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The Lion

Chapter 2: Escape


-Harry Potter-

I was not meant to be happy. I was to never know the meaning of the word.

"Bloody Hell Potter! Even if I did swing that way I would never go out with a shaggy dog like you!"

I was born to suffer. I was born to know pain, and the meaning of the word misery.

My legs felt weak my vision blurred from the unshed tears, 'I will not cry in front of him!' There was this pain in my chest, so strong I could not breathe. I fell to my knees the red rose that was clutched in my hand falling free to land on the stone floor. 'I will not cry in front of him!' I started taking in deep breaths.

"Are you going to cry Potter? Bloody hell you are! Look at that The Great Harry Potter is on his knees before me crying!"

I could not stop it after the first tear fell the fight was over, I was crying in front of him. He rejected me just like I did to him 4 years ago, but I think he took it better then I did.

God three days latter and it still hurts. I not only came out to the world that night but I confessed my love to my worst enemy, and he stabbed me in the hart with the dagger of rejection. God how it hurts, all I want to do is hold him close to me run my hands throw his silky hair, but I can't he would never go out with a shaggy dog like me....

My 'friends' have stopped hanging out with me some calling me a traitor other a poof. There was always something. I could not pass a group of Slytherins without them braking out in laughter, which ended with me in tears running to a bathroom.

It was one of these interactions with a group of Slytherins, Malfoy's group, that help me make up my mind on what to do about the whole thing.

"You know Potter just because he stars in your wet dreams dose not give you permission to stare at MY DRACO." Pansy stated from here spot on Draco's arm.

"Pansy, love, that was altogether to much information! I did not need to know that I stared in Potter's wet dreams!" Draco spoke the chill in this voice cutting me deeper then any blade ever could.

It was the 'MY DRACO' and Draco's voice that did it at that moment I decided I would have Malfoy be it by hook or crock!

That night I when to see Dumbledore it was my luck he had to be having tea with Professor Snape at the time, but what I had to ask could not wait.

"Professor I know I am suppose to spend the summer here at Hogwarts to train again this year but I wanted to know if I could have a summer that I could spend doing thing I wanted to do." Before he could answer and from the frown on his face it was not an answer I wanted I continued. "No Dursleys, No classes, No Professors" with that I looked right as Snape "Just a summer where I say what I do what I can't do where I stay who I talk to." Dumbledore looked reluctant to answer probably not wanting to brake my hart again but Snape had no such feeling and answered for Dumbledore.

"Do you really think you are good enough to survive out there on your own? It is all to dangerous Potter!" Snape looked altogether too smug for his own good, I had to fix that....

"Yes Professor I believe with the training I got last year and the progress I have made this year I can survive on my own, and before you say no again I think you would agree that I as lest deserve a chance."

"Yes indeed you do my boy, Snape devise a test for the boy. If he passes he can have the summer to do as he wishes if he fails he has to remain here to train." Dumbledore gave Snape a look that said that under no condition was his Harry Potter to pass that test.

'Okay I have a chance, even if the odds are stacked against me at lest I have a chance.' That was my last thought that night before I fell asleep.

I did not find out till my last night at Hogwarts what my 'test' would be and then it was not till the last two hours until the train left. Snape brought me to the lowest part of the castle I was starting to get mad at him for if he did not hurry up I would miss the train.

"The test is simple 'boy' you have the remaining time till the train leaves to get on the train. If you are on the train when it leaves you can have the summer to yourself. However all the professors will be trying to stop you." He glared at me with that as if daring me to just try and get past him.

~ Flash Back ~

Snape was standing across from me in the empty room that I took my evening lessons in combat training. Normally my godfather, Sirius Black, that teaches this class but he left me to the slimy potions professor why he had to go off on a mission for Dumbledore.

"The first thing you need to remember when facing any opponent is to keep them off balance." Snape drawled.

Snape and I dueled all that evening well into the night every round went to Snape as he keep out smarting me and luring me into traps in the end he just looked at me a snorted "typical Griffyndor."

~ End Flash Back ~

I did not waste any time I shot forward and slugged Snape square in the jaw, out of all the things I could have done I think physical violence was the last to come to his mind. I left Snape behind me and took off before he could recover from either shock or the punch.

