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Disclaimer: Not mine, though it might be soon I am investing stock in thoughts that hold the copyrights heheh all I have to do is buy ALL the stock! You have some cash I can borrow for this?

Copyright: The Idea, but don't let that stop you from using it!

Timeline: after book 4, 3.1 weeks till start of turm.


The Dark Lord's Son


Chapter 5

The Godfather



Sometimes we are only puppets in a game that is only seen by the masters that made it. But it is we the puppets that determent the outcome of the game. However the puppets are only as good as the masters that made them, a flimsy puppet will fall apart at the seams before the game even begins.

-Severus Snape-

In the potion master's room that was filled with a strong sent of monks' hood was the Potion Master himself slowly chopped and diced the wolves' bane for a potion the head master asked for. Severus strongly thought it was for that mangy mutt of a man Lupin, unless at some point in time the wolf bit that other mutt Black and they where now both werewolves, but then the potion master would be making two potions not just the one.

'Lay down with mutts and wake op with flees' that held true with Black he always seemed to irritate Snape no matter how hard the potions master tried to ignore his very existents. If not for Black then Snape would be the one with Lupin. But no Lupin had to lay down with that damn DOG! Severus chopped the wolves' bane with even more vigor trying to vent some of his hate on the poor herb.

On the downbeat of one of Severus' rather vicious chops the Headmaster's voice rang out in the large potion's room. "I do believe the point is to chop the herb, not the work table, Severus." Severus spun around his eyes a pool of loathing, but the headmaster knew it was not pointed in his direction.

"He is coming here again. That is why you asked me to make this potion." Snape's cold voice cuts throw the room like a knife.

"Who Remus?" The headmaster asked trying to play dumb and buy some time for Severus to calm himself down; after all he was still holding that cleaver...

"Don't play with me Albus." Snape's voice was soft and full of suppressed anger as he turned on his heel again and continued his chopping.

"Would your prefer the Dark Arts job?" Snape stopped and slowly turned to face the headmaster.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I can not teach defense against the Dark Arts!" Snape hissed.

"And you have yet to tell me why, old friend." Snape's eyes narrowed.

Before Severus could reply to the headmaster a large eagle owl flew throw one of the windows at the top of the ceiling and landed on the cauldron behind the potion master. "Get away from there!" Bellowed the potion master as he turned around and shoed the bird away from the potion before the owl could spoil it.

"It has a letter Severus." Albus pointed out not so helpfully.

"I can see that Headmaster." Snape's tone bordering on testy as he plucked the letter from the owl's talon. As soon at Snape had the letter in hand the owl flew off back out the way it came in. Calmly unfolding the letter to read it. Snape only glanced up at the headmaster once.


Professor Severus Snape,

I know it is odd getting a letter from me of all people but I have a deal I wish to make. Take it in any way you wish but be warned cross me and you will not live to regret it. Your friend Malfoy wanted to warn you about it but I told him not to not that I want to be the one to tell you but I have something I wish to tell you first.

The secrets that I have that involve you and your lifestyle will not be told if you can find it within yourself to hold your own tong when it comes to Albus Dumbledore. I don't care how you do it from foreign ignorance or complete denial.

If my secrets find themselves to Dumbledore, yours will find themselves to Riddle.

The New Slytherin Prince,

Harry Potter


Malfoy wanted to warn me a, warn me of what? With that thought Snape dropped the letter into the fire at the base of the cauldron.

"I take it you did not like what the letter had to say?" Albus commented lightly.

"Indeed." Intoned the potion master in the tone that Albus knew meant that he was thinking and planing.

"I will leave you to your thoughts then."

"Indeed." Severus intoned again as Albus left just as fast as he arrived.


Later that day at Malfoy Manor.


-Lucius Malfoy-

"Nice to see you again Severus." Lucius said to the man siting in the chair at his desk.

"It is always nice to visit Lucius." Severus gave his old friend a sly smile but it almost instantly faded. "Curious where is my godson?"

Normally when Draco's Godfather would visit the manor Draco would spend as much time as possible with his Godfather, manly because Severus very seldom visits. Lucius frowned and glared at a random spot on the wall. "Harry Potter 'owns' him now." Lucius spat out with the most venom he could manage.

-Severus Snape-

Owns? Harry Potter owns Draco Malfoy my godson? How in bloody hell did that happen? Severus shifted nervously in his chair. "You sold your son?" Severus slowly raised a single eyebrow as he spoke.

"No old friend I was forced to give him away." Lucius' voice held a bitter note that Severus did not miss.

"Who could possible force you to give away your son to Potter of all people!" Severus demanded in outrage.

"Our Lord Voldemort."

~ | ~ | ~ | ~

Now we go to Harry Potter Riddle at Riddle Manor

~ | ~ | ~ | ~

-Harry Potter-

Harry woke up to find Draco cuddled up to his side... purring? Yes he is, Draco Malfoy is purring! A slow smile crept its way onto Harry's face as he carefully untangled himself from Draco and rolled out of his bed.

Returning from the shower Harry found Draco siting up in bed with a pout on his face. "Something wrong?" before Draco could answer his stomach let out a growl.

"Honestly Potter what dose a guy have to do to get food around here anyway?" Draco asked in irritation his last meal more then a day ago.

Harry sighed as he sat down at his desk. "Come here." After Draco made no signs of moving "I guess you are not that hungry."

"No, no it's just. I don't have anything on." Draco was quick to respond not wanting to go another day without food.

"That did not seem to stop you yesterday." Draco shifted nervously.

"I was distressed, can I have some cloths?" the last part was in a meek whisper as if expecting Harry to deny him, truth be told the way Draco asked made it impossible for Harry to say no and live with himself afterwards. 'He was way to much power over me, it's a good thing he dose not know this.' "You can wear anything in my dresser we are about the same height and build."


'Gentle, now that is not something I would have thought of him as. Strong goes without saying. Brave, he defines the word. Kind, of cores to everyone he likes. Why dose he want ME to be his PET if not to make my life hell? And if that is his goal why then is he being gentle? ... I think I am falling in love with him, but that can't be right... he is a boy... stop thinking and just go with it, after all if you don't he will just make it worse.'

I was siting in Harry's lap as Harry fed him, the whole time I keep thinking that I definitely should NOT be enjoying this, however my argument was doomed to failure seeing how Harry was not going to let me run off to denial and I was enjoying it.

Later that day, much later after dinner, found me siting on the floor with all my schoolbooks around me as I did my homework just next to me Harry was laying on the couch reading a old muggle book something he told me was named "Lord of the Ring".

The door slammed open causing Harry to start a bit and for me to jump to my feet my hand going for my imaginary wand.

"Severus!" I called actually excited to see someone that hated Potter enough to try and get me out of this unlike my father who only gave me the not so helpful suggestion to 'take it like a man'.

"Draco." He nodded in my direction. "Get your things, we are leaving." I looked down to Harry laying on the couch he looked mildly amused but I made no move to do as Severus asked after all obeying that with Harry in the room could be painful for me later. "Well, boy, hurry up before Potter gets here!" 'Oh he dose not know Harry is listening to this whole thing from the couch.'

"Eer sir, Harry is already here." I looked away from the couch and to the floor not wanting to see what Harry would do to my godfather so I did not see Severus' eyes go to the couch as I looked to the floor.

"Just what is the meaning of this Potter!"

"Lust?" was Harry's answer and he did not even bother getting to his feet he just lay there.



Authors Notes: ouch I don't think I can keep this updated as well as you all would like! But here it is chapter 5, let me know what you think.

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