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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Ostentatious Celebration

(We who hold power will know when the day comes. For we who hold power will feel him fall. For we who hold power will tale the rest. He-who-must-not-be-named has fallen!)

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"Hermion hurry up we will be late for breakfast!"

"I'm coming Ron, just wait a second will you!" Classes had been called off that day and Ron was anxious to get to breakfast to learn the reason why, and he has not eaten in almost 5 hours. Hermion came slowly down the stares from the 5th year girl dorms reading a book and not even paying much attention to Ron's glaring at her in impatience.

"We might miss it if you keep moving like that!"

"Honestly Ron if you in such a hurry you can go on ahead of me I will be there in just a few minuets I have to finish this chapter." Not even looking up she told her best friend. Ron looked doubtful but went ahead of her anyway and in what could be described as a cross between running and walking very fast made it to the dinning hall in record time. It was a good thing to because as I just was sitting down in his seat the headmaster was standing from his.

"Students, Teachers, house elves, and guests!" This was true none of the students knew why but there where a few 'strangers' in the dinner hall. "I have good new that I am sure you will all enjoy!" His voce clear and strong so that all could hear him and his slight look over to the Slytherin table clearly said that they would just have to take whatever he was going to say in stride. "It was confirmed today that the bodies of all the known and some unknown death eaters where found yesterday night just outside a abandoned manor." He paused to let the students gasp and whisper among them selves why a good portion of the Slytherin just got up and left the dinning hall, the headmaster made no move to stop them but Snap to got up and left the dinning hall as well. "It is also confirmed that though the Dark Lords body was not amidst his followers that he HAS lost ALL his power and is no longer a threat to the community at this time!" The twinkle in the headmaster's eye told the students this was not a joke that even Dumbledore thought that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had fallen. "To celebrate this day there will be a feast and a dance that will be held a midnight so everyone get plenty for rest!" with that said the headmaster took his seat and Ron just sat shocked.

'And to think I almost missed that announcement wait a minute where is Hermion?' Ron thought probably ten minutes latter.

"On the other side of the castle."

Hermion was reading her book, which just so happened to be Draco's notebook of instructions he left her in case he was unable to finish the "Deem Weaver". Hermion was also walking a hall she had gotten to know fairly well in the last few days she had been working on the project. She did not do it because she liked Draco and she really did not do it to help Harry though that is a plus. She is doing it for two reasons to prove she can do anything Draco can do and because it is the only thing in the school that is a challenge to her.

'I will show Malfoy! I will have that damned gantlet done before he gets back wherever he is... I hope Harry is safe.' Hermion thought as she entered the work area 'breakfast will just have to wait'

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