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Chapter 2
A new Beginning

I slowly looked around the room I was in. From my position on the bead I could see the whole room. It was a rather large room fare larger then I have ever stayed in before. The bead clothes where black and silk to the touch come to think of it the whole room was in shades of black. Even the ceiling was painted black. As my eyes moved around the room they finely stopped on a small group that was at the foot of the bead looking at me. I think only 5 seconds have pass from the moment I woke screaming, from the time a man I did not know was next to me hugging me. Mind you I did not know him let alown want him hugging me! But for some odd reason it soothed me. I felt safe content? I quickly calmed down but I was still shaken I could remember the Nightmare vividly and on top of that I had no clue as to where I was not to mention upset with the fact I was still alive. I think that was the worst part. Why was I alive?

“Shhh it will be OK you are safe now little Phoenix” the man kept repeating to me to calm me down. Truth be told I did not know he was talking to me after all my name is not Phoenix.

“Master I don’t remember you being like this when I wolk up…” a boy that was by the man's side when they both where at the foot of the bead. Of course the man was now siting in the bead holding me and the boy remained where he was.

“Quite Jess he needs quite” the man sead back to him

My voce a little shaky but it came to me none the less and I had to know “wh-who are y y you? Aand whwhare am I? I could not believe how badly I sounded like a dear colt in the headlights I could not move and was even finding it hard to talk. You know the fear that steals your voce. I had felt this many times before I was getting so used to it.

“You are in my home little one. And my name is Vincent Vanguard.” The man seid as he started to get back up now that I was calm enough to talk start.

“Mr. Vanguard why am I hear?” that was what I really wanted to know why wasent I dead!

Almost as if he could read my mind he smiled “are you unhappy to be here with me or is it just the fact you are still breathing that troubles you?” needless to say I was stunned shocked how did he know? I mean was it that oveas but then again if I was hear and alive. He ether had to catch me from falling off the bridge or pull me out of the water, but in ether instant I would have thout I would wake up in a hospital of clinic not some mans oversized house. “It is not oversized little Phen it is just the right size for my little family.” He did it again!

“How do you do that?” I started thinking of anything just trying to keep my thouts to myself.

“Jess I will leave him with you I have work I must do before she comes back” Vincent left with them words.

I finely had a good look at the boy as he walked out of the shadows and over the bead where I now sat. Oh my god! No God had nothing to do with this it was beyond even him! This was no boy it was a walking work of Art. His hear was ice blue, exactly as I sead not white but not blue ether it was iced blue, his eyes matched his hear that fell about his face down to his cute small nose. Just looking at his face and I was entranced! Would he come closer? Would I see more of this beauty that was before me or would he leave? Why was I filling this way for a boy who’s Eyes where as ice void of all emotion? He carried himself like an angel he moved quickly but gently to the side of my bead where I rested. “Who are you?” I managed to speck out. I was ashamed of myself I could not even talk to this boy he was so beautiful.

He simply smiled “lost your thouts already Phoenix?” he then proceeded to pull down the covers of the bed. “Come now we have to get you dressed… unless you like running around in your underwear.” His smile only grew as he removed the covers all the way to revile I was not wearing any underwear. “Well I gess you would like me to leave why you get dressed.” He stated it rather then asked it.

As he started to move to the door with that smile still on his face. I wanted so much to ask him to stay but my voce betrayed me and no words came out thow my mouth was moving. Just as he got to the door I was able to sqeck out “Wait!” there was a degree of fear in my voce that I was sure was beyond me. But after all if this boy… boy? No ANGEL! If this angel left me alown in this strange room that I awoke in then I would have nothing! I did not even know where I was and thow I never wanted to see the place again I had no Idea how to get home. I was lost and alown as is but this angel threatened to make me even more alown and lost. I could not stand loosing anyone elts even if that person was a stranger I had to have something to cling on to.

“Worry not Phoenix I will only be outside the door waiting for you to finish dressing. Now herry up and get dressed. You will find YOUR new cloths in the dresser over there.” He pointed to a large black dresser set into the wall a bit. The dresser matched everything elts in this room old and black.

“NO!” I cried I was close to tears by now I would NOT let him go.

“No? No you will not dress or no I can not go?” he sounder confused and humored all rolled into one.

“Stay here please?” I did not know why I wanted him to remain after all I just met him and for the life of me I can’t even remember his name. But in a way he was all I had left. Even the man that held me after I wolk up from my Nightmare was gone. Only this angel remand. And so I pleaded with this angel to remain with me I did not care if I was naked in front of him as long as he did not leave!

He smiled as he looked at me “all right I will stay but lets not make a habit of this I don’t think are master would like it very much.” He stayed right where he was and after I did not move for a while he piped up. “Well are you going to get dressed or do I have to dress you?” he acutely sounded like he was hoping for the latter.

