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"The Raven"

Skull keep (Sear Desert)
The Raven's Den

The Raven keeps his den (cross between office and library) in very good condition the three walls that do not have the door on it are lined in book cases with books of all kinds on them, some of the books are older then the Raven himself. His prized books lay open on his desk, a large Oak table the legs are carved by only masters of the art and end in claws of some best with dragons and other mythical being carved into the sides of the desk. Two arm chars face the desk for the rare occasions that the Raven sees people. Ever since the Raven ordered the construction of Skull keep he has not left it. And this is only one of thousands of rooms in the old keep. Sitting behind the large desk reading the tome that sat on it, a jewel incrusted tome that is bound in steal and has Gold plated pages the books itself is older then the "new world" (America). The mans Red hear runs down his face as he leans over to read the book the room is poorly lit with only two candles one on either side of the desk. Not that he even needed the candles to read by for the raven is known to be able to see clearly in even pitch darkness.

"The Time is almost at hand..."

The Raven muttered to himself

Skull Keep
Out side North Gate

Walking up to this large Keep was impressive the stone walls where carved to look like row upon row of skulls stacked onto one another. As I got closer to the keep I could here the sound of bones crunching and joints popping and chains rattling and on occasion a scream of some one or something deep in this dark keep. Every fiber of my being told me to run to get as fare away from this evil sticking putrid place as I possibly could. BUT NO! I must ask for his help beg if I must. My life is at stack and this is the last place I could turn to. As I approach the huge Iron Gate the cracking of bone becomes louder as two black robed figures approach me there beady eyes glowing a menacing red and I could smell or sense NO life from them.

"I have come to see the Raven"

I barked at them as they closed in on me the stench of death heavy on them. They simply turned and walk toward the huge Iron door Known as North Gate or "Gate of the damned souls" as a image of purgatory was engraved on the over sized gate souls stretching to reach heaven but being drown or dragged to hell. The door slowly squeaked open and locked in place to reveal the messy courtyard and path to the front door of the keep.

"Tis bad enough I must ask The Raven for help but I must track threw this marsh to see him to..."

I muttered it under my breath as I grudgingly went forward and the closer I got the keeps door the weaker I felt I knew what was happening The Raven is a Fallen and has power to even strip the immortals of there power. He was sealing mine away during my visit I must be humble in the face of the Raven or my life will end here whether I am a Atlantian or not I thought to myself. Questioning my logic yet again. As I got to the door entering the keep it slowly opened of its own accord my power brought down to that of a mortal I was both glad and scared because of this. I followed my Black Robed escorts thru the halls of this manner to the Den where I would speak or beg The Raven for his help I even had something I could pay him with thanks to Jessie who after this night will hate me probably forever but I had to there was no other option I was doomed two strikes on my name from the council and the Emperor is about to disown my entire house! It is either ask The Raven for help or Pay the Emperor a ungodly amount that I don't even have in the first place or die at the hands of the Council for the many sins I have committed in their eyes. I have no way out and the only person I had to turn to was evil incarnate.

The Den door opened and I slowly entered as he raised his face to look into my eyes. Immortal at the age or 40 and not by Vampirism now the Raven is a mage a wizard older then any have known he has been around during my time even. His red eyes pierce my very soul his mind races throw mine I now have no secrets before this man he knows what I need he knows what I am willing to pay and there is a slight smile on his face and without my own powers it is my turn to play the fool.

As the tall 7 foot man known as the Raven Gestured to a chair I remained standing weather I was frozen in fear or thought it better I said my piece standing I did not know but I was finally able to speck "I am in need of your help"

"I know"

"Will you help me?"

"It is not yours to give"

"But I can get it for you please just help me or all is lost"

"What if he dose not want to be gotten"

"Your avoiding the Question Raven can you help me?"

"Nothing is outside my power Vincent but your selling a soul that you have no rights too"

"Jessie has turned him over to me for now"

"And so you will forever make a enemy of Jessie and betray the faith both of them have in you just to save your self?"

I could not show weakness in front of the Raven I must stay strong I battle back the tears that where starting I love Jessie with all my hart but truth be told I knew nothing of Samuel Knight only that Jessie loves him it hurt me that I was literally selling Samuel into slavery hell it killed me to do so but I have no other chose it is either this or death and I have lived far to long to die now. Maybe Jessie would understand but even if he doesn't Jessie would get over Samuel in a few hundred years.


"Then it is done I will collect my payment and settle your debt with both the counsel and the Emperor."

"How will your treat the boy?"

"Tis none of your business how I treat what belongs to me weather it is good or bad weather I love or hate him he is mine MIND... BODY... SOUL...!"

Vincent Quickly turned to leave knowing that if he stayed any longer he would probably anger the Raven enough to get killed. He Quickly left the way he came and once out side the North gate his powers returned to him.

