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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 11:
Full Circle

-Draco Malfoy-

I made my way to the Gryffindor Common Room and sat down in one of the chairs and closed my eyes. I knew Harry was not far behind and I still had the rest of my classes to go to today.

Why can't I go get Seamus now? Sure I will have to leave school to do so and I will probably get in trouble for it, but if I wait until the weekend I will still have to leave school and I will still get in trouble if I get caught. Thing is, my odds of getting caught are less over the weekend.

About then the portrait to the Common Room opened. I was not facing it so I did not know if it was Potter or not but that would be the best guess.

"Malfoy... are you feeling all right?"

Am I feeling all right? Err No! My world is falling apart and it's your fault!


"Oh, OK."

I heard him start walking away.

"Look Harry I need that ring." I know he thinks I stole it I don't blame him, not with our past.

"It is not your ring."

"If I can prove it is mine may I have it back?" I crossed my fingers.

"How are you going to prove it is yours?"

I closed my eyes and called the ring to me. I then closed my left hand. I felt something metallic in my hand. I then opened it to see the ring in the palm of my hand.

"The Ring can NEVER be separated from its master."

I then stood walked over to Harry and showed him the ring in my hand. Harry's hand went straight to his pocket and his eyes grew wide.

"How did you do that?"

I put the ring on my finger.

"Try and take it off."

I held my hand out to him. He tried taking the ring off. He pulled, twisted, and yanked but it refused to be removed from my finger.

"That's enough you're hurting my finger!" I pulled my hand way from him.

"Why did Silver give it to you?"

He called me Silver! I think I like that! I closed my eyes, ."Silver? You mean the High Dragon?"


"Harry? Do you like the Silver Dragon?"

I wish I did not have to hide behind a mask to get Harry to like me. I would kill for it. I had started being nice to him and his friends, even Ron,, and THAT is NOT easy! But I didn't seem to be gaining any ground. Ron still insults me, Harry still scurries around me like he expects me to reach out and grab him, and Hermione still will not even talk to me, not that I blame any of them.

"I don't even know the Silver Dragon that well."

"But you wear the ring he gave you?"

"How did you know he gave it to me?"

"You also called him Silver, not Silver Dragon or High Dragon, but Silver."

"Well I guess I do kind of like.... Hell I don't even know if the Silver Dragon is male or female!"

"Do you like me?"

I was fighting hard not to cry and whine. All the years with my father had killed most of my emotions. As a matter of fact I don't feel anything unless it has to do with Harry. I guess he is my only weakness, my only flaw, and damned if I care! I love him too much to care if he is a weakness. Ha! Less then a year ago had I admitted something like that I would have called myself crazy, but now it was just too real to ignore. I LOVE HARRY POTTER! Sometimes... Hell most of the time! I wish I didn't, but I do.

"I don't know Draco."

Oh heaven! He said my name! Not my last name but my first!

"I don't like the old you and I don't know how long you plan staying NICE, or if you have really changed, but if you stay nice I COULD get to like you, yes." I knew I had this dumb grin on my face but I didn't care.

"So Draco are you going to answer my question?"

"What question?"

"Why wait for Saturday to get Seamus if you know where he is?"

"Are you going to dress up like me and sit in all my classes? Don't worry it is only a few more days."

I crossed my fingers again. I know what Seamus is going through. One day with my father is too much for anyone and it will be even harder on Seamus seeing how he is a Friend of Harry's.

"I am going with you, Draco."

"By my father will kill you if he sees you!"

"You did not seem to mind me coming before when you offered."

"I knew you would say no."

"That is only because I did not know it was Seamus you were going to go get. Look Draco, Seamus is one of my friends. I am going and that is final!"

"Not if I don't take you, you're not!"

"I will just follow you."

"Then how will you get back?"

"Same way."

"I am going to be using a port-key to get back."

"Look Draco, quit being stubborn! You're taking me!"

"Your Silver would KILL me if anything happened to you!"

About that time the Common Room started filling up. And Ron started making his way over to me and Harry, I would guess to make sure I am not hexing Harry.

As soon as Ron got to us he asked, "What have you been doing? Professor Snape nearly exploded when Malfoy left."

Ron was talking about me like I was not even here. It is no wonder I want to kill him so badly! "Then when you followed the git he did explode-the two of you lost 100 house points each!" "Harry, you're NOT going!"

Before he had time to tell me he was, I walked off. I needed to vent some. It is not in my nature to sit there and take verbal abuse. I wonder if Ron even knew how close to a Hex he was!

* * * * * * *

That Morning in Dumbledore's Office

"I don't like it!"

