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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 15:
…and found


-Draco Malfoy-

I managed to get Jason to do most of the work. To be truthful he did not stand much of a chance. Not only do I have 5 years on the kid I am also used to getting others to do most of the work. But I don’t feel too guilty because I was right; he did spend an equal amount of time between working and staring.

"You could have done more work," he pouted on our way back in for dinner.

"I worked just as much as you!" I lied. He just huffed and fell behind me, probably to stare some more. ‘I need clothes’ I think to myself again for the hundredth time.

We reentered the small cabin that probably only has 3 rooms two of which are bedrooms.

"Garden is weeded, now about my clothes."

"Yes, yes quite right." He looked up from reading a letter, "I have put some mage robes that should fit you on the bed you will be using. Seeing how I only have two bedrooms you will be sharing one with Jason. As the room is only big enough for one bed you will have to share it." With that he smiled at me and Jason literally glowed. This is not going my way, I thought to myself as I made my way into the small room I would be sharing with Jason to get dressed.

-Harry Potter-

Sure enough, when I walked into the room there were six men seated at the table. My eyes went straight to Voldemort who I noted I was supposed to sit next to. Not if I can help it! I walked to the chair furthest from him. I would sit there occupied or not. Sure enough there was a woman sitting in it. But as I approached her she seemed to know what I wanted and got up without protest and moved to sit next to Voldemort. I sat in the seat she vacated. My eyes never once left Voldemort’s face.

Sabastion sat at the head of the table but before sitting he introduced the table by starting at his left and naming the people.

V: V looked to be a tall man, at lest a half giant like Hagrid. His hair is red and falls all the way to the floor. All my wizard senses told me he was the most powerful man in the room. And from the expression on his face, he knew it.

Aaron Barodos: this man was not as tall as the man he sat next to is, but he is not small either. He sits next to me, on my right. He reminds me of Dumbledore but without the twinkle in his eyes. He looks cold and, well, evil.

Harry Potter: That’s me!

Jaron Tharose: Jaron looks to be the youngest of the group. He can’t be older then 13. He is bald and his gold eyes (Yes, gold!) seem to be searching for something in me. Something not even I know is there.

Calos Milstar: this man is frightening—almost makes me glad it’s not he after me, but Voldemort. He sits with Voldemort to his right just on the other side of the woman. He has his hair cut short and his face set of stone. There are scars covering almost every inch of skin that can be seen. He is tapping hisfingers on the table as if impatiently waiting for an opportunity to leap across the room and kill something.

Sesa Rosewood: the woman that moved for me. She is dressed in a Muggle dress that is blood red. She seems to have an air about her, like she knows exactly what is going to happen next. And every time I glance her way she smiles warmly at me like a mother would.

Tom Riddle: who was back to looking like a snake on two legs.

After saying Tom’s name, Sabastion sat and food appeared on the plates. I ate very little and kept Voldemort in sight the whole time. It looked like I ate more because Jaron kept stealing food off my plate. When I looked at him he just smiled saying they always gave the guests the best food. Other then that, dinner passed with no incident though I could see the gears behind Voldemort’s eyes turning, looking for a way to kill me where I sat.

I returned to Draco’s room that night to find pajamas laid out on his bed, probably for me. I got ready for bed and took a shower. As I put them on I found them to made of a kind of silk. Not normal silk, no I felt warm in them, they must be enchanted. I quickly got into the bed so I could sleep and with any luck be freed by morning. I may not have been in a lot of danger here but I was not free ether.

-Draco Malfoy-

Purple robes? Purple robes! Why out of all the colors in the world do they have to be purple! I kept repeating to myself all though dinner, which was a small simple meal. I don’t like purple!

"Master, will Draco be staying with us and become an apprentice like me?"

"I think that is up to Draco. He is already a 5th step apprentice or at least has the energy of one, so he probably already has a master or teacher at this Hogwarts he speaks of."

"I don’t even know where Hogwarts is from here, all I know is it is somewhere in Scotland."

"Scotland?" Jason asked looking up at me. "I have never heard of such a place."

"That is because young one there is no such place on our planet."

"Excuse me, no such place? Surely you are joking!" I looked into the old man’s eyes looking for any clue that would tell me whether or not he was lying to me or not.

"I am sorry young one but I am telling the truth."

"Then I am not on Earth?"

Jason’s eyes widened "Master he comes from the earth realm, I knew he was an elf. Look at him!"

"Hush Jason, Earth? I have not been there in years. You are talking of the planet and not the realm are you not?"

"Yes the Planet earth!"