A Big House

(Samuel Knight)

I was walking thru the house as if it was alive I could not believe it I felt mortal. My strength my speed I could not sense anything from any one. I felt the ground under my foot but not as I did as an immortal not as in-depth I felt the breeze on my bare chest but not as I did before. Before I would feel every molecule of the air on my chest ever fiber of it I could fill the molecules break down as they rammed into my chest. Now I just felt the cold and it was cold. I walked slowly throw this house. It is better or at lest seems that way then the house I stayed at with Vincent. Slowly and slowly I walked I looked in a few of the rooms that I walked by as I walked the hall all of them empty and very well furnished. I was scared I did not know where I was or how I got here. I was cold, I was Hungry, and I had to go BAD (bathroom).

I woke up needing to pee and slowly rolled out of the bed. I was only wearing my boxer shorts (black, silk) and headed straight for the door. "AHhhhAHHAHHhhhhAHAAHHHHhh" I Jumped Wide-awake and for the first time noticed I was not in the closet I had fallen asleep in. I could not sense Jason nor could I sense anyone that scream did not help much and I have an urgent need to pee! I thought to myself I would try and find a bathroom then investigate my new surroundings.

I slowly walked into the mane room on this floor that all the halls empty out in I could see stairs going up and stairs going down. I herd foot steps coming from down and chains clinking from almost all around me I was staring to panic and soon fear over rode reason and I was flying (running fast) up the stairs and away from the foot steps but they keep coming and I keep running and running I was running out of breath and energy and as I said before I was filling Mortal so I did not have a lot to begin with.

As my paced slowed I could hear my pursuer caching up. The rhythm if the footsteps never changing always one after the other getting louder and yet I pressed on and on yet they got louder and louder. As I rounded the corner I was trapped at a dead end franticly looking around for a door, window anything that could hide me in and or behind.

"Now where are you going to run little one?"

The voice was evil I heard a edge that not even my father had but I knew that if I wanted to live past this night I had to rely on what I learned in that life living with that man that called himself my father.

"No where" I stated as I was gasping for breath. He was not even winded.

Jason Farechild

I returned home and immediately flew to my room throwing my book bag on the ground next to my bed and started for the door my thoughts never left Sam all thru class he was all I could think of so it did not surprise me one bit that the teachers keep getting onto me for not paying attention and day dreaming. But finally I was home and could wait for the sun to fall so I could open the door to be with Sam to talk to him if I was lucky I could actually make him a friend. But I indulged my fantasies of maybe use being MORE then just friends. When I noticed the door to the closet just slightly opened I panicked. "He promised he would be here when I got back from school!" I protested as I stood in the doorway of the closet looking in the small room I use to hold cloths I never wear. I was so depressed I just fell to the floor and cried like a little baby. Then after about 10 minutes I gathered my thoughts. If my dream was not a dream then maybe it will work now maybe I can find him I have to try. So at 3:46PM I striped of all my clothes and crawled into bed and tried to sleep I had to. What if he needed me?

Jessie Vanguard

He ran out on me I followed for as far as I could but I had to turn back or I would never get back to the abandon house before sunset. 'Vincent' I called in my mind.

'Yes sera?' his nickname for Fledgling most of the older vampires use it

'I lost him'

'Worry not he will be safe what of you will you be safe this dawn?'

'Yes master I have a place to stay the day but Sam doesn't'

'I said it will be ok and so it will now return to your resting area and sleep the night will bring new problems'

I did as was commanded of me and retuned to the abandon house and rested that night.

(The new night present time)

I got up KNOWING something was wrong 'Vincent'

'Yes Jessie...' my name!

'I can't fill him where is my sera!' I demanded because he used my name I KNEW he was involved.



'Skull keep'


'I forbid you to see him Jessie'



'No Jessie you can't The Raven will kill you!'

I was already gone flying throw the night when I got close enough to the Keep I teleported right into the Den of The Raven thinking to myself being Darkling has its perks. The Raven was sitting at his desk and looked up at me as I appeared.

"Give him back you dirty foul smelling Putrid excuse for a Necromancer! Before I turn you right here and NOW MORTAL!" I was steamed and was only getting madder at the amused expression on his face with Vincent still pleading with me in my mind.

"He is mine now" he stated in his calmest voce that only served to anger me more. I started pulling at my blood pool I wanted to empty it and enter into Rage then rip this mortals head of and hand it to him.

"I am his now Jessie please leave before you..." his voce trailed off

"Who told you could speak!" as the words left Raven's lips his hand raised and a bolt of dark energy ripped forth and head strait for Sam's Chest I teleported in front of Sam my blood pool empting even further with my effort as I raised a barer of force to block the bolt of dark energy just in time as the energy hit the shield and was absorbed into nothing and I was starting to feel faint not because I had cast to much no at 400 + years I could cast all day and not be winded something was happening to me and it was this keep. He was draining my blood pool from the moment I entered and I was running out it was either go now or fight this Necromancer as a mortal. Even though I like to think of myself as a Strong Mage Myself I stood no chase against any Necromancer because of the very fact I am Undead and in there realm of command if my powers are striped then I am doomed not just dead. So with the last bit of my Blood pool I teleported to the outside edge of the keep and started to look for a place to rest and regain my strength. This is not over I will have my Sera back!

