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Chapter 05
Why Me?

I ran right out the front door. With Vince's Words echoing in the back of my head 'don't leave the house' but some stronger force was forcing me out of the house. It seemed like I could not go fast enough I pushed and pushed my body to its limits. I could see the houses on the side of the road go past me in a blur. Then something else is next to me running to keep up I took a chance to look over and see what it was and I stopped immediately feeling safe all over. "Jessie" I whispered.

He stopped next to me I know I did not say his name loud enough for him to hear me but he answered, "you are ok now. calm down." and as I started to calm down he asked very calmly. "Why where you running?"

I did not know how to answer him should I tell him the truth? That I heard a familiar voice yell for me to run or about the fear behind Jason's voice? NO! I could not tell him that, he would not believe me. I had to say something though but I could not lie to him and I don't know why. So I just looked to the ground and said nothing.

"It is ok Phoenix, I will not let anyone hurt you now. You are with me and I will protect you." After saying those words he took my hand into his and started (if you can believe me) walking away from the house I just ran from.

"Your not going to take me back?" I asked in disbelief.

"If you ran away you must have a good reason. I will only take you back if YOU want to go back." he simply stated with a smile. "But we do have to find someplace to stay during the day or there could be problems."

After he said that, we spent the better part of the night looking for a place that he felt was a safe for us to stay the day. It was as if he was looking for a bomb shelter. He was so picky saying this would not do, this was too open, this was not secure enough. But we eventfully decided on an abandoned house with the locks on the doors and windows that still worked. After we cleared a place for us to sleep in the basement away from the only window down there, I worked up the nerve to ask him why he was making sure we where shielded from the sun. "Vince did not tell you?" after he said this, the idea of a vampire hit me.

"You mean the sun really will kill me?" I asked.

"Yes and it is not a pleasant death either, it is like acid slowly eating away at you till there is nothing left for it to eat at." he posed "I know you are still having a hard time believing what Vice told you but it is true and we or you rather will have to learn how to hunt soon."

"You mean kill someone and suck out there blood?" I think my face was pale, because I felt all the blood drain out of my body.

He did not even answer my question with words he just simply nodded. Then continued saying, "none of us like it, well most none of us like it but like every race we have our share of undesirables that are just, well sick. It is just something we have to do to live. If we do not do it we do not live. Most of us only feed on those that are corrupted or those that have been bread for the tasks." I could tell he was going to say more but that last part upset me a LOT.

"BREAD! You mean our kind the immortals, Breed people so we can feed of them? Like cattle?" I was astounded that anyone or anything could do such a horrifying act. I was stuck between staying here and letting him explain or running. Run from all of this that was starting to turn my stomach. I could NEVER think of another human being as food. He was about to reach up and touch my shoulder. I could see his hand move ever so slowly but I wanted to be free of this. So I ran fast as I could he did not have time to react and I needed time to think. But more importantly I needed to find a place away from Jessie that would keep me out of the daylight.

Jason's House
The small hours (2 or 3 hours before sunlight)


I had not been able to get back to bed since my nightmare. I opted to get up and watch TV (I have a small one in my room). I was just about to fall asleep sitting at my desk when I heard something in the room with me. I jerked out of my half slumber and turned to see what it was. The door to my closet was open, which was odd seeing how I never opened it. I did not even keep my clothes in there. To be blunt I found my closet to be a spooky place but my curiosity was starting to get the better of me as I slowly inched my way over and peeked through the crack between the door and wall. It was to dark to see anything in there, so I slowly opened the door and just as slowly reached for the string that turns on the light. I pulled it gently and the light came on. There I saw someone huddling in the far corner of my closet. Without thinking I knew it was Sam. I could sense the fear and anger in him. But there was something else there a need, a emptiness almost like a hunger and he was fighting it and growing weak.

"Stay back Jason" he whispered to me and I was not going to argue, but I so just wanted to go over to him to comfort him to hold him. Then I began to think 'why is he here? How did he get here?' And then I don't know why but I thought 'what if he finds out about me?' so I started to inch back from the door. I had to start getting ready for school today anyway, but I did not want to leave for school with Sam 'my love' in my closet! How could I go to school even if I did go, I would not be able to concentrate. I had backed all the way out of the closet as I herd his voce in my mind 'close the door please... and go to school. I will still be here when you get back. But you must promise me you will NOT open the closet door till the sun falls!' I was standing there facing the open door with my hand on the doorknob and my jaw on the floor, at lest it must have looked that way. Again the thoughts reentered my head 'did he just read my mind? No I had to have said that out loud. But he did not say his out loud. How did he talk to me in my head? Am I going crazy? Do I want him so much my mind is talking for him?' that line of thoughts was followed by 4 simple words from Sam out loud I might add "you think to much" after he said them four words I shut the closet door, And got ready for school. Ok so I am getting ready a little too soon, ok a lot too soon but I had to do something to get my mind off what I had in my closet.

I was sitting at the kitchen table now. I had gotten ready I was dressed in my school clothes. I had my lunch made and bagged. I had my school books and I actually did my homework while sitting here, anything to get my mind off my closet. But after I did all that I needed to do, my mind was right back on my closet and on Sam. 'were my dreams real? Why can he read my mind? Why is he in pain? Why is he getting weaker? If he can read my mind then does he know my secret? Oh my god how long has he been able to read my mind!' "Your right I do think to much" I mumbled to my self.

"How did you know I was going to say that?" I herd my mom's sweet voce behind me. This was the first time in a long time she has been able to 'get the drop on me', but I had other things on my mind lots of other things not just Sam ok it was a feeble lie.

"Nuton just talking to myself" I answered her Question behind the question.

"School doesn't start for a another 3 hours! What are you doing out of bed? And dress at that!" I could sense she was playing and in a good mood. I guess I was too, for the first time in a long time. I don't know how I felt I chocked that up as Sam's fault too.

"I could not sleep no more." the dream hit me full steam I got up and ran to my room and opened my journal and read my last entry.

((Something Bad was coming and I had to warn Sam but I did not know how to do it! my Dream was Quickly Turning into a nightmare. The Worst kind where you had to sit and watch something bad happen to someone you love more then life itself and you could do nothing to stop it. Oh I had to warn him do something! The Hatred and Evil I sensed from outside just seeped through me like a wave of pure Evil! I had to do something anything so I did the first thing that came to mind))

((I did not know what else I could have done so I yelled for him to Run to move as fast as he could to get OUT of that house... but just as I yelled I woke up covered in sweat with my mom running into the room asking if I was ok and why I was screaming 'run' in the middle of the night. In a way I was glad the dream was over.))

'Oh my god it was real it wasn't a dream and you herd me?' I thought in my mind but I jumped when I herd the response 'yes'.

'Why me? I mean why come here?' I thought again 'I am a monster' I felt his pain as he thought them words 'and I don't want to go back to those that made me that monster' his thoughts were full of sorrow. 'Your no monster' I thought not to him actually it was to myself I had forgotten he was in my mind to. 'Jason...' he was about to say something or think rather but he could not think of a reason or excuse to call him self a monster. Then he did '... I might kill you in the night... even if I do love you. Now tell me I am not a monster!' I tried to clear my mind to think straight what could I say to convince him he was not what he claimed. Then it came to me 'maybe if you tell me why you would kill me? I would understand' I wanted him to tell me why he thought this himself. Then if I could find a flaw in this then maybe I could at lest make him fill better if nothing else, I had to try. There was no answer as I turned to face the closet, the door closed with his wishes it remained that way till night. Anything my love wants he gets flashed throw my mind.

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