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Disclaimer: Not mine, though it might be soon I am investing stock in thoughts that hold the copyrights heheh all I have to do is buy ALL the stock! You have some cash I can borrow for this?

Copyright: The Idea, but don't let that stop you from using it!

Timeline: after book 4, 3.1 weeks till start of term.


The Dark Lord's Son


Chapter 3

The Visit



Draco woke up with something slithering around on his stomach he finally managed to coax one of his eyes to open and investigate what he saw caused his hart to stop. For there slithering around on his stomach was an asp a very, very deadly snake.


An ear piercing scream filled the entire Riddle manor and woke me from a blissful dream of just what Draco's tong would be able to do after I trained it.

"Bloody hell Draco you scream like a girl now shut up and go back to sleep." I mumbled as I rolled over. However Malfoy did not shut up so I slowly opened my eyes blinking out the sunlight as my eyes adjusted to the morning light. As I looked over at where I moved Draco after he fell asleep, I couldn't let him sleep on the floor; he made such a good bed for sting and a good pillow for me. So I had moved him onto my bed where I could use him for a pillow. His eyes where wide and staring with an undefined amount of fright at sting my pet snake that was using him as a bed.

'It is a good thing snakes don't have ears' I found myself thinking 'he might just bite him to shut him up!' I slowly reached over a picked Sting up and set him on the floor, I had to reach over Draco to do this, after I set sting down on the floor I let myself fall on top of Draco fully intent on falling back to sleep. Draco had finally managed to shut up and I was just falling back to sleep on my new pillow when he tried to shove me off him. "Watch it Draco or you will find yourself on that floor with my snake." I warned him and he stopped trying to shove me off.

I was on the verge of dropping back off into dreamland when he spoke up his voice harsh and sore from all his girlish screaming. "Potter where are my cloths?" with that question my hand made a slow decent to his manhood the second my hand touched it he jumped out of bed making me fall to the floor, I glared up at him. "What the hell are you playing at Potter!" my glare only got worse.

"Contrary to popular belief Malfoy!" I put spat out his name like it was the worst thing in the world to be "Last night DID happen you are MY property I don't need to play at anything!" I got up and grabbed his ear with my seeker reflexes before he could get away. "And I am not as innocent as people might make me out to be, I have wants and needs and right now I want you and you are going to need to behave or it will be VERY painful for you." I ended dragging him by the ear to the bathroom.

-Draco Malfoy-

'Oh god I made the man who can make my life hell mad.' I thought as he slung me into the bathroom. 'Well I could not let him just grope me could I? I mean its wrong guys don't grope other guys.' My mind was telling me as I herd Potter's voice again. "Shower and get cleaned up you have ten minutes." He then turned on his heel and let me in the bathroom to shower. 'But he has already proved to me that he wants me in that manor and that if I don't submit I am as good as dead... how much to I value life?' I pondered this question as I showered.

-Tom Riddle a.k.a. Voldemort! -

"Not that I doubt your wisdom my lord, but he is Harry bloody Potter!" Lucius Malfoy more or less told me.

"You know I asked his father to join me." I replied raising my wand. "Crucio!" With that Lucius fell to the floor yelling in pain. I let up after a few seconds and he shakily came back up to his knees. "Never question me! Never insult my son, it will only lead you to a quicker end!"

"Yes my lord." Lucius answered not looking up from the ground.

"I know that is not the only reason you came here Lucius, so what is the other one?" Lucius taking his time answering choosing his words carefully Tom mussed.

"About my son, he is my only heir." A slow smile made it's way to my face.

The door quickly flew open and a nude dripping Draco Malfoy came flying into the room and quickly hid behind his father as a infuriated Harry Potter Riddle stomped into the room shouting. "You are only making this harder on yourself PET!" Harry stopped at the door and looked around the room spotting Draco cowering behind his father his eyes narrowed. "Sorry father but he is rather slippery when whet he got away from me." He smirked at Lucius' glare. "You know Luc! You're a lucky man to have such a talented son! You should see the things he can do with that tong in bed!" with that he winked a Draco as Lucius' face grew even darker at the innuendo.

"Please" this from Draco. "Kill me anything just don't make me go back." His voice pleading for mercy. At this Harry frowned.

"Lucius you have one hour with your 'son' after that he is to be returned to my room... unharmed and alive." With that Harry left the room. Lucius looked over to me.

"Please my lord my I take my son to another room to talk in privet."

"Have your son wait outside a second."

"It is only a second Draco then I will be out to talk with you." Draco looked doubtful but left to wait outside anyway.

The moment the door was closed Tom started talking the door spelled to stop sound from getting out. "It is in both your and your son's best interest to keep Harry happy and if screwing your son makes him happy you had best make sure Draco is able to perform!" Lucius might have been shocked had this not happened before within the ranks of the death eaters. But as it was it had never happened to him so he was unsettled he always figured that along as he remained in favor his family would be immune to the Dark Lord's whims.

"My lord why MY son? Surly others of your men have sons that could do the task?" Lucius almost pleaded.

"I think he is in love." Was my simple answer.

"Who Draco or Potter?" after he said it he knew it was a mistake but if I did not punish him for it he might think I was getting weak.

"Crucio!" this time I held him under it longer, I have a rule I double the amount of time each time I have to put it on them. That way they are more careful not get do anything that might end in the spell. "The answer is Harry, he is in love with Draco or at lest I think he is."

"He has a hell of a way of showing it." Lucius grumbled darkly not meaning for me to hear and I pretended not to.

"You can talk with your son now Lucius." With that I waved my hand toward the door.

-Lucius Malfoy-

I left the room to find my son still nude huddled in a corner afraid to come out. 'What has Potter done to you' I thought I automatically filched when I realized I called him Potter again half-expecting Voldemort to curse me, again. As soon as I was in the hall Draco launched himself at me whispering into my robes "take me home away from here anywhere but here." like he was afraid someone other then me would hear him.

"Draco what did he do?" I demanded half upset that my son was acting in such a manor and half worried that maybe I should have fought harder to keep this from happening.

"Potter is trying to get some sick twisted revenge on me because of the way I treated him at Hogwarts!"

"Maybe you should just suck it up and take it like a man." Okay hindsight is 20/20, them where not the best chose of words for this situation he just might have to 'suck it up' and 'take it like a man'. He tensed up in my arms his mind must have drawn the connection.

"Please! No I can't he, he wants to, to fuck me!" Draco spat out like it was vile and the very incarnate of evil itself. I found myself wondering if I should act shocked. "Father?" he asked as if I should be agreeing with him, 'definitely should have acted shocked.'

"Look Draco there is nothing I can do about it." I paused before braking it to him. "Maybe it won't be bad? Maybe you might even like it?" He had let go of me and was backing away from me he had the 'oh no not you too' look on his face mixed with shock that I would even think such a thing. "If you're good enough he might even be nice to you." I left the might even share his power with you silent and unspoken for power was the furthest thing from my son's mind at the moment.

He did not even answer me or look back once he had turned and ran.


Authors Notes: Thank you to all my lovely reviewers! I have another chapter here for you! Though it is not a long as the last two at lest I don't think it is. I am working on chapter 4 though with all my other stories out there it may be a while. However since this story gets the most reviews I work on it the most!

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