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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 8:
Lost in Thought, Part II

-Harry Potter-

I couldn't sleep. I just lay there watching him. I don't know why, maybe I expected him to get up in the middle of the night and try to do me in. I know I am being silly lying awake at night watching his chest go up and down as he breathes, almost hypnotic.

His head turned to face me, his eyes closed, his mouth slightly open, his white hair stringing down his face. I sighed. His eyes moved under his eye lids. A dream? He moved his right hand to his left shoulder as if holding a wound. A nightmare?

He moaned a little. I could swear I heard him say 'No'. Oh, why do I dwell on this boy? The day Ron hexed him to sleep I stayed up almost all night and watched him. He turned over so his back was facing me. I had this urge to go lay in bed next to him and wrap my arms around him.

And then, almost in the same moment, I was revolted. I hated this boy, didn't I? He had done all in his power to go out of his way to torment me. Yet, this year he had done the complete opposite! How can one do a complete personality flip over night? He was up to something big, I just had to find out what. Why did the sorting hat have to put him in Gryffindor? Why couldn't he just have stayed Slytherin?

I turned over so I would not be facing him, but it was pointless because I still thought of him. I tried to distract myself from him by looking around the room. Seamus' bed was unoccupied.... Unoccupied? He must still be in the Common Room. Must still have work he needed to do. As I was thinking this my eyes wandered, without me even knowing it, back over to Draco. Sleeping, calm, gentle. Angelic?

For the first time I saw it. A ring on his right hand ring finger. A silver band like a snake swallowing its tail with an Obsidian gem mounted on it. I would have not noticed it even now had it not glowed.

His eyes shot open. Once again he was facing me and his eyes locked on me. There was fright in his face, worry? His hand darted to the table by his bed as he snatched up his wand. He flung himself out of bed and I gasped a sharp intake of air.

He was wearing only a pair of boxers-silver silk. It was against one of the school rules to sleep without night-clothes on. I knew that he knew I was awake and watching him but he ignored me, uninterested at all, no smart jabs, no comments, or quips. He opened his trunk, still only in his boxers, pulled out a package, and then left the dorm not even bothering to change.

With Draco gone it was easier to get my mind off him. But I was definitely going to have some questions for him. Like where he was going in the middle of the night in only his underpants? But I let my mind drift to other problems of the day and night like where was Seamus?

About ten minutes after Draco left Neville shot up in bed and looked around the room quickly. I pretended to be sleeping. Satisfied that no one was awake, he too threw himself out of bed, at least he had the decency to wear night-clothes. Going around to his chest he opened it and pulled out a package that was inside, identical to the one that Draco retrieved from his chest.

After Neville left the room I got out of bed, ran to my trunk and pulled out my cloak of invisibility. Something was going on and I was willing to bet that Draco Malfoy was behind it!

Throwing the cloak over myself I followed Neville as he first headed to the bathroom where he opened his package. He then put on what he found inside over his night-clothes: a red robe embroidered with dragons in black velvet and a black cloak with a silver dragon on the back. My first thought was how could Neville possibly afford something that expensive; then the image of Draco pulling a similar package out of his trunk came to me.

My thoughts stopped when Neville put on a black mask and brought the cloak hood up over his head. A chill went down my spine. Could Neville possibly be a Death Eater? Surely not! Neville's parents were practically killed by Voldemort. Neville hated the Death Eaters more then anyone else in this school. But then why is he almost dressed like one?

Neville was on the move again and I followed behind him. Turn after turn it seemed that not even he knew where he was going, but I was not going to let him lose me. I followed him until he came to an empty classroom and knocked on the door. It quickly opened and he entered, I right behind him so close I could almost touch him.

In the classroom there were seven others dressed as Neville and one that was dressed slightly differently. That person wore a silver robe embroidered with dragons in black velvet with a black cloak with a silver and gold dragon on the back; this one's mask was silver. I noted that three of the masked men had gold dragons whereas Neville's was silver.

The one in the silver robe turned to face Neville. "You always bring company when you travel Dragoon?" The voice was twisted like many whispers compounded into one voice.

"Huh?" came Neville's shaky voice.

The one in the silver robes walked over to Neville never taking his eyes off him. He moved like he was walking on air never making a sound. His gloved hand raised into the air in front of the poor frightened boy, but he did not strike him. No, his hand moved to me quickly and removed the hood of my cloak. It happened so suddenly I did not have time to react or dodge. I stood there my eyes wide, how did he know I was here?

"Sit Potter!" came the stranger's twisted voice.

I did so in a chair that was just right next to me. I don't know why I was doing what he said; he does not look to be any bigger then me. In fact, he looked smaller then me.

"Who are you?" It was about all I could manage.

"Silver Dragon," came the twisted response.

My hand darted to the ring under the cloak. My heart started pounding! Someone by that same name sent me a letter for my birthday along with the ring I wore; someone who claimed to love me.

"I call this meeting of the Order of the Dragon to order," the twisted voice decreed turning his back on me.

"High Dragon! What of Harry? He knows who we are!" croaked Neville's shaky voice.

The one in silver robes turned back to face him. "He knows who YOU are not us. Maybe you should take some time after the meeting to beg him not to tell?"

The silver mask looked my way, "You are free to go, Harry," as he pointed to the door.

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