"You don't have to like it. We just need you to fill the spot for the year or until we can find a new teacher to do it."

"I don't mind teaching, Dumbledore. It is just I don't trust your other new Professor, Lord Van Claw."

Dumbledore looked up at the woman sitting across from him, "Funny, Professor, he said the same about you."

"Do you think it wise to have someone of his... his reputation, around children?"

"By reputation, you mean someone who has killed in their past, Miss Winters?"

Miss Winters locked her eyes on Dumbledore and did not blink for the longest time.

"Dumbledore, I find it hard to trust anyone that has or can kill!"

"I see." Dumbledore picked up a small orb about the size of a golf ball made of metal.

"Then why let him be around children and teach?"

"We need a Defense against the Dark Arts teacher and he at the moment is all we have."

* * * * * * *

Present time

-Draco Malfoy-

The rest of the day was easy enough. Harry did not bother me much. I was kind of expecting him to pester me all day about taking him. I had completely forgotten about the problem when I arrived for Defense against the Dark Arts class. The classroom was empty of all but the 5th year Gryffindors.

After two minutes of waiting I was about ready to take a little nap when I felt the connection between Harry and myself snap and then it was gone. I was wide-awake and looking directly at Harry who was looking around as if someone slapped him in the face.

"Harry, Draco! Detention! And there will be NO further use of Dark Magic in my class!" a strong voice bellowed from the door as a tall man, about 7-foot, strode over to the teacher's desk and sat down, writing in a book.

I did a double take as I recognized the man that wrote the book I had used to make the ring. It was true that some Dark Arts was used in the ring but not all of it. I was surprised at the ease in which he put a block on the ring, but then again, the block was only temporary.

"But Professor I was not using Dark Magic!" Harry squeaked, taken off guard by the detention.

Veve looked up from his writing, "You mean to tell me there was no link between you and...." He quickly looked in my direction.

I could only pray he would not continue his sentence, but either way.... Harry could be thick, but surely he was not THAT thick!

"Not that I knew about!" Harry looked over at me and shot me a cold glare.

'Damn' was all my mind could muster.

Veve just smiled, "You will still serve your detention. It will give you time to glare at him more!" Veve snorted as he went about his lecture.

It was a fairly good class other than the fact that all my secrets were about to be made known to Harry after the class, for this was the last class of the day and detention would follow.

After the class, all but Harry and me left. I stayed seated under Harry's intense gaze.

Veve walked over to Harry, "I don't know what you're angry about?."

I could feel a pull as the link between the two rings was put back in place.

"How is it Dra... I mean Malfoy has a link to me?" Harry looked at the teacher.

"The weave."

"Sorry? The what?"

"The weave. It is a link between a master ring and lower rings. Of course, it doesn't have to be rings. It could be anything you wear."

Harry's hand shot to his ring. "In this case there are 2 master rings, though. I would like to know how that was accomplished."

Veve shot me a look.

"None of your business," I whispered under my breath.

Veve turned his attention back to Harry, "I can kill the link all together."

"No you can't!" I looked up at Veve.

"Oh?" Veve raised an eyebrow.

"It's warded. Only I know how to kill the link permanently." I looked into Harry's eyes. "The longer he wears the ring the stronger the link," I smiled.


"I liked Silver better..."

I looked down at my desk my book still open. Harry's jaw dropped.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

((The following is in Harry's mind and may be confusing))

'Draco loves me. ME?'

'But why me?'


'But, he did not say he wasn't when I said he was...'

'What did the letter say? I loved you since 2 years ago?'

Draco watched as Harry pulled a piece of parchment from the sleeve of his robe to read it.

'He has been in love with me for 2 damn years?'

'But he is a.... And I am a...!'

'Damn! Why do I feel GOOD?'

'I should be angry with him!'

'Why do I feel like I am floating?'

'Damn! It's Draco! He is supposed to be my enemy and then this year he tries his hardest to be my friend? Why the change?'

"Why the change?" I found myself mumbling aloud.

"I never changed Harry. I just decided to stop doing what my father wanted and do what I wanted."

I just got up and headed for the dorms. Draco made no move to stop me and Veve seemed to have vanished from sight. I just walked in silence to my bed with the same questions pounding me over and over.

'Do I love Draco, too?'

'Is this some elaborate trick on Draco's part?'

'What would Ron think if I really was in love with Draco!?'

I don't remember lying down but I was none the less.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

'At least he is still wearing the ring... that's a good sign.'

I stood and made my way to the Gryffindor Common Room.

When I got there a flaming red head confronted me, "What did you do to Harry, Malfoy?"

"I didn't do anything. Except talk with him."

