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Book 1:
The Tale of Two Rings
Chapter 13:
Love Thy Enemy

"How can evil be bad if it feels so Good!?"

-Ron Weasley-

I can't believe I am trying to wake Malfoy up so he won't be late for classes. Why do I care?

"Malfoy get up!" I repeated as I shook his shoulder, something I usually always have to do to Harry to get him up. "If you don't get up we will be late for breakfast." Wait a minute that sounds oddly familiar… oh yeah I usually say that to Harry. "Fine be late for classes!" I gave up on him and headed down to the common room.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

I opened my eyes to the invading light. Normally I am a morning person, but this morning I feel drained as if I never slept at all. I forced myself out of bed to get ready for classes, ignoring the voice in the back of my head telling me to skip classes and work on getting Harry back. Even though it is tempting I need to do a few things today and I need to be in class to do them. I started to go over my mental list of things I had to get done before dinner today while I prepared for classes.

One, brew a sleeping draught for Seamus. He will be back in the dorms tonight and I really don't need to listen to his screams that will come with the nightmares a session with my father can induce. Hah! Father! That is debatable!

Two, brew an energy potion. Come to think of it, I should move that up to number one seeing how I don't think I will make it to the end of the list without it.

Both of them have to be done in Double Potions. I looked at my schedule, ahh good, first class today.

Three, I need to get into the library and find out something about the barriers that were keeping my mind away from Harry's and see if maybe there is a way around, or through them.

Four, I have to call a meeting tonight with the Order to bring both Ran and Hermione into the fold, under my gold banner, of course not my silver one. Not that Harry even knows about the gold banner. I let a smile fall into place on my face.

Five, and the hardest out of all of them, find out what the teaching staff knows about Harry's disappearance. And have a conversation with Dumbledore and try not to let anything about the Order slip while waiting for information about the phoenix and Harry. I have a feeling I should just skip this step altogether.

Done with my list and getting ready for the day, I headed down to breakfast.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

Rolling over in bed, bed funny just the other night I was lying in a heap of rags in some cell. I mentioned Draco and love in the same sentence and I am in a large four-poster bed that is about 10x bigger then the one I have at Hogwarts! Clothed in some of the softest silks I have ever felt. Of course I was forced to drink another vile potion before he led me to this room.

"This is Draco's room I don't think he will mind you staying here."

If this is how Draco lives his life from day-to-day he sure had it better then me, that's for sure.

I wondered what Draco was doing right now anyway? When I talked to him in my head, if that can even be trusted, he sounded worried, tired. I wonder if he is looking for me. He said he loves me but does he mean it? Do I love him? I wondered what Ron and Hermione are doing, other then looking for me. Are they upset that I got myself in trouble again? Do they even know? DO THEY KNOW DRACO LOVES ME?

I groaned and sat up in the bed. Almost as soon as I was fully into a sitting position a little imp appeared next to me with a pop.

"Master Potter need anything?"

"Ugh, aren't you a demon?"

"Domesticated, master!"

"Don't only Dark Wizards keep imps as pets?"

"OH yes, only the Darkest of them can hold the will of an imp, master!"

"Why do you keep calling me master?"

"OH because I have been bound to your will master!"

Oh great won't Dumbledore be SO happy with me. The-Boy-Who-Lived with a pet imp. "But that can't be right I am good, you're evil. See the problem?"

"Master is Good?"

I simply nodded.

"Why would Lord Sabastion make me serve someone who is good? No that can't be right you must be evil!"

"Your first hint, imp. My name is 'Harry Potter'"


"You know Harry Potter the boy who killed the dark lord?"

"Which dark lord master? Master must be truly strong to beat a dark lord!"

"What do you mean 'A dark lord' there is only one dark lord!"

"No master there are seven dark lords; they make up the council that govern the whole world!"

All of a sudden for some reason this whole "battle evil/do good" thing got a hell of a lot harder!

"Who are the seven?"

"Me not allowed to tell, master, Lord Sabastion will put my wings in a potion if I was to tell you master!"

"All right my first order, imp, is to stop calling me master!"

"Then what shall I call you, master?" after the last word was said it started backing away from me like I was going to hit it or something fear was defiantly in its purple eyes.

"Call me Harry," I smiled at the little creature.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

"And just what do you think you're brewing, Malfoy." Snape asked, venom dripping from the way he spit the word Malfoy from his lips, kind of like Ron, I mused.

"A sleeping draught," after some thought, "Why? You need one, too?"

"Where is the potion you're supposed to be brewing Mr. Malfoy?"

I pulled out a flask that I had placed in my bag to keep it out of the way and handed it to Snape.

"You will stop brewing that draught in MY class Mr. Malfoy."

He turned around and walked back to his desk and without turning to face the class, he set the potion I handed him on his desk then, "50 points from Gryffindor and a detention for you Mr. Malfoy!"

