this?"
I avoided looking at Hermione as she questioned Ron.
Ron was unable to talk and therefore unable to defend himself. He just looked into his bowl as if to escape from his predicament.
Harry jumped to Ron's defense. "Malfoy was smarting off again and he just pushed Ron too far."
Continuing to eat, I mumbled an apology into my bowl, my head bent low. When I looked up again, the three of them were looking at me as though I had sprouted a second head.
"What was that, Malfoy? I thought I heard you say that you were sorry."
My green eyed god had no idea what effect he was having on my mind. I was divided between jumping across the table and kissing him until he begged for more, and slapping Ron across the side of his head. In the end, my self control won out and I looked at the three of them.
"I said that I was sorry, but only to Harry, not to Ron!" I pulled out a glass jar and set it on the table, readying it for the owl post. Ron was livid. I know that if he had had a voice that I would have learned a few new words. I grinned at him as he assaulted me with unspoken words.
"What's that for?" asked Hermione, attempting to change the subject.
"The Screamer that I am bound to get." I said as coldly as I could muster.
"What do you mean that you're sorry to me and not to Ron?" Sometimes Harry could be so slow!
"I'm sorry that I had to mute your little friend so that he couldn't cast any more of his viscous spells on me. I looked up in time to see a piece of red mail making it's way towards me. "The spell will fade after twelve hours or if the owner of the wand used to perform the curse, casts the counter." I grabbed the letter, opened the jar and sealed the jar tight, setting it in front of me.
"Then remove the spell, Draco!" Harry demanded, then realizing that I didn't have my wand with me, looked over at Ron.
"I can't do that," I smiled at him. "And neither can any of the professors." I looked over at Ron and offered him a smug grin.
"Only Ron can remove the curse, and since he can't talk......" I let the rest hang.
Shifting my gaze back to Harry caused me to wipe the smug grin from my face. I mentally cussed myself for hexing Harry's best friend, Ron.
"What is he supposed to do in class if he can't speak?" Harry asked, still protesting.
"He should have thought about that last night before he hexed me." I replied.
Hermione was watching the screamer explode inside the glass jar that sat in front of me, the bright red and green sparks slamming harmlessly against the unbreakable glass.
"Are you going to open that?" she asked.
"Should I?"
I looked down at the jar. The letter was obviously from my father and probably had something to do with the changing of the houses, although, it could also concern the theft of his money. I would wait to open it when I was alone.
I returned my attention to Ron, who was still drilling holes in my head with his eyes. I had many insults to throw at him, but I glanced over at Harry and renewed my self control.
I stood up. "If you don't mind, I need to collect my books and wand for class."
Professor McGonagall was handing out assignments and schedules and I collected mine from her.
"Double potions with the Slytherins. Great!"

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