“No I can do it.” I protested as I started to get up from the bead. For some reason I could not take my eyes off this angel’s face I did not even know what he was wearing. So I forced myself to scan him as I moved over to the dresser. He was wearing all shads of blue his shirt was a tank top of sky blue and made of silk so where his shorts that whint to just below the nee. He appeared to be about 12 or 13 his lips where the color of a red rose thow he had no tan and I do mean no tan he was as peal as a ghost which made his lips even more red and prnoced I loved it! Even his eyebrows where that iced blue. Was I in love? How can this be we where both boys! But I was not going to let that brief thout spoil the vewe so I pushed it to the back of my head. As I reched the dresser and opened it. Everything in the dresser was made out of a real soft real light silk but all in shads of red. Some reds almost dark enough to call back and others almost light enfo to call white or even pink. I chose a pare of dark red (Black) boxer shorts and a cherry red tank top and shorts just like the other boy in the room. I found myself wishing they where blue like his. “Why are all the cloths in here red and why are they all silk?” I asked him as I moved over to a mear to look myself over.

“The master thinks red is your color. And he loves the fill of silk. Why? I like the way you look in red. Don’t you?”

“I gess” was all I could manage to say as I looked myself over. My blood started to run cold. Like the angel in my room my skin was peal and I remember just sun bathing not to long ago but that was miner compared to my hear which was shoulder length. “My my my hear!” I stumbled about my words.

“I like it!”

I looked over at him he was grinning as if he knew something I did not know. “What did you do to my hear?!” OK looking back it dose sound like I was blaming him but really he had no part in it and I knew it then.

“Nothing… you don’t like it?” his grin turned to a frown.

“Its it’s not that. It is just that it is so different.” I looked back into the mear at my reflection looking back at me and my new hear. It was shoulder length and had a strip of hear just one that fell about my forehead in the front that was pure red not black like the rest, but pure red. A deeper red then the cherry red shirt I now wore. I was like the rose red. I began to wonder if it would wash out.

“Come on now that you are dressed let me show you around!” he sounder anxious in a herry. As I turned to face him I found that his smile returned to his face.

I thout I calt him looking at my bottom as I turned to face him. “What where you looking at?” I asked as innocent as I could almost knowing that he would lie to the best of his ability.

“Your Butt.” With no remorse or shame I was stunned! After seeing the look in my face after he uttered the words he just smiled bigger and sead “Did you want me to lie?” I could not say anything about it so I just walked past him and out the door. I know why he followed behind me inset of walking next to me or guiding me from the front. The only thing I did not know was how did I fill about it?

We walked what seemed to be forever till we came to the living room of this enormous house. All throw all the room and halls that we passed throw to get here was elaborate designs works of art and very expensive furniture. “Who elts lives here?” I asked even before I knew the Question was out of my mouth.

“Only you and Vincent.” I turned around to face him to once again catch him looking at my bottom.


“Yes you.” He smiled as if the Question I asked as improper of just dumb.

“But why do I live here I don’t even know Vincent?” I was hoping what this boy sed was true that I really had a new home. But if I believed that I was just setting myself up for a big fall that I knew was coming. “An what about you where do you stay?”

He stopped smiling “I live on the grounds but not in the house… I mean I used to but I broke a few rules and got kicked out of the mane house” he posed for a sec but I knew there was more to it then just that. “I am lucky that Vincent let me live after what I did… actually you saved my life!” a smile returned to his face after saying that.

I looked at him questionably “I saved your life? How did I go about doing that? I just meet you.”

We had made are way over to one of the couches in the room and sat down still talking. The room was gigantic way to big for just two people and I have done nothing in my miserable existents to live in a place so grand as this. “You saved my life by being who you are.” He looked down to the floor. “Look Vinc will tell you more about what I did to get banished from the house and you will probably hate me after he tells you…” the possibility of me hating this boy just did not seem possible.

“Whatever you did could not be that bad. That I would hate you because of it. Could it?” I asked as I looked over into his eyes. He was once again looking at me this time my eye almost trying to read my thouts.

“We will see but I believe you will hate me then but I have been told that I have to show you around.” He starts to stand “come on there is much more then just the few rooms we have seen!” he almost ran to the door on the other side of the room. As I was about to get up I saw a clock over a fireplace.

“Um look at the time I should be in bead!” the clock red 3 past midnight it was the kind of clock that told am or p.m. so you knew where it was day or night without looking for the sun. I got up and headed over to the other boy telling myself I had to pry his name out of him before I had to go to bead.

He turned to face me just as I got over to him “why?” he glanced over my shoulder. “Oh” he looked back down to face me. “Not just yet we still have a lot of exploring to do. Plus we can sleep dering the day no one will care.” He turned to go throw the door but stopped instead. “You first” even thow my back was to him I knew he was smiling at the thout.

