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"Bloody Hell!" came Harry Potter's cry of outrage as his cage was bumped into yet another wall but it came out as more of a squeak. You see Harry Potter was currently in his animagus form, a ferret, mind you he was not too happy with his animagus form at first but wormed up to the idea after a few months. Right now however Harry Potter was not happy not at all. One would think Draco Malfoy; the one carrying the cage was quite drunk!

What Harry Potter did not know was the Draco Malfoy was not paying attention to what he was or was not carrying he was much to busy trying to locate Harry Potter. You see Draco Malfoy got a letter on the train bequeathing this animal to him, his new pet the letter read. Draco Malfoy recognized the handwriting the second he read the letter it was that of Harry Potter. What you probably do not know is that Draco Malfoy has been loathing himself for some rather nasty comments he made about Harry Potter back in December and wished for nothing more then to make it up to the boy without anyone alts finding out.

And so that is where this Chapter starts!

The Lion

Chapter 3: Deal!

-Draco Malfoy-

"Draco!" Narcissa Malfoy's voice shock me from my search and I turned to go home my shoulders sagging and a look of defeat my mother did NOT miss. "Something wrong dear? You always used to like to go home away from all the acting." My ferret squeaked drawing my mum's attention from me to the fury animal in the cage.

"He hates me!" was all I could get out as I took the port key; but then again it was all my mum needed to know just what my problem was.

As me and mum appeared in front of Malfoy Manor, ward prevented us from Port keying into the Manor, my father was standing in front of the door with a bright smile on his face that quickly faded when he saw my pathetic look. "Dear God! Your not still on about the Potter boy are you?" The ferret looked like it was having a fit but Narcissa was the only one who noticed how it's head snapped back between glaring at her husband to looking at her son. If she did not know any better she would have sworn its jaw dropped open as Lucius' comment.

Draco was about to comment to his father when his mother spoke up. "Where did you get that cute little ferret!" This brightened Draco's face a little as he opened the cage to pick up the fury animal.

"Harry gave it to me!" he proclaimed why hugging it. This was too much for the little ferret and it promptly fainted. "Oh dear me! I think I might have killed it." I exclaimed trying to no but not succeeding to keep the panic out of my voice.

"Nonsense Draco." Lucius stated why taking the ferret from his son to look it over. "It is just sleeping, all the same though I think you should keep from hugging it so hart, you know it is not as strong as you."

"Yes father," I said as I took my new pet out of his hands and gently put it back into its cage. It is amazing how I have just been home for a few minutes and I already feel much better then I did the last part of the school year. The memory of the event that started my misery came back and all happiness just flowed out of me replaced with self-loathing.

"What's wrong Draco?" This time it was father that asked, but mum answered for me.

"Harry hates him."

"Draco you can't let this happen every year!"

"But this time, this time." I trailed off not being able to say.

"It can't be that bad," Lucius stated.

"He asked me out." Lucius' eyes went wide and his jaw dropped open. In the 2 years he has 'known' about his son's unhealthy obsession with the Boy-Who-Lived he did not once think his son's feelings would be returned so Lucius was in shock.

Draco taking his father's shock as fear quickly said "Don't worry father, I turned him down. He will never want to go out with me! Not after what I said to him!" It all came to Narcissa Malfoy at that point in time.

Draco turned down Harry Potter because he thought his father would fear Voldemort's wrath. Harry was hurt because of the rejection, which in turn hurt her son. Draco acted the arrogant Death Eater's son why Harry mopped in pain why plotting. Harry giving Draco the ferret, probably in secret thought Narcissa. Narcissa's eyes whipped to the cage where the ferret lay sleeping as her eyes widened ever so slightly. 'The ferret is NOT sleeping in my son's room!'

"Well if you wanted to be with him then why did you turn him down?" Lucius asked seeing how he was not as bright as Narcissa which she was thankful for, for if it was he that found out what Pot- the ferret was then well she rather not think about that.

"Draco darling why you talk with your father why don't I take your things to your room." With that she relieved me of the cage, my new pet, and my trunk.

-Harry Potter-

I woke up lying on a chair inside the manor looking around I could see I was in a room with all the doors closed and probably locked. Narcissa Malfoy was the only other person in the room, and she was glaring at me like she knew.

"What are you waiting for Potter a invitation?" She snapped. I quickly decided to call her bluff and just sat there blinking up at her in what I hopped was a innocent 'who me?' expression. "I am not falling for it." Her glare got harder she was looking down her nose at me and reminded me a lot of Snap with blond hair, I just blinked. "You asked for it young man!" She pointed her wand at me I quickly dashed across the room right under her legs and shifted into my normal form and hand my wand on her before she could blink.

She wiped around probably expecting to face the ferret but instead was staring down the length of my wand her mouth dropped open in surprise. "Now that you have forced me out of hiding what do you want?" I asked my voice even. She put her wand away probably hopping it would prompt me to do the same but I had to remember I am in the home of 'known' Death Eaters' so I keep my wand trained on her.

"Dose Dumbledore know you are here?"

"I don't know and I don't care."

"You should not have come."

"You are probably right but again I don't care."

"Of coarse you don't when one is in love one dose not care about anything but being with the one they love." I just blinked my lips still a fine line and my face still blank. "He is sorry for what he said to you."

"Is he?" I asked sarcasm laced in my voice.

"Why are you here?"

"To be with him, even if he dose not want me." Narcissa could see the pain behind them words in his eyes.

A slow smile made it's way to her face, as she looked at me "do you gamble?"

"Only with my life"

"I bet that in two weeks you will be walking around this manor in a state of bliss and as you are now, not as a ferret. If I am right and I am you have to do what I say at the time."

"And if you are wrong?"

"I won't tell Lucius OR Draco that you are the ferret."


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