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“Dom Noctra”

This document known as the ‘Dom Noctra’ is a trade agreement between many groups and the trade organization known as NOX.

All groups signed to the ‘Dom Noctra’ are bound by it, this contract can only be broken by the Master of NOX if any of the parties signed do brake this contract all held funds by the ‘Dom Noctra’ are forfeit to the organization know as NOX.

Funds are any physical or monetary possession put up as ‘trust’ to sign and maintain your spot in the ‘Dom Noctra’.

Article 1: Collection of Funds and Usage of Funds.

Article 1 Section 1: Collection of Funds.

a: Funds will be collected by NOX and maintained in the ‘Dom Noctra’ Trust vault.

b: Funds will be collected at the signing of the ‘Dom Noctra’ at which point the signer will hand over the appropriate about of monetary currency as dictated by Article 1 Section 1 b-a
b-a: The amount of fund each group must give to the ‘Dom Noctra’ will never be less then 10,000*the average number of members in there group. And never more then 2 times that number.

c: Funds will be collected annually by the ‘Dom Noctra’ failer to hand your funds over to the ‘Dom Noctra’ is referred to as leaving the contract refer to Article 1 Section 2 b about allocation of funds the ‘Dom Noctra’ has already collected from you.

d: If at any point in time a group under another group joins the ‘Dom Noctra’ they are still bound to follow all the creeds of the contract.
d-a: If at any point the top group pulls out of the ‘Dom Noctra’ or brakes the ‘Dom Noctra’ the bottom group as long as they are not at fault will remain within the ‘Dom Noctra’

Article 1 Section 2: Usage of Funds.

a: Fund collected by the ‘Dom Noctra’ will be used by the trade organization known as NOX to fill orders that are asked for by the groups that provided the funds.

b: any funds from any group left in the ‘Dom Noctra’ Trust vault at the leaving of any group from the ‘Dom Noctra’ will be divided in half.
b-a: ˝ of the funds left will go to the ‘Dom Noctra’ over flow and emergency fund. This half of the funds keep is the maintains fee for keeping and maintaining your membership why you was a member of the ‘Dom Noctra’.
b-b: ˝ of the funds will be returned to the leaving group.

Article 2: Purpose of the ‘Dom Noctra’

a: To secure a more stable and safe trade rout between groups and NOX

Article 3: Terms of the Contract.

Article 3 Section 1: Terms you are bound to.

a: no member of your group and or organization is to attack, threaten, or provoke any member of the NOX organization.

b: you are responsible for turning in any fees you owe on time, if no fees are turned in NOX will not bother you about it for NOX will take it as you wanting to leave the ‘Dom Noctra’ and will contact you about returning to you any funds dew.

c: you are to allow the NOX organization safe passage threw any lands you might own or hold claim on.

Article 3 Section 2: Terms NOX is bound to.

a: NOX is not to use any ‘Dom Noctra’ funds until a Order is made and then only the value of the Order is released to NOX to use to fill said order.

b: NOX members are not to attack, threaten, or provoke any group signed to the ‘Dom Noctra’.

c: NOX is responsible for maintaining the ‘Dom Noctra’ trust vault and membership lists.
c-a: NOX is responsible for returning unused funds to leaving members of the ‘Dom Noctra’

Article 4: leaving the ‘Dom Noctra’

a: If at any point in time you wish to leave the ‘Dom Noctra’ all you need to do is let your membership laps.

b: If for reasons of affiliations you wish to break contract then Contact the master of NOX, the Master of NOX is the only person who can break this contract without penalties being assessed to either party.

c: If you brake the terms of the contract you are removed from the ‘Dom Noctra’ without notification. All funds held are forfeit. If you wish to dispute this clause of the contract it will cost you 3,000 gold coins to just be heard.
c(note): I am a strong believer that a guild and or town should be maintained and held in check by its leadership, If your leadership is to week to control your member to not break this contract then you deserve to loss all funds you had tide up in this contract. If you believe that your organization is not at fault then 3,000 gold is a small price to pay to get my full and undivided attention. If you are found to NOT be at fault then your membership and funds will be reinstated, the 3,000 gold is NOT returned it is used for court fees and passage tax into Shadow Realm where the meeting will be held.

Article 5: Editing of the ‘Dom Noctra’

The ‘Dom Noctra’ can be edited at any time by the Master of NOX, however to give everyone a chance to review the edits and changes and to pull out of the contract if you disagree with them, all changes will NOT take place for one calendar year after being made. To enforce this all changes will be time stamped. All Articles, Sections, and Clauses without a time stamped go into effect on 10/1/2003 (mm/dd/yyyy)

The Master of NOX
Calidan Rath

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