'You will pay Vincent'

'I know'

After that I broke my connection with him I am now from this day forth an Outcast.

Samuel Knight

Standing there in front of this man I knew something was not right he stopped looking at me and just slightly to my left. I whispered just so he could here I knew he was listening just as much as I knew he was standing there "Leave Jason find Atlantis tell the Emperor that The Raven has me" I did not know why I was believing all this now. During them hours alone in that house just before I ran I found a book called The Atlantian Empire in the book it spoke of a island called Atlantis and I like to think of myself as bright I remembered seeing shows on discovery about such a place the book said that it was in its final days over ran by the emperor and after taking the island as his own he used his Necro powers to move the island to a place only the Atlantian Vampires could go (Vampires of Atlantian Blood). I think it was now looking into them fierce red eyes that I realized Vincent told me the truth. I am a Vampire there is a Council and an Emperor and the two are at war with one another. I will be hunted by the Council for as long as I live because I am an illegal, but the Emperor will hold me safe if I can get to Atlantis or someone can tell him about me. But what of Vincent why has he aloud this to happen to me. And Jessie he will try and come to save me as Jason was now. So I repeated my whisper putting command into it this time. "You herd me mortal find Atlantis tell the Emperor that The Raven has me!" and then I could sense him no more.

"That was dumb little one," mocked my captor he will never find Atlantis and the Emperor dose not care if I have you or not!

"If he is Smart he will care!" I barked back finding courage where I used to only have fear

"You are starting to see the hole picture then are you? What makes you think the Emperor is as smart as you are giving him Credit for?" he was right I was stating to peace this together somehow The Raven had gotten his hands on me weather he captured me stole me or some other device by which to hold me in his power and I was in his power lost in it. It is the reason I was becoming Brave I could feel it he is my Master he is my source of Life and I hated it more then I hated being a servant to Jessie. As lest he never made me fill week and insignificant. "You will use my Blood as a Atlantian to Enter Atlantis and kill the emperor" I posed "tell me I am wrong." my words where nothing but mere whispers and he just smiled. "The Throne should be mine anyway!"

He grabbed me by my arm and literally dragged me behind him down the steeps and into an open room. He then threw me into the room and walked in himself then turned and shut the door. He moved his hand over the doorknob and it glowed a very red I then decided it would be a bad idea to try and open the door now.

"Take your cloths off boy!"

I simply smiled he may have the masters link over me but he is not immortal a vampire I mean I could smell his blood I could hear his hart beet but most of all I could pick up on surface thoughts. "You would like to do that honor milord" I whispered still with a smile on my face I had him entranced just enough to drop his mental barriers which was enough to let me know that this man The Raven that stood before me could in fact be defeated and I could do it.... but now that I knew him did I want to?

"The Raven"

"That I may boy..." I started to reach out for him as he slowly raised his arms but then I suddenly stopped *what am I doing? * *I am being seduced by a child! * Instead of taking hold of the boys shirt I took a step back "Get undress there are a pair of pants lying on the bed I want you to wear" after that statement I left the room.

*I need to be careful around him if I loss my mind I might find myself taking orders from him. I need to make sure he KNOWS who the master is in this situation! * I was walking back to my office I was expecting a guest one that I would have to deal with most of what I have predicted has come true. Soon either I will be ruling Atlantis of be dead either way I would take Kain and this boy with me! I approached the door of my office reading Samuels mind as I entered. *I must get out of here. The Emperor needs to be warned about what I found out in The Raven's Mind* *OH NO why did I send Jason after the Emperor if Kain tries to save me.... * I herd enough *Samuel needed to be watched carefully from now on he is a smart boy and apparently loyal too bad its not to me* I found myself smiling as I entered my Den and sat behind the desk and went back to my writing.

Samuel Knight

After Dressing myself in the clothing provided which only was a silk pair of lose fitting pants that where a bit snug in the butt. Not the most comfortable I have worn seeing as no underpants where provided and the silk pants where starting to... well none of your business! I sat down on the bed and crossed my legs under me and closed my eyes I then began to reach out for Jason's mind. I really don't have any Telepathy powers I use Jason's to read others minds including The Raven its weird the boy loves me so much that his mind has no problem letting me in and then I can use him to read anyone's mind and his power is so well powerful that the range is almost unlimited.

I found his mind close by he was sleeping as I thought he would be. *Jason* his left eye opened and looked around the room Quickly "who is there" *only me* "Sam" it was a whisper *ignore my request don't find the emperor he must not try and save me* "why" he was still whispering *because I don't want him to endanger his life. And The Raven intends to ...* I was cut off a powerful force was at work.

*Stop being such a bad boy SLAVE, come to my Den NOW! * Barked the order and I knew it was the raven and if I did not do as he said I could be in trouble but I did not think he would ever try and kill me *you would be surprised at what one could live throw child especially a immortal* the words in my mind where harsh and I felt that he meant every word of it. I Quickly got up and head to where I thought his den would be and I was surprised that I was right but just as I got there I could hear he was not alone.