"I am sorry to say I no longer have the power to travel to earth…" My whole outlook on my situation darkened. "… However I can send a message in astral form to your parents letting them know you are safe."

"They are dead." ‘No she is not!’ ‘Yes she is Dumbledore would not lie about that to you.’ ‘No she is alive, hiding fromVoldemort! ‘She is dead, Draco, she died at one of them damned parties she is always going to!’ I could not take it. I fell apart with that. To the old man and Jason it probably looked odd to see me falling apart after the old man just saying three simple words: ‘They are dead.’ But I could not help it, if this is how Harry feels about his dead parents I will never broach the topic again.

After my crying died down the old man spoke again, "Surely there is someone who will care if you are okay."

"Harry said I have an uncle by the name of Sabastion." With that the old mans eyes got wide.

"Faron Sabastion?"

"I don’t know his first name," I said looking down at my empty plate. I felt drained, too tired to be sitting here talking about this.

"Would you like to talk with this Harry person?" My eyes shot up to look deep into his. He best not be leading me on!

"Yes!" he smiled at me.

"Come over here and hold my hand." He held his hand out to me as I made my way over to him. After I took his hand he started chanting in a language I didn’t understand but it sounded very old. The longer he chanted the more energy I felt gather. He does not have a wand! I looked around to see if there were a wand anywhere near him. And, sure enough there was not one. Wand-less magic! I took note that that was something I will have to talk to him about later, after I talk with Harry if he is truly telling me the truth.

Sure enough after a few minutes of casting the spell I felt disconnected from my body then I felt the old man pulling me somewhere and I let him. Hell! It’s better to follow him than to get lost. After a while I found myself in a strange room but in this room I could sense Harry. He is sleeping in the bed.

"You talk with Harry I will go in search of this Sabastion person." I just nodded as I moved over to the bed.

"Harry?" It was just a whisper but for some reason I could not make it any louder. Maybe it’s because this is the first time I have seen him since he disappeared at the hands of my father just after sleeping in the same bed as me after having confessed that maybe, just maybe, he liked me. Well, at least he likes me when I am not acting the prat.

My whisper could have been a shout by the way he reacted. As soon as the word left my lips he shot bolt upright in bed and looked right at me, or rather through me, and all I could do was fidget under his stare. "Draco?" I just nodded and he gave me a huge grin and jumped at me. I would guess he meant to hug me but all he managed to do was fly though me. He slowly pulled his self up off the floor and looked at me with a questioning glance. ‘Great! Now I am seeing things!’ I heard his mind complain.

"No Harry, I am really here. Well not really but real enough." His questioning gaze never left me,


"An old man I met." I sent him a mental image of the old mage.


"I guess I just wanted to see you, I mean I know I have talked to you from time to time in your mind but it’s not the same as seeing." I looked down to the ground not daring to meet his gaze. "I was worried." I could sense he was smiling at me after I said the last part and I just had to look so I glanced up and I could tell he was refraining from trying to hug me again. "I also have some bad news." His smile faded as I relayed what happened to me though the mental link between us. "So you see Harry, I don’t think I will be able to save you. I don’t even know where I am let alone how to get back."

"Maybe if you told Sabastion to let me go back to Hogwarts he would let me go back?"

"I find it hard to believe that he would do that, Harry, after all he is a dark mage."

"I don’t know, Draco, but he seems different, as if Dark magic is only a hobby and that family comes first. I mean he has treated me like a son the whole time he has known, err." He did not want to say it out loud but he got so close verbally that he could not stop his mind from finishing ‘that I love you’. I think at that point in time I made history. I became the only Malfoy to get a very stupid permanent grin, I don’t think I will ever be able to get rid of the grin that was now plastered on my face. He just groaned at seeing the grin and fell to the bed knowing I had heard that thought.

"I love you, too" I whispered to him as I moved closer to him.

"You were not supposed to know that."

"Why? It’s not a bad thing is it?"

"I don’t know yet, for all I know I might wake up in the morning and you will be back to being a prick."

"I promise that for as long as you’re alive I will try not to be a prick." I looked over to the door as I could hear someone coming. "Unless it’s Ron I am being the prick to," I added as a knock came to the door and the old man appeared back in the room.

I waited for Harry to tell the person knocking to come in but he just looked at me, "It’s your room, I am just borrowing it," he told me as he pulled the blankets over his ‘black’ ‘silk’ pajamas that had the Malfoy crest on them. Though I am sure he did not know it was the Malfoy crest or he would not be wearing them.

"Come in," I intoned. As I did so the door swung open to reveal a tall man. Just like the image in Harry’s mind of the man he called my uncle.

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