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Guild Request 06/19/03 12:30 PM
To View the origenal posted verson off are Arcodia Guild app Click Here This Forum is not controled by -NOX- of HFS in any way so if the post is removed and the link is bad do NOT report it to the webmaster.

Guild Name: -NOX-
Guild Abbreviations: NOX

Alignment: Chaos
Town: Shadow Realm (pending)
Friended Races: ALL, nox is everywhere.

Guild Leader: Calidan Rath
Starting Members
1. Calidan Rath
2. Jaime
3. Badws Guda
(we have more members but there memberships have not been finalised so I will not list them)

Guild Charter: To Control ALL trade. To safeguard that trade.

Guild Role Play: Built of the Shroud of his old Order, those only loyal to him will he find his eyes and ears.

Calidan Woke up the morning after his excile. He had slept in the NOX warehouse, it being the only building standing at the moment. Cali pulled Jaime in closer looking for warmth in the cold morning before him mind kicked in and told him he no longer felt cold or hot nor needed warmth, But holding Jaime felt good so he did not let go. Eventuly Cali had to let go though, there was much to be done this morning and so little time in which to do it. The sleeping had to awaken and the fallen must stand again. Cali moved over to one of the windows to look out over the camp Jackal had set up.

"Why again?" he was only answered by the light snoring of Jaime. 'My Jaime.' Cali thought as he walked over to look down at her sleeping form. "I am sick of moving, sick of wandering. I am sick of being kicked becasue I don't think the same as others. Now, now is the time I set about my own little order. It's time I brought NOX out of just a group of people working for a commen goal to a guild working tward control of all trade. Yes it has been tryed before, yes I will be competing with others, but none have what I have.... The Shades, and my Blades!

OOC Reasons: First the Zeal Knight that fell without a king, then SE from there to the Empire of Evil (EoE) that died without an Emperor. The Damned then took my lost soul in wandering without a cause a merchent without a emperor inside an empire. I'm tired of wandering I am sick of Drifting. Now I hold claim and build nox. I am the Baron, I am the Vicroy, I am the Lord, I am the Master. I WILL NOT FALL!

As most know I have been working on this for a LONG time, I already have 2 guild buldings (some of you shop at the vendor house Deadend Wares) and NOX is curintly runing a weekly auction that will be ran IN a auction house when the money is rased.

For more info on our Guild you can view our forums at; Link to off Site

((OOC:: yea I know it's spelled back both this pention and the Blades page have yet to be edited, the pention will not be, but the blades page will be with time.))

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