Seeing how he did not have the courage to turn around and meet the famous Malfoy glare that I am sure he knows all too well from my father, I just finished brewing the draught even though he told me not to.

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

"What are these potions for anyway?" I asked pulling myself out of the bed again.

For some reason I felt weak real weak.

"To help you get your strength back for when Draco decides to show up you will not be bed-ridden."

"Oh, why did you give me a imp?"

"To watch over you and keep you company. Sorry I don't have house elves so I had to summon an imp and I bind them to the person that they are to serve."

"But I am not evil! I don't want a imp!" I stifled a yawn as I looked around to make sure the imp did not hear me.

"Oh he heard you Harry, he is bonded to you. He could be at Hogwarts right now and he would still hear you. But I ask you a question and if you can answer the question then I will take the imp back. But if you can't do you promise me to keep it, okay?"

"I guess."

"No Harry, Yes or no."


"What is evil if not good? What is good if not evil? Can there be good without evil? Can there be evil without good?"

"That's four questions not one, you cheated!"

"Oh but they are all the same question just worded differently and there is only one answer."

With that Lord Sabastion got up from the chair he was sitting in and left the room carrying the empty potion bottle with him. And Harry felt the calm coming again while he lay tangled in Draco's too big four-poster bed.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

Just at the beginning of lunch and I am sitting in the library searching countless books for anything that can help me with breaking protection wards. After I get Harry back I swear I will NEVER set foot in this library again!

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

Waking this time was easier. I felt relaxed and refreshed and getting bored fast. That is when I heard a knocking at my door.

"Come in."

"Good you're awake," Lord Sabastion stated as he entered the room carrying a broom. "You should be fully rested and being a youth as you are your probably very bored."

"A little... Uh sir, when can I go back to Hogwarts?"

"When Draco comes to get you. You see that is the proof I need that he loves you."


"Why don't you have some fun in the mean time," he held up the broom. "You know how to fly?"

I just smiled.

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

Nothing! There is never anything when you want to learn about something! It would be a shame if you leaned anything you actually wanted to learn! Storming out of the library I headed 'late' to my next class, I would have stayed longer in the library but I was being kicked out and told to go to class. I wonder if that has ever happened to Granger?

* * * * * * *

-Harry Potter-

If feels good to be flying again. I feel free even if I am flying in a room inside this too large of a house. The room is like an indoor garden. It is at least 20 to 22 floors high and the size of a Quidditch pitch. But I don't care because I am flying, free, at least for now….

* * * * * * *

-Draco Malfoy-

Last class of the day, finally! History, I am listening to the ghost ramble on about nothing, or at least it seems that way.

Then I feel it! A rush of joy. It's coming from Harry. It's so strong that the barrier wards are not strong enough to block it from me. Well at least he is healthy, I think to myself.


'Harry? You can hear me?'

'Hold on let me land...'

'No don't! If you land then the barrier will be able to block are thoughts.'


'I can feel your joy, the wards keeping our minds from communicating are being overwhelmed by that emotion so it can't block our thoughts.'

'Oh, Draco....'

The worry in his mind is strong.


'Did you mean it when you err. '

He did not have to say it. I could see what he meant in my mind.

'Yes Harry with all my heart'.

'Did you really kill your father?'

'How did you know?'

'Your Uncle Lord Sabastion told me.'


I had the clue I needed! I knew how to find the man now! My hand went to cover my mouth the moment I realized I yelled that out loud and I now had the whole class staring at me.

'Yes, your Uncle!' Harry stated

"Mr. Malfoy!" the ghost responded. "5 points from Gryffindor you will NOT yell in my class again."

"Sorry Sir"

'I knew Sabastion had you but I did not know he was in any way related to me!'

'Yeah well he is too nice.'

'What are you getting at Harry?'

'He is treating my like some kind of prize or something. I get nearly anything I ask for. The only thing he will not let me do or have is to leave.'

'Don't trust him Harry, he is probably just trying to catch you off guard.'

'He said he will let me go when you come to get me.'

'Do you know where you are other then just with my uncle?'

'No, he will not let me out side.'

'Well I have to find you soon. What if Voldemort finds out where you are?'

'That is another thing that puzzles me. Voldemort has shown up four times that I know about and yet I feel safe here.'

'You mean you have seen Voldemort four times?' I tried hard to keep my mind calm, I need to get to Harry FAST.

'No but I felt him, your Uncle said he has turned him away every time he has shown up to try and 'collect' me.'

'Harry, Lord Sabastion is coming, you asked Spyro to let you know well I's letting you know,' a squeaky voice appeared in Harry's mind.

'What was that?'

'A imp a gift from your Uncle.'

'Harry Potter with an imp?'

'I have to land I will see you soon. Hurry up I don't think I am in any danger here but just to be sure, GET YOUR ASS HERE AND SAVE ME!'

'Look I told you not to...' the joy faded so I just stopped thinking.

He would not hear me anyway if I continued.

* * * * * * *

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