---"Give him back you dirty foul smelling Putrid excuse for a Necromancer! Before I turn you right here and Now MORTAL!"--- I could hear Jessie's voice thou I was standing in the hall I opened the door slowly and stood there watching Jessie fume over my new master who looked like he was enjoying a favorite movie.

"He is mine now" my master stated as calmly as he could that only seemed to upset Jessie more.

"I am his now Jessie please leave before you..." his eyes caught mine I was shacking in pain I had no Idea that this much pain was possible my friend had returned after being gone after my embrace but this was three times as bad as that pain coursing throw my body I felt alive but he was not done *you have forgotten your self, slaves don't speak unless told to boy* I was paralyzed in pain as his hand raised the red energy gathering at his finger tips. Just as the bolt left Raven's hand Jessie moved with speed I have never seen before one minute he was standing in front of the desk the next he was right in front of me and in the path of the red bolt of energy. I was unable to stop the bolt I was unable to move Jessie someone I loved more then myself out of the way. *Please master anything you wish! * His reply *anything? * Time seemed to slow *anything* I repeated. *Kill the emperor* my eyes grew wide I was still in pain lots of pain but I would rather die then Jessie. *If you do not kill Jessie then I will do as you ask* a tear starting to stream down my face. Time seemed to return to normal and the bolt stopped right in front of Jessie who right after that point vanished.

"That's it! Kill the Emperor just like that as I am now?" I asked he knew I was too week to face someone as old and as strong as Kain. "I will train you." He stated as he got up and moved around his desk to stand if front of me. "Question is are you willing to learn?" he was smiling. "I need to learn in order to kill Kain so that you will leave Jessie alone." I stated anger in my voce. "I guess you do. I can't teach you the darkling arts but I can teach you Force magic and a few other arts." He turned around and walked over to his desk "I want to learn them all!" I was anxious now I might not like this man but he was willing to teach me magic and that just might make him my best friend!

Jessie Vanguard
The Emperor's Throne
1 month 2 weeks 1 day after his fight with "The Raven"

I walked slowly into the throne room and bowed before Kain never taking my eyes off the ground. "Milord I seek the Atlantian Help and the aid of the Crown. I will do anything ask!"

"Tell me of your problem and I will see if the Crown can help as for getting the help of the Atlantian that is up to the Council of the great house your master sits as one of the counsel so I don't see a problem there"

"He is not my master I have turned my back on him I am a Outcast milord"

"I see that complicates things"

"The Raven is plotting against you milord"

"He is always plotting against me child"

"Vincent Vanguard sold my Sera to the Raven"

"And your problem would be getting your Sera back then?"


"I will see what I can do but be warned I give no guarantees in this matter. The Raven's Power matches that of my own and he is not immortal in the same manner as you and me..."

"All I ask milord is that you try. I too will not stop trying but I came here to inform you that The Raven is preparing to invade Atlantis and probably use my Sera to open a gate he is a 3rd dawn Atlantian."

"I see then it is even more important we get him back or have him killed"

Jessie's Eyes dart from the floor where they where all this time to look straight in the emperor's eyes "Kill Samuel Knight and I will bring a hole new meaning to the term Darkling!" with them words Jessie Vanguard disappeared from the room.

Kain Nightwind

I looked over to the man standing next to me he has been serving me for close to 250 years now and a trust has grown between us so that I felt I could tell him anything. "I think that Samuel is going to be a problem in the future." he turned and looked at me "Yes I know milord but if we kill him Jessie will be a problem now and he is a 4th curcal Darkling. And by no means weak." the posed only to continue again. "I mylord am only 3rd Curcal darkling and I am 435 years older then the boy." I nodded at this many times had Jessie's name been mentioned in court as the only Vampire to have passed 3rd Curcal in almost four Centuries. "What of Vincent? It is not like him to let his Sera run around threatening especially the emperor." The Emperor who appeared to only be 15 looked over at his friend. "I will have him summoned my lord to speck for his actions." I just simply nodded my approval.

"The Immortal Lord"
Vincent Vanguard

"What do you mean The Emperor wants to see me?"

The man standing in my door way not daring to come in I knew he feared me most of the Men that worked for the Throne feared me. But that was healthy it got me a spot on the council of Elders where my House stood the strongest I am rumored to be the Oldest of the Atlantian thou I know otherwise after all my Mistress is still alive thou she dose not come out to society often she is a Templare and has no need to feed like other immortals so she can remain in isolation for a very long time.

"I am sorry Mylord I was only told to tell you that Emperor Kain wishes to see you NOW!"

"I will see him when I deem it is time to see him plus I am not ready to make gate to Atlantis to see Kain I have things I need to do here" at lest I was telling a half truth I did have things I needed to do here but if needed I could Gate to Atlantis I am a 1st dawn Atlantian and they are rare very few of them still around.

"If you are not before Kain by Midnight tonight then you will be removed from the council..." after them words he just faded into nothing.