I tried to smile but it was no use, I was in no mood. With Seamus going off and getting himself in danger and Harry finding out I was in love with him, not that I was not making it overly hard for him to find out.

"I don't believe you Malfoy!"

I walked passed Ron and sat on a chair in the Common Room. I wanted to go up and go to bed but I also wanted to give Harry time alone and I knew he was up there. I waited until the Common Room started clearing out and headed up for bed.

I was relieved to find Harry asleep.

* * * * * * *

Time passed smoothly until Friday night. I had been working on a project late at night and was spending a good hour in the dungeons after nightfall and a good three more hours sitting at the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room. I was glued to the book, "Rune-Cards and Implications" the author's name was too faded to make out. It is the oldest book in the Malfoy library and I ran across it by accident.

I am sure my father had never seen it before. You see I was browsing the library when I bumped a book on lesser charms and it opened a section of the bookcase to reveal a secret room with all kinds of "interesting" books. This is only one of the books I brought with me to Hogwarts this year to "master".

To put it gently I am not doing so well. Out of the seven types of Card-Magic, I have a grasp on Port-Cards. I am truly lost on most rune-cards. White/Black-Cards can't be mastered until you have mastered rune-cards. Did I mention mastering rune-cards is impossible? It even says so in the book!

I am not doing this to gain power or strength, though that would be nice. No I am doing it to take my mind off Harry. Who, I have a sneaky suspicion, is the reason I can't get that far with this book. I can't get ten pages without his name popping in to my head unbidden.

I was returning to the Common Room after binding my first port-card to the dungeons. In essence it works like a port key. All I have to do is hold the card and say "Port" and it will take me to its bind spot, in this case the dungeons. When I entered the Common Room I was surprised to see Harry still awake and in front of the fire. I ignored him and moved over to the fire taking out my book and began reading it again.

"Don't you think you should sleep?" he looked over at me while asking.

"Can't," I stated putting the book down and looking over to meet his gaze.

"We have to talk."



I raised my right eyebrow, "Oh?"

I don't think he could tell but I was praying to whatever god who would listen that he loved me. A small panic was starting inside me. What if he does not like me? What if he would prefer to die than to like me?

"Yeah... like why did you send me this ring under the name Silver Dragon?"

"Was the first thing that came to mind at the time."

"Why couldn't you just sign it 'Draco'?"

"So you could throw it out a window without even opening it? And if it was signed 'Draco' you would have NEVER put it on."

"Maybe, but now I feel as if I shouldn't have put it on."

I knew he was not done.

"What is the link that Veve was talking about?" Harry was not done, he almost dared not ask, "And why did I feel...empty during Defense against the Dark Arts now that Veve is the teacher?" I smiled as I put my book away, as I would get no more reading done today.

"The ring started the link. Though I don't think you need it any more to keep the link. The reason you feel empty during class is because I have to close the link during class. The link well...it binds our minds."

"It what?"

"If I concentrate on you enough I can know what you're thinking, feel what you feel, taste what you taste, hear what you hear, and see what you see. It links our minds."

"You mean you're in my head!"

Harry's eyes got big and I almost panicked.

"No!" I looked to the floor. "You can block me out just as I can block you out."

He did not seem to hear me because he continued on, "Then you already know!"

The panic in his voice almost made me want to know what he knew.

"Harry calm down!"

"If you knew, why didn't you say something? Why the games?" his voice was getting louder.

"Calm down Harry you're going to wake everyone up!" I hissed while I gave a quick glance to the dorms.

He finally went quiet and closed his eyes.

"I don't know what you're thinking and I never did. I would never go into your mind without permission."

He opened his eyes again and looked directly in mine, "Why not? It seems like something a Malfoy would do," his voice was as cold as mine is normally and I shivered under my robes. "I told you I have not changed one bit and if it was anyone but you I probably would pry into their mind."

I looked down to the ground not wanting to meet his gaze any longer.

We sat in an odd time of silence for a while neither saying a word. Tomorrow I would have to go out to Malfoy Manor to save one of my Dragoons and I was surprised Harry was not asking me yet again if he could go. I started fiddling with one of the Rune Cards I had been working on-lesser water.

"What is that?" Harry asked looking at my hands where the card was.



More silence.

"Can I see it?"

"No!" Damn! I did not mean to yell.

He just raised one of his eyebrows, "Then it's nothing is it?"

"I have a long day tomorrow I need sleep."

I got up and headed in the direction of the dorm.

"You're not going without me," Harry stated calmly.

"I will be gone before you even wake up," I said, disappearing into the dorm.