“Nope my turn” with them words I pushed him throw the door. I don’t know whether he was more surprised with what I sed or disappointed. But I must say them silk shorts did offer a very splendid vewe it cupped his cheeks rather nicely.

We explored the house and surrounding grounds for what seemed like forever. I have never seen so much land in my intiyer life! The house was acutely a very well kept castle and in the surrounding grounds there was a pool a privet are strip a hela pad (for a helicopter) with the helicopter resting on it. And several houses of what angel sead belonged to “The Master’s” sevents. I asked him at one point why he keeps calling Vincent Master. He did not answer me maybe he did not know why or did not want to tell me or maybe Vinc told him not to.

We finely got back to my room about 3 am and there is when Vinc showed back up

“Well that is the grounds…” my angel looked over his shoulder at the door as he was expecting someone to walk in at any second and sure enough someone did.

The door opened slowly and Vincent walked in “well boys how are things going” he asked as he slowly made his way over to a char in the room.

“Master can I stay why you tell him?” angel pleaded why he asked Vincent. I must admit I was generally curious as to what it was the Vinc was going to tell me, and why Angel would think I would hate him after I knew.

“No Jess I think it best I told him alone.” Jess! My angel’s name was Jess or was Jess short for something much sweeter? “You can talk with him about it latter assuming he will even want to see you after.” Him too? What did Jess do that could be so bad that both the man and the boy thout I would hate him after I knew and more importantly why did I not know?

Jess left the room ever slowly I think not wanting to leave me here alone. I did not blame him I did not want him to go ether I wanted him to stay with me forever to never leave my side. As Jess left the room I moved over and sat at the bottom of what everyone was calling my bead. Then he spoke he words where cold and void of all emotion. “Red. You look good in red I think Jessie made a good choose in that.” He lingered as if picking his words rill careful as not to case me any pain. “But he did something to you or rather for you.” He posed again why not just come out with it? What could possibly be that bad? “It is against are laws to make one as young as you are.” He frowns before continuing. “I broke that rule once before with Jessie you see. And I was rather surprised to learn that he was able to make you. Well shocked really, they don’t have the strength to pull it off but he did.” He continued on me staring at his face. Did he even know that all he was saying was way past me? I did not even understand why I was here in this room with him let alone what supposedly happened between Jessie and me. He frowned again “all in good time lad all in good time. You see there are punishments for braking the laws. And Jessie broke on when he made you. Now I understand that you don’t know what I mean by this but. Well. You need to know what is going to happen to Jessie before I tell you what happened to you.”

As Vincent rattles on about why I should hate my Angel. I was discovering not anything about the room no. Something about me. I had heightened hearing and senesce of Smell. I am sure that if I could I would have seen throw the door. Why you ask? Because I could smell him I could hear his hart his breathing. My Angel was just right on the other side of the door. I so wanted for the door the only obstacle between my angel and me to go away to be gone. To be burned to ash!


-A candle on a near by Table on the Other side of the door responded to its masters mental commands. It grew twice its size and twice its heat. Then moved over to the door where it started to burn the large oke door down. Jessie Jumped Back at seeing this. Out of all the Vampires he knew his Master was the only one able to control Flame. But his master would never burn down his own door not when he had the power to just open it. Jessie had to act he had to put out the fire and did so Quickly before it got to big to hot to strong. As is there was a big burn spot on the large oke door. 'I gess I will get blamed for that one to' was what he thout at he finished putting out the fire.-


“Ser I don’t want Jessie to be punished for something he did to me. After all it can’t be that bad if I don’t remember it. Plus I don’t even remember meeting him until I awoke from this bead. Was that it did he put me in the bead?” I knew I was starting to ramble but Vincent was not progressing the conversion fast enough and I wanted to be with Jess not Vincent.

“Well in a way that is part of it, but not all of it.” Vinc only paused for a second before continuing. “Have you herd no of course you have herd stores who hasn’t.” He let out a small smile. “Samuel your now no longer err.”

He was having problems saying what ever it was he wanted or needed to say to me. “Ser, please whatever it is just say it. I won’t get mad.” After all after what has happened to me so fare there is very little that my angel could do to anger me.

“Sam you undead …”

Well I asked for it but that was rather blunt, truth be known I thout he was joking with me. “Ser no really I will not get mad now what is it.”

He smiled then looked at the door. “Jessie you can come back in now.” After he sead that the door flow open and Vince got up and walked out. Leaving me in the room with Jessie, my angel.

“You had best get to sleep Sam … I will be around if you need help.” He started to turn and leave.

“But it is almost morning why do we need to go to bead and I have been sleeping most of the night I am not, yown, tiered!” He simply smiled turned and walked out the still open door closing it behind him. The last thing I remember before falling to the bead asleep was the door locking.

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