I stood there in shock I had to see Kain now the only thing he could really do to hurt me and my House would be to kick me off the council. So the threat hit home.

--Let me Explain about the council, it is governed by 13 men over the 13 great houses these 13 men ran the Atlantian Empire but the Council is governed by one man the Emperor to him we are all Sera. His power is unequaled and he has the power to disband the council at will of remove or add to it. He has done so on many occasions especially if his orders are not adhered to. --

I quickly headed to my room and dressed in the "stile" of clothing that is still worn in the great city of Atlantis. You may ask what is this? Well among a big palace Knight Squire and men who knew a little about alchemy running around calling themselves mages. Grand Balls, Crusades, and The Hunt yes I know almost enough to make you sick I don't like dressing this way but to dress in the style of the 20th century and then do see a empire where everyone is dress how do I put this lightly "not so modern" you become the one that is tacky and out of place. As I turn to leave I grab my spell book and head to my "spell room" tis a room 5 floors underground the walls are all stone so is the ceiling and floor. All of which are scared black, wonder why, I open my spell book and turned to the page that I use the lest memorizing what was on the page I close the book and put it in the satchel I have hanging at my side.

I raised my hands one pointed south the other North I looked to the east and stated the phrase. I can fill the energy gather around me almost starting from within deep calling on my blood pool I am powerful so I barley fill the drain as the gate opens and I step throw on the other side. The gate collapsing without me feeding it its needed energy to remain in existence. I turned and headed toward the palace flying there as soon as I was free of the confinement of the cave I gated into. Ever since the Emperor got control of the throne it was never day light here always night it kind of distorted the scenes and some of the younger sera grew week rather fast because they thought no sun meant they did not half to regenerate there lost strength. I was laughing to myself as I landed in front of the palace doors.

*I am here to see Lord Kain* Specking only in there mind a show of power. The two guards turned to face me.

"Emperor Kain is waiting in the Chamber of adenosine Councilman Vanguard," the one of my right stated in a cooled tone.

Walking past the two men directly into the Chamber of adenosine where I saw my old time friend sitting on a thrown forged of what appeared to be blacked steel maybe iron with a simple gold band on his forehead.

"You summoned me Mylord" I gave a formal bow with my words. He was not alone his damn visor was with him now that was a man to be watched!


"Mylord? I don't understand."

"Why sell a sera you have only half right to?"

"I had no choice Mylord. You Question my judgment in my house affairs? Last I looked they where my business not the Emperors. Stick to running Atlantis not my Brood!" My words carried weight with them he knew it I might not be the most powerful Vampire in the world but I was one of the oldest known therefore for all he knew I had a few tricks (which I do) up my sleeve.

"It became my business since YOUR sera showed up here to threaten MY life Vincent. Remember I have the power to take from you your clan!" the look he was giving me meant he was not joking with me.

"What is it I can do to fix this mess Mylord?"

"Get the boy back how else?"

"Face the Raven? I think NOT!"

"Face the Raven or face Kain!" his hand shot up and his eyes flared Gold only the emperor's eyes flared gold it is a mark of control I found my self walking in the direction his hand was pointed under control of the Emperor. Standing outside I overcame my shock and immediately began forming a plan to get Samuel back. No one and I do mean no one takes on Kain!

Samuel Knight
(Library) "The Raven"

I grew to hate him more and more as I stayed with him he was a fierce master if I did not learn fast enough it was beaten out of me if it was not for my Vampire regeneration I would be a crying sobbing wreck all the time and I hurt almost constantly. He did manage to teach me a lot about different types of magic. The more he taught me the more I found out how impossible it would be to hurt him not only was I learning magic from the man but also several unarmed fighting styles along with one armed with a Claw. Which he desired I would learn how to use with my left hand. Seeing how most of the magic he was teaching me is "right hand" magic, which means mostly combative. One night I tried to kill him as he sleep I snuck into his room with the claw on my hand. I was about to strike and as soon as I did he was not there any more I then felt Pain going throw every fiber of my being that was one of the worst days in my life he beet me that day unlike any beating I ever had. Even my regeneration could not keep up I knew now why the Immortals feared this man.

(1 week later)

"Vincent is coming back for you"

"Oh?" I was trying to hide all the surprise and happiness I had. But his smiling told me something was up and I needed to know what.

"Remember are dill?" he looked me dead in the eyes.

"Yes I have to kill the Emperor who is a immortal named Kain." I looked to the ground.

"You have fought me in open combat you know what I can do so you know what will happen to Jessie if you fail in this?"


"Even if Vincent comes for you I will let him take you because I know he is dumb enough to take you to see the emperor that is when you will strike." he stopped waiting for me to ask the Question he knew was begging to be asked since he laid this mission on me.

"You are sending me because you know you can't kill him. And I can't kill you so what is the point? Kain will kill me then because I fail you will kill Jessie!" I could not help it a single tear his the floor as I yelled at the man.

"I will cast a spell on your right hand all you have to do is touch the emperor and it will be all over for him. You ask why can't I do this? Because you little brat with all my power I still can't go to Atlantis!" his glare was looking right thru me at my soul as he has often done before in the past.