I put my books in my trunk and prepared my robes for tomorrow. After I had finished I cast a charm on me that would wake me at about 4 in the morning. And went to bed. Getting to sleep was not hard and it came easy that night and about midnight I felt as if I was floating on a cloud.

I had a sweet dream that I was sleeping with Harry.

* * * * * * *

My left eye opened first followed slowly by my right. (I must still be dreaming!) My eyes moved around the room and then settled back on the boy in bed with me, laying, I might add, on my right arm. (Well that is a good way for him to know when I get up! Now, how do I get out of bed without waking Potter?)

Lucky for me he was laying on his back and I, some time in the night, have lost all feeling in my right arm. I groped for my wand on the night-stand and when I had it in my hand I pointed it at Harry and muttered "Wingardium Leviosa".

He slowly levitated off my arm as I slid it out from under him and rolled out of bed quietly. Then I gently lowered him back into the bed. (Any night but this night, Harry, and I would love nothing more then to wake with you in my bed!) I smiled to myself as I gathered the things I would need for my "Quest" and made for the Dungeons.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

I felt myself slowly lift of the bed and I knew he was awake. But I did not move or change my breathing. I had to follow him. After he left the room I was quick to grab my invisibility cloak and slung it over me and followed using the map to see him.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

Once in the dungeons I got into my 'Silver Dragon Robes and gear'. Once I put the mask on I turned to face the door to the Potions Class. Leaning up against a wall, obviously having followed me, was one invisible Potter.

"I thought I left you in bed...."

My eyes darted over to a second invisible person entering the room this one taller. TOO TALL. I posed my left-hand pointer and middle finger and pointed at the second taller invisible form. A Card appeared in-between my fingers with a rune on it. "Show yourself."

Potter removed his cloak and at the same time Dumbledore became visible.

"Damn can't one sneak around in the early morn without a crowd?!" the leather gorget around my neck turned my voice into a whisper.

Potter was the first to speak, "I told you, I am going!"

"And you thought dragging the Headmaster along with you would improve your odds?" Silver looked dead into Dumbledore's eyes the twinkle still there, "Or has our Headmaster come to stop me from going?"

"Actually, I am here to see Professor Snape. I ran into you by mistake," as a smile appeared on Dumbledore's face.

"Right! Well, while you are here you can make yourself useful and make sure Harry doesn't follow. Oh and pay attention you might find out just how weak Hogwarts' security really is."

Silver finally put his hand down and the card vanished. He then opened his hand and in the palm was what looked like the Malfoy crest on a broach.


As Silver uttered the one word a gate opened in front of him and before Malfoy could blink Harry ran through it.


Silver did not even hesitate. Dropping the broach he too darted into the silvery porthole.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

The Porthole opened into the entry hall for Malfoy Manor. I did not even pause to look around as I threw my Invisibility Cloak over my shoulders and vanished from sight. I then took the time to look around.

This place is big! I found myself looking straight up trying to see the ceiling. But I did not linger long. The porthole closed as soon as I stepped through so I assumed that it dropped Draco off somewhere other then here, if he even came through.

'Damn you Potter Keep that damn cape on and wait for me right where you are! Do you even know how much danger you are in?'

I spun around searching for the voice until I realized it came from inside my head.

'I am NOT afraid of your father!'

'You should be!'

I turned around and headed for what looked like steps going down. If Draco thinks that I am going to sit here and wait until he botches this completely he is dead wrong.

'Your ring can do anything mine can do,' Draco's voice came back to my mind.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on Seamus. After two or so minutes I could feel him below and to my right. The Dungeons of Malfoy Manor reminded me a lot of the ones in Hogwarts, save the ones in Malfoy Manor look to be WELL-used and kept. It was a long walk and I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched really close.

After a while I moved into a rather large room. In the center of the room I could see a young man chained to what looked like some sort of stone table with different knives and other torture tools strung about. I slowly made my way over to the table.

The closer I got the more painfully aware I became that the boy chained up was Seamus, or rather might be Seamus. His body was well too bruised and beaten to tell. His once blonde hair was matted and stained red with what could only be dried blood. The only reason I knew the boy was alive was because I could hear the boy's struggled gasps for air. I slowly went about unchaining the boy with my wand when...

All went black...

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

Silver ran as fast as he could. He was honing in on Harry not Seamus.

"I can't believe he went in the porthole!" Silver angrily addressed the walls as he ran through the all too familiar halls from his room to the dungeons.

Silver slid to a halt when he entered the dungeons. He saw his father tying Harry to a table next to Seamus. Silver made too much noise entering the room to be unseen. He glared at his father.

"Who are you? And what are you doing in my house!" Lucius spit as he spun around to see a masked man in his dungeons.