I vaguely wondered if Snape still thought me the 'typical Griffyndor' as I made my way through the secrete passages and hallways skillfully dodging professors and ghosts as I made my way outside of the school.

Two hours was not a lot of time to get out of the castle and to the train but five years of schooling at Hogwarts has given me the skill I needed to get out of the castle in under twenty minutes, must be a record. As I neared the train I cast a quick illusion spell on myself to change a few things so I could sneak past Hagrid who was guarding the train. I wanted to say good bye to him but I wanted the summer to myself even more. A summer where no one hated me, well almost if my plane did not back fire.

Ten minutes later and the train started to move with me hiding on it among a bunch of first years but as soon as I could no longer see the station a promptly scared all the first years out so I was alone in the compartment.

Now if all goes to plane I should be relaxing in a nice 'Big' bed by sun down.... Mm Draco's Bed...

How dare me turn me down! A tear fell from my eye.

-Draco Malfoy-

Potter shifted from one foot to the other why staring at his feet like they are the most interesting thing in the world. He hands toying with the red rose in his hand. 'What is he up to?' I asked myself, and then he finally worked up the nerve to do whatever it was he wanted to do. He looked up and stared me in the eyes and as evenly as he could manage.

"Draco Malfoy, Would you go with me to the leaving ball?" He lifted the rose up to hand to me his most wining smile on his face.

Giddy, no something beyond that is what I felt at having Harry Potter THE Harry Potter ask me out. I was about to open my mouth to say yes when a horrible thought hit me. 'What will the Dark Lord do to your family if you are reported to have gone out with his worst enemy.' The answer was simple the Dark Lord would kill them all of them. So the words that left my mouth where not 'Yes! That and much, much more!' instead they where "Bloody Hell Potter! Even if I did swing that way I would never go out with a shaggy dog like you!" I hated myself the moment they left my mouth more importantly Harry would hate me now for the rest of my life, I had just made the illusion I was living a reality.

Pansy latched onto my arm practically giddy with the fact I had turned down Potter in the harshest way possible. Harry fell to his knees tears in his eyes but not falling my two normally dumb goons where looking at me like there where expecting something of me. 'Oh right kick him why he is down and insult his weakness. How could I have forgotten' the last part as sarcastic as I could manage. The pain at seeing Harry like that was killing me and I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and cry with him.

I pushed all my feeling and emotions to the back of my mind as the last words left my mouth, the nail in my coffin but the light that would save my family. "Are you going to cry Potter? Bloody hell you are! Look at that The Great Harry Potter is on his knees before me crying!" It looks like I sated my fellow Slytherins for now. 'I am going strait to my room and killing my self when school is over.'

It only took one day for the news to go all around the school and ten minutes after that for all of Harry's friends to turn on him and label him a outcast, ' typical Griffyndors'. I was in pain every time I saw Harry he was always flashing me sad eyes he looked like puppy I had just kicked. Three days after the event and on one of the occasions that Harry was flashing me his puppy eyes that Pansy had to butt her ugly pug nose in. "You know Potter just because he stars in your wet dreams dose not give you permission to stare at MY DRACO." 'My Draco! Bull shit! Over my dead cold body bitch!' I thought I was angered even more by the fact Pansy was practically hanging off me.

I did not remove the anger from my voce when I spoke and I had to apples the Slytherins. "Pansy, love, that was altogether to much information! I did not need to know that I stared in Potter's wet dreams!" I quickly left Harry there. I did not know if I could handle any more sad looks from Harry without braking down and falling on my knees to confess my love and beg for forgiveness, family be damned! So as fast as I could without arising suspicion I headed to the commons.

The last of the school year was just as painful but the looks Harry was sending my way changed from wounded puppy to determined predator, I silently prayed he would kill me, slowly I deserved a slow painful death after what I did to him.

I did not see him on the train at all, probably spending the summer at Hogwarts again.

How Dare I turn him down! In a few more hours I can cry myself to sleep in my nice big bed.







AN: Thanks to the two that reviewed I hope you like chapter two. "The Path of Three" a part of Draco Malfoy: The Saga is the next scheduled for updates so keep an eye out for that!

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