"How will I know you will fulfill your part of the bargain?"

"Do I have reason to lie to you?" I could not answer he has not lied to me in the past he told me he would teach me magic and he has he told me he would hurt me and he has.

"I still do not trust you!"

"If you don't want to trust me that is fine but you will do your job or your friend will die tis that simple." after stating that he turned and left the library leaving me alone in the room with my thoughts the dust and the books. I started thumbing thru the books learning as much as I could about Vampires and more importantly the Emperor Kain.

Vincent Vanguard
The Raven's Den

I don't mind waiting but this is ridiculous he has me waiting here without my powers for over an hour why he dallies around. But still I waited calmly for the Raven to make his appearance. And slowly the door behind me opened and he moved to his seat behind the desk facing me.

"Is there something else I can do for you Vincent?"

"I am sorry to say the Emperor has ordered me to get Samuel back from you."

"Was it not the Emperor whom my companies paid off the money in which I bought Samuel?"


"Am I to understand I will be compensated my losses?"

"I am sorry but you know I can not afford that!"

"The the boy will remain mine until you can replace him or return my money I don't really care which."

"Raven I can not leave here without the boy! Kain has set forth a command I can't disobey!"

"So have I Vincent I am a business man I will not loss money over this you will pay or you will tell that spoiled Emperor to come down here and tell me in person... as a matter of fact I DEAR him to come and tell me in person!"

*Time to use one of my tricks* my eyes take on a Fierce red as I rip my powers back from The Raven and literally Jump across the room I am sure it was just a blur to him, my movement, but just the same he moved just as fast if not faster and was out of the chair with a Katana in hand and with one back slash opened up my chest deep as I flew into a unoccupied chare with him on the other side of the desk facing me.

"You done yet?" Raven said kind of smugly as I lay there slowly healing why bleeding over his black leather chare.

"Thought so" Raven stated as he moved over next to me and threw me over the desk and into the door and I found out the reason he keeps the door heavy so it would not open as I hit it hard.

"Look at this you have made a mess of my chair... I shell have to add that to your bill as well!" as he sat down in it facing me. He must have put the sword away wherever he got it because when I started to get to my feet holding my chest I could no longer see it in his hands.

"You know Lord Vincent that was both stupid and pointless." I looked away I was not done yet my emperor gave me an Order and loyalty is not served for power it is served for love I will not fail my emperor!

"I will give you..." it came to me. "NO!" Raven's eyes went wide as I started casting a gate spell. The last thing I saw before I gated off to the realm of Toril was a bolt of wild magic coming from Raven obviously to throw me off but I fought for control over my spell and landed close to where I wanted to me. Now just to avoid the "Lady of Pain"

Vincent Vanguard
"Vanguard Chronicles Chapter 01: Search for Toril's door"
Sigel "City of Doors" Outer realms

This was not the first time I made my way here lots of are kind came here to escape civilization when I say our kind I mean Atlantian we have the power to Dimensional Travel and Plane shift and the Emperor can even Time Travel we are masters of travel you could say. As I appeared the first thing I noticed was the pain and then the smell I had popped up in midday. I immediately changed into gaseous form and moved thru the cracks in a nearby wall and formed my physical self. There I waited for night.

"The Raven"
Returning home and Day where there should be night

I immediately cast the interrupt spell I new it would land him somewhere in the Out realms the lady can dill with him but just in case I had to go as well. I immediately got up and disappeared my gating is a lot powerful then the vampire I started draining off my soul it was time to take no prisoners. I appeared first outside Sigel I could smell him in the town or apiring in the town I moved fast I activated the "Aethral Mashen" and slowed time to a nere stop *this will bring the lady oh well I will dill with her and her maze whin that time comes* after slowing time I notesd it was still night it was time for a wish simply worded "Let there be day where there is night!" the ring on my middle finger glowed a golden hew and then the moon changed into the sun and time resomed as normal this will only buy me some time I have till night again to find my son befor the vicious monster dose!


Night was starting to draw close I could since it and my astral form started going back to my body as for I was suching for the gate or door I would use to get to toril in astral form I had goten lucky I saw a mage who just arive using it and his key would be on him all I had to do now is find him have a little brackfast and take his key and off to toril with me.

I got to my body just as the sun faded and I was not going to wast any time here as I needed the lady is not liking of powerfull gests in her back yard but as long as I did not threteon her or her minons or use a to big of a display of power I sould be fine.

Sammule Knight

I spent all my time in Raven's Library learning all I could about everything I could oddly enough I tried looking in his "personal" books again he would normally appear and try and stop me but not this time. And I read as many as I could before he did appear and try to stop me I tried to learn all I could about Raven this time I wanted to know of a sure fire way to kill him. I knew in his sick mind he loved me and I could probably seduce him into a week moment then strike but that was then and this is now he has "changed" his mind so to say. He now saw me as a tool for getting what he wanted nothing more. And after he has what he wants I will probably be killed so as I would not try and come back for revenge as I read his journals I knew I was closer to the truth then I wanted to be. It is not Kain I had to kill it is Raven and soon so I read.

