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Disclaimer: Not mine, though it might be soon I am investing stock in thoughts that hold the copyrights heheh all I have to do is buy ALL the stock! You have some cash I can borrow for this?

Copyright: The Idea, but don't let that stop you from using it!

Timeline: after book 4, 3.1 weeks till start of turm.


The Dark Lord's Son


Chapter 4

The Art of Submitting



-Draco Malfoy-

'I can't believe this! I must have lost my mind!' I looked around the hall I was headed down I need to find some cloths and fast. 'What the hell if Potter thinking? What the hell is Voldemort thinking to adopt him!'


I dive through the nearest open door. 'Damn! Potter's room!' My eyes dart around the room looking for a why to escape before Potter gets here. That is until my eyes land on Potter who is looking up from this school books with an amused smirk on this face. 'Damn Potter is here.' I decide I will have better luck with whoever it is in the hall and start backing up from Potter toward the door, mindful of Potter's movements.

"Stay." The invisible leash between Potter and me is suddenly taut as I feel myself being pulled to the object of my torment.

"No, please, let me go." I find I can not stop the pleading words leave my mouth and am somewhat shocked from how weak I sounded. I knew then that I was ready to submit just from the sound of my voice I knew Potter had won.

"Still struggling?" I think him seeing my shoulders sag and my general look of defeat answered his question as he pulled me down onto his lap. I no longer had the strength to fight him. Odd he was able to brake me in less then three days, but then father did train me to respect those with more power getting me ready to kiss Voldemort's ass.

Potter held me close stroking my back why rocking me back and forth it was oddly soothing and I was asleep before too long.

-Harry Potter-

I moved Draco over to my bed and pulled the comforter up to his chin to keep him worm. This was the best thing that came from the deal with Tom and to think he did not even ask for me to turn Death Eater or spy. He did not even ask me to be evil in any way nor did he offer me the option to turn to the Dark Side. He knows as well as I do that if it came right down to it I probably would not have what it takes to kill. That and I am utmost loyal I am just sick of wasting that on some old coot that thinks the Dursleys are good for me.

I walked back over to my desk to finish the letter that I was writing. I was shocked when Tom unlocked the cupboard I was locked into no stunned would be a better word for it. I knew he killed the Dursleys I herd there not so quite passing. The odd thing was I always thought I would morn there passing but I could not even force myself to feel sorry for them. I could feel Tom's eyes raking over my body taking in my injures and what not. He did not say a word as he gently; I never would have thought it in him, pulled me from the cupboard and took me to Riddle manor.

We never did 'talk' about that day. I know he feels sorry for me how I lived he feels responsible I can see it in his eyes. Odd thing he dose not regret killing my parents in his mind it had to be done however he now feels the need to give me a home seeing how he took mine. Yes he wanted me dead but he saw me dead in that cupboard, but more importantly I think is he saw himself dead in that cupboard. Are lives are so similar that it is spooky.

I sat down and began writing the letter I had been putting off.


Professor Severus Snape,

I know it is odd getting a letter from me of all people but I have a deal I wish to make. Take it in any way you wish but be warned cros me and you will not live to regret it. Your friend Malfoy wanted to warn you about it but I told him not to not that I want to be the one to tell you but I have something I wish to tell you first.

The secrets that I have that involve you and your lifestyle will not be told if you can find it within yourself to hold your own tong when it comes to Albus Dumbledore. I don't care how you do it from foreign ignorance or complete denial.

If my secrets find themselves to Dumbledore, yours will find themselves to Riddle.

The New Slytherin Prince,

Harry Potter


I sent the letter off with one of father's owls. Not wanting to send my trusty owl.

-Lucius Malfoy-

"My Lord is your son on are side or is he siding with that muggle loving fool?"

Voldemort looked up from the report one of his Death Eaters handed him. "I don't think Harry has decided and I am not going to make him decide."

"If he chooses Albus he will be a danger to us."

"I don't think that is bound to happen Lucius I don't think that will come to pass." Voldemort looked into the fire deep in thought. "He is bound to stay neutral he dose not hate nor like muggles however he will defend his friends." Voldemort looked me dead in the eye I had to fight back the shiver of fear. "They are to be put on the safe list." I raised an eyebrow

"Even the mudblood?"

"Yes even the mudblood."


Authors Notes: So it's been a long time since I updated, and chapter 4 is sinfully short. I tell you what I will try to make up for it in chapter 5. I do hope this chapter answered some questions.

PS lay off on the needing of a bata, after the story is complet I will send it to my editor.

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