-Author's Stand Point-

Silver removed his mask with his left hand while pushing back the hood of his cloak with his right.

"Draco!" Lucius rasped.

"Release Potter!"


Lucius was standing next to where Harry was tied up. He put his hand on the boy's shoulder, a small gem in his hand. Draco heard his father start to chant something. Draco retrieved his wand from his sleeve pocket. Just as Draco's wand was in his hand Harry vanished.

Lucius looked over at Draco seeing the wand in his hand, "You going to fight me, boy?"

In an almost inaudible voice Draco whispered, "What have you done with Harry?"

"Why do you care!"

Draco held up his left-hand pointer finger and middle finger extended thumb touching his index and pinkie finger. The moment his hand made this odd gesture a black card appeared between his middle finger and pointer finger.

Draco's stare chilled Lucius to the bone, "You ARE going to fight me!"

Lucius went to ready his wand, but just as his hand went to his sleeve, Draco pointed the card at Lucius and whispered a word under his breath. A bolt of lightning shot into Lucius' hand causing him to pull away from his sleeve and cuss as the pain shot through his hand.

Draco held his hand up again making the same odd gesture and this time a green card appeared in his hand. He stated the word "Port!" and he was gone from Lucius' sight.

Thinking he had won the fight, or at least this round, Lucius headed over to Seamus who was still chained up to a stone table. But as he turned to face Seamus he came face to face with his son.

Torture, pain, suffering, they are all tools of the trade. Things Draco was taught to extract information from unwilling informants and some times used for the enjoyment of my father. Draco knew pain well.

The first lesson to become a good torturer is to learn the pain you are about to inflict so you know how they will react to it when you administer it to them. Draco's father was a sick man and taught Draco about pain. To "enjoy" himself he tortured his son. Not just once but many times.

You could call Draco an expert on the topic of pain. He knew how to take it and he knew how to give it. He knew how much one can take and he knew how much it will take to kill. To kill someone with pure pain is hard, almost impossible, because the brain will shut down and your victim will fall unconscious and as we know if they are asleep they can't answer the questions. But then again the dead don't talk either.

Draco Malfoy threw his father onto a stone table near Seamus. Pointing his wand at the man and uttering a single word the man could not move. Draco walked around to where is father's head lay and pressed his index fingers to ether side of his father's temples. Draco then began chanting a spell, first forward then backward then forward again. He then stood over the man looking down at his father. His father started feeling a dull pain creep into his mind.

Through out the torture period the pain would slowly get stronger and stronger but NEVER too much to where the victim would pass out. No, it might mentally damage them, but never make them pass out. After all his father had been the one to teach Draco how to do that spell. His father also knew that Draco was very good in this room.

Draco then made his way to the foot of the table looking over to where his father lay he whispered, "What have you done with Potter?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Lucius shouted at his son.

As he did so the pain in his mind spiked. Some time during the spike of pain his son retrieved a hot poker. Draco began heating the sharp end with his wand until the metal melted. He then put the poker in close proximity to Lucius' pointer finger on his wand hand. He did not touch the finger just brought it close enough for the heat to get to the finger. The pain in Lucius' mind was slowly building and the heat on his finger slowly rising.

"You know how this works, father. What have you done with Potter?"

"Even If I knew I would not tell you!"

He is struggling and I am only on step two, Draco thought quietly to himself.

The heat on Lucius' finger was building slowly and the flesh was starting to melt like wax. The pain in his mind was now slowly building to that exceeding a migraine.

Time drew on and Draco was only able to get one name out of his father: the almost ancient family known as "Sabastion." After getting the name he simply let his father die. To make sure his father was truly dead, Draco picked up the body and carried it over to the incinerator that his father kept in the dungeons.

After putting his father in it he turned it on with his wand.

He listened to the fire turning all that was inside into ash, and then some.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

I had snapped into a trance while torturing my father. Honestly I can't remember all I did to him to get information. All I do know is it was painful enough for him to tell me what he knew.

I turned on my heels and headed for my father's old private room. I might actually get to see my mother. I might have smiled, but my thought went straight to Harry. He was FAR away. I could not even feel his mind he was gone so far.

Entering my father's room I walked over to the chest he kept inside his desk and opened it and found a diamond the size of my fist. I took it out. I put the diamond into my robe pocket after whispering "Emperal Imcorpon Shearen Dearan Malfoy" into it.

A thick fog started to fill the room. I pulled my Hogwarts' dungeon port card from my sleeve and held it close as the fog slowly got so thick that I could not see anything in front of me. Soon I had the sensation I was falling fast to the ground. I grasped the card tighter in his hand as I whispered the word. "Port"

* * * * * * *

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