"The Raven"
Out Realms

A shadow started to form around me her shadow I knew it was she, the lady and she has come. "Can I help the grate Lady of Pain?"

"Vlad?" what are you doing back here?"

"Don't call me that! Unless you want to meet the business end of my sword..."

"You shun your own name?"

"I shun my entire life..."

"As do I Lord of Pain," she laughed with the words and a smile came to my lips.

"You laugh now but why is it you just don't maze me? Or kill me?"

"Maze the master of all magic? Attack he who can kill with a thought? I maybe the lady of pain but I am not a stupid woman."

"But you hold dominion here my powers should mean nothing to you."

"You are going to make me say it aren't you?"

"Yes. To say it is to believe it mylady."

"You are Vladimier Rath, Lord Rath, of the House of Rath, Grandmaster of all magic dubbed the Vicious One buy the gods. You have no equal you have no rival and your sword is as sharp as your magic. And as you have stated in the past lord the sword is only as sharp as the skill that holds it. Why do I not just wipe the thoughts from you mind? Killing your skill. Ha as if my mind would be strong enough to do such a feet!"

I stayed silent as the observed my back still to her but my mind in her's I knew she would not try anything to me. "Open a Gate to Toril"

"I can not" again I smiled. I raised my hand and pointed at the wall in front of me.

"Open!" I expected the gate to Toril to open and a gate did indeed open. Stepping throw the gate closed. But I was not in Toril.

Lady of Pain
"Weaver of the maze"

Sitting in Sigel City of Doors I first noticed Vladimier's Persons followed by Lord Vanguard. I knew a duel was coming between the two and I did not want it in my city. And I knew Vladimier would win Vladimier always wins. I also knew Vladimier purposely Tripped Vanguards gate to land him here he obviously wanted me to Maze him but no I wanted Vladimier he has caused me more pain in the Centuries then Vanguard ever could. What I did not know was the time stop till I felt it pull on me and it was day I was pissed only Vladimier could do this only the vicious would have the nerve to try this in MY realm. But I have not the power to stop him not then I didn't a third gate using the power of the Vicious this little one had the nerve to gate into my own room but the presence of mind to bow.

"Oh Lady of Pain I ask the a humble Favor"

"What is it Child of the Night?"

"Maze the one that calls himself my Master. Maze the one who stole The Raven's rightful name. Maze the one who you once loved. Maze the one whose name is death on your realm."

"I see you say not his name..."

"Those who speak the name here are doomed in your power great one."

"Oh little one what makes you think I can maze he who can unravel even the universe?"

"He has but one fear mylady."

"Oh?" The Boy has just wormed his way into my heart and that is not an easy task.

"My Master Fears Ravenloft. Send him and me to Ravenloft there in the Great Necro cities I shall take his life. That is your maze! A gate not to where he wishes to be but a gate to where he fears. But that is not the whole maze."

I stared at this boy in awe he had a plan to kill the most powerful being in almost all the universes and he thought he could pull it off.

"Stop him for 3 days I know it's in your power make him think them 3 days are 3 sec of talking with you. and send me to Ravenloft now so I have the three days to prepare for my masters coming."

How could I say no to this boy? And at lest it would get Vladimier out of my realm so I lifted my hand and opened the gate that would take him to Ravenloft.


The hunt went well I killed the mage and drained him of his blood filling my powers back up and took the Idiom he used as his key and gated to Toril with no problem. Now to find the boy he should be about 9 now his name from my memories is Cyris. And he should be somewhere here in the city of Ravenloft. And so I was off in search of him.

Sammule Knight
"Ravenloft" Pre

Vladimier's tomes and Journals held the key just like I thought they would. They told of all of Vladimier's children he had a few younger then me and a few older then me all of them hated Vladimier. It also told of Realm that Vladimier once vacated by mistake and a Dark Lord on that realm that nearly killed him. But before the Dark Lord could deliver the final blow Vladimier stole The Dark Lords Artifact of power "The Crest of Blood" and used its power to teleport out of the realm and far from The Dark Lord. Effectively Trapping the Dark Lord in that Realm because he needed the Artifact to travel. His tomes also told me where in Skull Keep he keep the Artifact of power and how to get to it without setting off the traps which I did. I then went thru his other Tomes and found where he was most likely at. It was time to visit the Lady of pain and put my plain into action.

(See: Lady of Pain "Weaver of the maze" for that conversation)

-Day 1-
I aspired In Ravenloft and because I was "Undead" did not attract a lot of attention and because I was Seria the Dark Lords did not give a hoot that I was there. I started off in the direction of where the notes stated Vladimier first ran into the Dark Lord. (Raven Keep)

-Day 2-
I finally arrived at Raven keep. I found it guarded by two Skeletons and a Skeleton Warrior. I immediately approached the gate to the keep. Moving way faster then the skeletons I removed their spins I then jumped up over the Warrior's head landing behind him and with a spin kick (taught to me by Vladimier) I turned to face the warrior as my foot went straight thru his skull shattering it into god knows how many pieces as the body went limp and fell to the ground just as I landed from the kick. But I had attracted the attention I wanted to I could feel a much stronger Vampire around a Dark Lord it was almost as if he was everywhere and no where at the same time. "Raven?"


