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Chapter 04
The Dream?


It seemed like I just laved my head down when it came, The Dream. It was of him, Sam, like always but different. I was there with him standing next to him but he of course could not see or hear me. I was just sitting there watching Sam for the longest time as he sleep. It was night out side and I have had this dream before and he always-just sleep and I just watched. Tonight however was different, He started to move a little at first but slowly little by little he was starting to get up.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: The Next part gets a little confusing I did it that way on purpose. Just try and keep up and if you can't post you’re Questions on the forum and maybe a nother reader got what you missed. or just reread. *smile* good luck

Dusk (night) day 2 of inmortality

I was finding it hard to get up like normal. I had just had this dream that Sam was in the room with me last night. As I got up I expected 2 things, one I expected to be at home in my bed but as I moved around half asleep I felt the silk everywhere on my body and knew I was not at home in my room. The second, well you will find out latter. I slowly opened my eyes trying to remember where I was and how I got here. It did not take long to recall all the events that led up to that point. as I sat up in bed looking around I saw one spot in the room about 3 feet to my right just on the bed. I could not "see" anything special about it, but I did "sense" however a Presence but it comforted me. so I smiled in the direction of the "Presence" almost protesting to myself 'I am way to old to have a imaginary friend'.

((My heart stopped... he smiled at me I can't believe it he smiled! not just past me at the wall not in a another direction but RIGHT at ME! I was beginning to find it hard to breathe as he got out of bed only wearing his boxers and got dressed. I could not believe it, NO dream is ever this good this vivid. It was like I was in the room with him!))

As I finished getting dress I decided to have a look around what Vince called my new home. My Angel showed me most all of it last night but there where some parts I wanted to revisit and as I walked over the house I made a note to ask Jessie why there where no Phones, at least that I could see, in the house. I also felt like I was showing someone around the house for the first time so just for the hell of it I started describing the rooms and what they where used for to no one in particular just as Jessie did for me.

((I can't believe it I was having the most fun I have ever had in my short life! He was showing ME around this big house. He was talking to me of all people. I just wrote it off as being a dream though, but one I did not want to ever end so I said and did nothing but follow my Sam.))

I got to the last room the only one with a TV in it and turned it on because, well, there was nothing else to do. I was watching the news don't ask me why, I just had it on for the noise anyway. Soon there was a nock on the front door and I got up, of course, to see who was knocking on the door this late at night. I got to the door just as Vincent did. "Sam go back and sit down" I said it calmly, but with a tone that told me to obey and every fiber of my being did just that. I was never a disobedient kid; god forbid I ever was in my family! But I don't think I could have disobeyed had I been.

((Who is that man? He was never in any of my other dreams? Come to think of it none other then me and my Sam where ever in any of my other dreams? But for some strange and unseen reason I know his name to be Vincent and he was a STRONG relation to my Sam...))

I was sitting on the couch and turned my attention to the already on TV, when I heard what sounded like a banging on walls followed by braking glass then flesh on flesh. I had this strong urge to get up and see what was going on but I was glued to that couch because of that one command it was so annoying. Then finely it all seemed to die down and Vince came walking into the room where I was sitting like nothing even happened.

((Anger? ok I was getting angry my self not at anyone in particular just everything in general actually just one thing. the fact Sam could not move. I am sure it is the same reason I was sensing anger off of him. Wait! I am getting angry because Sam is. It is the same connection I have with my mother. How?))

"Ok Phoenix you can get up now"

"Vince?" Sam's Voce was just a little shaky

"Yes?" there is just so much control behind Vince's voce it is scarry.

"WhatwasallthataboutandwhycouldInotgetupafteryoutoldmetositdown?" it came out all at once and way to fast for me to make out even though I said it.

But he answered it anyway "oh my young friend. Jessie has handed you over to me so I share the powers of a master with him till he is ready for you on his own. Them powers consist of well... full control over you. Now let me straighen something out for you. You COULD have gotten up you just did not WANT to get up." With that he smiled and started walking of.

"What about the other part of my Question sir!" I yelled after him

Without turning around he simply started "I was having a late dinner or early breakfast you pick, now I am going to bed." almost with out a pause "Will you be ok by your self tonight?" and without waiting for a answer and in the same commanding voce "Don't leave the house and don't open the door!" and answering my unspoken Question "Jessie has a key." man this is getting a little wried

((What was all that about? I can't even sense any emotion out of Vince I don't know to trust him or not. But Sam was starting to settle down and who is Jessie and why did Sam get excited just at hearing the name?))

3 Hours later

I did a lot of things nothing worth doing again but I did them anyway. Why you ask? Because you do a lot of dumb things when you are bored and boy was I bored! The TV only gets 4 Channels... well only 4 you don't need a password to see! The computer was off and when I turned it on it asked for a password, I spent a hour or two trying to crack it but got no where, now ask your self this. When a kid gets bored and has nothing to do what dose he do? Your answer Eat! So I was off in search of the Kitchen thanks to Jessie and his tower last night I was able to find it without any problems. other then the fact it was empty and I am not talking about the "Kid" version of empty I am talking there where not even dishes in the cupboards, pots to cook with or food in the frig!

((Something Bad was coming and I had to warn Sam but I did not know how to do it! my Dream was Quickly Turning into a nightmare. The Worst kind where you had to sit and watch something bad happen to someone you love more then life itself and you could do nothing to stop it. Oh I had to warn him do something! The Hatred and Evil I sensed from outside just seeped through me like a wave of pure Evil! I had to do something anything so I did the first thing that came to mind))

I was just about to leave the kitchen to search the house some more. When I heard it as loud as if it started from my own mouth a scream one word and it cared a note of fear on it. "RUN!" and so what did I do? I Ran!

((I did not know what else I could have done so I yelled for him to Run to move as fast as he could to get OUT of that house... but just as I yelled I woke up covered in sweat with my mom running into the room asking if I was ok and why I was screaming 'run' in the middle of the night. In a way I was glad the dream was over. And I immediately wrote down what happened in the dream in my journal as detailed as I could remember. With all my other descripons of the other dreams just incase I forgot them I would always be able to remember.))

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