"Then Who?"

"I serve he who you ask for. Why are you here?"

"I seek The Raven tell him I have a offer he can't refuse."

"He will not be back till the next day come in and rest till then." Cutting it close I don't have all this time.

"TELL HIM I AM HERE BECASE OF VLADIMIER!" The Lord Vampire I was sensing took shape in front of me. His hand around my neck.

"Saying that name can be death boy."

"If death has truly come for me, I shall embrace it!"

"Brave boy, Stupid but brave." he then put me down as the door to the keep opened "go inside and wait Raven will be with you soon." I walked inside looking around taking in the morbid sites around me as a chill went down my spine.

(The Raven)"Phoenix!"

(The Phoenix)"Raven?"

(The Raven)"Yes"

(The Phoenix)"how did you know my Rebirth Name? I don't use it often..."

(The Raven)"I should ask you the same"

(The Phoenix)"My Current Master is Vladimier Rath... that is how I know"

(The Raven)"I should kill you boy why should I not?"

(The Phoenix)"You can't"

(The Raven)"I can't?"

(The Phoenix)"I have your Blood Crest."

(The Raven)"you do?"

(The Phoenix)"if you kill me you will not get it. But I brought you two gifts."

(The Raven)"you did?"

(The Phoenix)"Vladimier will be here soon. And since I have the blood Crest he can't leave."

(The Raven)"He will? He can't?" I could feel his excitement in that.

(The Phoenix)"My gift to you is Vladimier and after he is dead your Blood Crest."

(The Raven)"and you're giving them to me? I don't have to pay for them?"

(The Phoenix)"No anyone who will kill Vladimier for me deserves as many gifts as I can offer"

(The Raven)"Some Fledgling you make asking me to kill your master."

(The Phoenix)"He threatened my love he deserves to die. And he stole me from my real master why I sleep and claimed that my master sold me even thou the person that sold me is not my real master."

(The Raven)"Worry not I will kill this Vladimier. And take pleasure in ever part of his death!"

(The Phoenix)"I want his sword when you are done."

(The Raven)"Why?"

(The Phoenix)"To give to my emperor"

(The Raven)"I see I don't have a problem with that."

Raven VR "The Raven"

(Raven) I could sense him but not see him Phoenix that is he told me he wanted to see the battle but he is good at hiding though I suppose that if I wanted to I could find him after all I am one with this land. I am waiting here where the gate is supposed to open. I could not help but thinking the boy was pulling my leg. This is just to good to be true but if it were true I would erect a temple in the boys name. The thought came to me of the first temple erected in my name I wonder if the boy even knows of some of the customs of this realm or the power a temple could bring a vampire. Probably not. Then the gate opened and I could sense HIM! All the hate in me rose and as soon as I felt him I striped him of all his magic. That would leave him with only his skill. He had best pray he has been practicing.

(Vladimier) I stepped throw the gate and as soon as I was on the other side it closed and my powers where gone. No magic, no phy powers, no healing arts, no weave, my magic Idioms where even drained. I looked at the dark man standing in front of me. About 6 foot even long black hair braded tightly into dreadlock that fell just to his shoulders his face is that of chiseled of stone no emotion. His sword in his left hand I knew what was in his right and did not like the filling it gave me. The Obsidian Claw. Just one cut and I am doomed to a slow death. Without my powers I would not be able to stop the claw's poison. His dark clothing blending into the dark surrounding the chill in the air this could be only one place... Ravenloft!

(Raven) there he stood Vladimier Rath. He was in full armor like always his two handed sword resting on his back the Fire Lion (a long sword) in his right hand. His full plate armor specially made for only him he stood 7 foot 10 a big man. His size last we meet made me shake but this time I just wanted to rip his heart out and eat it! His long red hair falling to the ground. I could not stand this stare down I was on him moving faster then his reaction will allow first striking at his chest be brought his sword (fire lion) up to easy block I used his upward momentum of the blade to swing me above him and over landing behind him as I spun around with my sword to lop off his head he did not even turn to face me or move to block the blade instead my long sword shattered on his gorget (neck armor). I stood there in awe

(Vladimier) I knew his movement he tried it before but he never fought me in this armor the armor I wore as a Paladin my "holy Armor" his dark blade can't even Pearce it. So I slowly turned to see the shock in his face as he was backing up. And then everything went black....................

(Phoenix) he turned to face Raven just as he did I got up and ran as fast as I learned how to his back and with my normal Iron Claw dug it in the back of his neck I met some resistant by the gorget but nothing my immortal strength could not pierce and as it entered I ripped up tearing his head from his shoulders as his body fell to the ground and his head flew into the night sky I knew then it was over and I could finally be at peace ... for now.

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